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capricorn bledsoeWhat does a woman with Mars in Capricorn have to offer her male partner? I have heard this is an attractive Mars placement for a man, but as a woman, I don’t know what to do with it.


Mars is exalted in Capricorn. It doesn’t matter if it is a woman or a man who’s lucky enough to have the placement.

Mars in Capricorn is inclined to do the right thing.  Doing is an action, see?  Mars. This placement commits to pushing towards a goal and will stick with it when the going gets tough. How can this possibly be bad?

Do you think men don’t want an effective wife?  One they can trust and rely on?

This is a classy placement. A man can “go public” with a woman with Mars in Capricorn. She’s going to be an asset in this regard.

Most anything a woman with Mars in Capricorn does will be done well.  I don’t care of the goal is to bake a cake!  She’s got control and stamina. Hey, I’m sorry.  Provided the individual is well intentioned, and can avoid being crippled by fear, there is no downside.

Do you have Mars in Capricorn? Tell us about it!

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  1. I have Mars in Cap. I once had a director tell me that I’m like a terrier, I’m tenacious and never give up. When I left for another job, he wrote a recommendation letter that included the comment that I was the most efficient and effective employee he’d ever known in 25 years.

    I’m the same way at home. I will pester a company until I get the $.39 refund I’m due, or pester them until some problem gets resolved. If I had to characterize myself, I’d say I’m a problem-solver on steroids, to the point where my husband is unable to run his own life.

    I pity him if I die first – he can’t pump gas with a credit card, can’t make his own phone calls because he doesn’t know how to use a cordless phone (how long have cordless phones been on the market? 40 years?). Never mind a cell phone. He’s not computer literate, so he can’t pay the bills.

    I just don’t understand why his family disliked me, ever since he “took me public”. He was a lost soul when I met him and became very successful under my guidance. I expected him to take over the reins of his life, though, which he never did. Did I mention he was a Momma’s boy?

    1. aw wow that sounds like a great story between you and your husband; and how much he really really needs you. you really helped him alot ^^ i notice that with capricorn placements, they bring the partner “up” in life, and bring meaning and substance to their life.^^ Others dont really see this, weirdly enough.

      1. Honestly, I feel shackled to him, and I don’t feel free. He’s one of those people that likes to be led around by the nose and not take responsibility for anything. Had I known he would never take the reins to his own life, I wouldn’t have married him. I have a son, not a husband.

        1. oh sorry to hear that. you also sound like my mom; she has capricorn moon, but different mars (aries), always feeling like unhappy but can’t depart and maybe thats due to libra (co- dependent) and every person with libra has co dependent issues i noticed. Another Virgo who is into astrology for years told me she has a libra moon and has super co dependent issues but tries hard, but it is still something that is just how it is. Have you also done your husband’s chart? There might be some of that going on too; its sad but at the same time you will never be alone and you will always have someone there at the end and take care of you till old age. I notice that too with them; they will be there till the end. while others run away and escape. I have no clue if that’s any consolation, but there’s many positives too.

          1. I’m not an astrologer, so I don’t know what his chart means. He controls me through playing dumb. I’ve always been a take-charge kind of person, so he takes advantage of that to the nth degree. I’m really not a poor-me type of person, I’m not sure why this came out here. I will try to look at the positives.

  2. I do. I feel rather effective as a human so long as I want to be and can find my heart in it. I find myself to be someone people want on their team when a job is to be done. A leadership quality even if unwanted at times. Like you can find yourself the one the group looks to even if you feel the least qualified. On a separate note to speak on it being expressed in a woman. I have found that it can be intimidating to some men… you know those men who expect a certain version of a woman based on the way she looks. I am a very petite soft looking gal but my personality is stern even sharp when needed and not as bubbly as some would like even though friends say im warm and kind. It’s a strange thing to watch those men grapple with perception/reality. I work with the public and love observing humans. Pardon my rambling 🙂

  3. (Sigh) I have mars in cancer and in the 10th house so that would be like the opposite. Mars in Capricorn immediately sounded like a great placement!

      1. 😔 I got caught thinking about the negative expressions. Your reply just reminded me of how protective I get over mothers, especially expectant ones and how I avoid fighting unless someone brings it my family or home.

        Will be reading back up on Mars in Cancer. 🙂

          1. Jayne, family matters to me a lot whether or not it’s the one that I was born with. I hold my friends very dearly and try to support all I can.

        1. Same same here. My cancerous mars is in house 5 though. With the Moon. This is totally my sole ambition stoker – if someone messes with kids or old folks or anytime small and with paws, I come out clenching my pincers to raise some hell!

        2. Intuition through feeling is Mars in Cancer’s superpower. I find I need to work with divine timing… I can’t act or take action unless I “feel” it. People don’t understand… why are you waiting??? Um, I’m waiting to feel it, then I go! Lionel Messi, amazing football player.. Mars in Cancer. If you watch him, it’s pure intuition at play and very beautiful.

  4. I have Mars in Capricorn. I occasionally feel like it’s a little bit complicated by being in the 12th house (Elsa, I’ve never forgotten you describing it as shooting arrows underwater: There it goes, hope it hits what I thought I was aiming at!) but my husband has perfect confidence in my effectiveness and is also convinced that we are the cutest couple in any town we happen to be walking in.

    Presented with a problem I will not leave it alone until it is unraveled, so I don’t always recognize when a cause is lost and I should just walk away. But on the other hand when I decided I wanted to live by the mountains I kept looking for ways to get there until I landed my dream job in the Rockies.

      1. I’m glad too, and I really appreciate how much you and the blog helped me figure out how to leverage my strengths to get here!

