Shadow Side Of Pisces

1 ply toilet paper

Shaina writes on the Scorpio Strikes, Itty Bitty blog:

“Oh, do I know someone like this? OUI. My boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is president of the fencing club. It is unbelievable how she can be cutting, rude, spiteful, and not understand how her actions affect the people around her. She is a Cancer sun with a Pisces moon, a Venus in Gemini and a Merc in Leo, a combination of energies which I have noticed can lead to bullying…”

Shaina, I get it. There are people who are supposed to be compassionate but are anything but and this reminds me of a story. I once knew this gal, she was a triple Pisces and she was a friend of mine. She worked in the healing arts and she was enormously kind and helpful to me. She was kind and helpful to all kinds of people, however she treated her boyfriend terribly.

Now her boyfriend was an extremely nice man who treated her like a queen. They were both kind, they’d been together awhile but when he wasn’t around she’d tell me stories.  The first one I recall… well this poor bastard had gone to the grocery store to get her some toilet paper and come back with 1-ply. “1-ply! Is he an idiot? How stupid can he be?”

She went on to tell me how she beat this guy up for 40 minutes over his incredible phenomenal stupidity. She was quite sure it was not possible to be any dumber that her dumb ass boyfriend.  I stood there and listened to her feeling befuddled.

pisces pendantEnd of her rant, I questioned her. I had to. She was a friend of mine and I don’t hide the type of emotions I was having from my friends.

“Don’t you think you might have overreacted?” I asked. “Jeez man. The guy isn’t used to shopping. He went in and grabbed the first thing he saw, comes home and it’s world war III. I can’t believe you berated him like that. Would you have done that to me? If you did, I’d tell you to kiss my ass!”

Well she started crying. Crying hard. And she completely got it. She said she considered herself a compassionate person and she specifically said this was true to the extreme. “Elsa, I can forgive and feel compassion for a child molester on death row,” she said. ‘And then look what I do. I go crazy over toilet paper….”

So that was that, except she did not quit. She continued to come to my house and tell me how lousy her man was… how stupid and lowly he was. The guy was just a fuck-up is all. He was a piece of crap, he was a simpleton where she? Well she was a Pisces of course!  A glorious Pisces!

Being me, I gently tried to tell her I thought was going on, again. Gently because if I see you get something once and then go into denial, I know that another thump on the head is not going to do