  5. I wasn’t sure if I should chime in. But what’s the difference between Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Capricorn? One is action and the other values, money, love but does that makes someone tenacious in love? Just curious!
    Mars in Capricorn sounds good to me though! I think the Michael
    Learner, the mother who played the mother on The Waltons has it and it comes out in her character on the show even!

    1. Well, I have just one tidbit. I have known more than a handful of Venus In Cap men, and none of them work very hard. They do however have partners who are, in one case an actual (much older) heiress, and in the others’ cases more successful than them who bring home the bacon. These men put up with a lot in exchange for the stability they gain and I don’t doubt they actually love their partners.

      1. wow thats also me, i’m a woman with cap venus but i had to “climb” to find the right one, i dont give up. I think thats the exaltation going on, like mars, but since its in venus we climb the mountain even after bad toxic & horribly abusive trauma relationships; and now my husband takes care of me financially and he even helps financially taking care of my elderly parents; paying for their food, caretakers when i’m not there, and cleaning services and even bought salon services for them because they can’t reach their toenails or see. I take care of all of them, physically as right now i’m caretaking both my elderly parents. one is blind with dementia and both are disabled. and when i go home i take care of my husband too, because he overworks. however he got a year sabbatical so he got some mental rest together with me while i took care of him.

      2. btw i didnt know cap venus men marry heiresses or power puff gals 😀 lol xD
        like super women yay. although working hard, its alot of work doing the housework, caretaking and grocery errands cooking cleaning. i dont know what those guys do, but maybe those heiresses and professional ladies hire their own cleaners and cooks. lol ^^ if so, thats super cool.ah the life. lol ^^

  6. Hey, it’s my question! Thanks for answering, Elsa. I appreciate the compliments, LOL.

    Some of the other commenters have well explained the complexities. I have sometimes sensed that some men, who like being “the one in control,” just have no use for me. Men who I like, because I see that they are also hard workers, just don’t seem interested. They are not looking for someone like themselves. Maybe they like the feeling of being depended on.

    But, maybe that’s not true!

  7. It’s prob the Mars placement I’m most jealous of in terms of what I’ve seen from the individuals that have it. I like my Mars in Gemini, because the Gem in me likes wit and communication, but man I admire that powerhouse follow-through.

    Many classically-trained musicians with Mars Cap, and I do agree about the class-act. Lady Gaga (a pianist and powerhouse performer) has it, and even at such a young age, thrown into the limelight she always carried herself with such sophistication. She said you’ll never see me stumbling out of a club drunk (like some of her famous peers)… ha ha. Classic.

  8. I have Mars in Cap conjunct Jupiter in the 11th. I always feel inadequate because I have huge gaps in my employment, never held one job for more than a few years, never been promoted, I have an overachiever husband, and seem to be surrounded by people more “successful” than me my whole life, save for deadbeat parents. In the jobs I’ve held, I always had a great reputation, never gossiped, worked the hardest, had the most focus, probably made my bosses feel inadequate. I was turned down for a promotion even though half my coworkers petitioned for me to get the role (unbeknownst to me until after the fact). Maybe Neptune in Sag in loose conjunction with my Mars/Jupiter throws a wrench in things. My energy levels are erratic and I seem to be attracted to 12th house job environments even though consciously I try to avoid those places (institutions of all forms). As a child I had a lot of talents and dreams but my parents thwarted every one of them probably because they could not would not invest in me/not an encouraging bone in their bodies. Even though I haven’t worked in the past year, I am busy at least 6 to 8 hours a day. I’m a *very* effective homemaker and probably a little too obsessed with order. Marie Kondo, the famous home organizing guru from Japan, has my same chart. Before I knew she existed, I imagined I could do something like that. I find it interesting her husband closely manages her empire. Whoa, I have written way too much! But just wanted to put it out there that not all Mars in Caps are CEOs and salary men/women!

    1. I know it’s gauche to comment on my comment, but my Mars placement is in the 12th using equal houses, and accounting for that my experience makes more sense. Efforts leading nowhere, reverting to “trust the process” and all the lazy and petty people I’ve known through my life ascending to Senior/Vice President/Director of positions.

  9. Many of these Mars in Capricorn comments resonate with me. I have Mars conjunct Saturn in 10th, but in Cancer. I think if I were in a crisis situation a Mars in Capricorn person would be a great ally.

  10. I have Mars/Venus/Sun in Capricorn and have always been the reliable one. My Cancer mother called me her right hand. I have been earning money since I was 10. Babysitting, running errands and later “under the table” jewelry assembly. I took the bus into town to work and bought my own school clothes and even my own eyeglasses. I saved my money and bought my first car at 17 and paid the insurance. It was a different world back then.

    In my family, if you worked you were allowed alot of freedom which I really liked (Moon/Asc Sagittarius). I do best when I can run my own thing. I have a hard time asking for help though and had to really cultivate the capacity as my life got more difficult. I can do “without” alot and that can get in the way of asking for help. This sounds a little boring lol but I find my life very interesting and can always find something to do or think about. (Mercury conj. Cap ruler Saturn). 🙂

  11. I have Mars in Capricorn. Oh man, I could tell you a lot about this placement. I’m grinning as I type. But I’ve also got Mercury in Pisces which keeps the lid on most of what I might say.
    Courageous; strategic; decisive; I’m the best at what I do with a passion. I was the only female pilot in much of my flying, but I was the best and won many champions and allies. And people have learned not to mess with me.

  12. Mars 29 degrees in Gemini in the 10th. Venus cancer in the tenth with mutual reception to the moon conjunct Saturn in the eighth. I have always been a worker. I read mars placement in the 10th means you’ll most likely work yourself to death. I’m a professional handy lady ( caretaker with my partner)and serious homemaker.

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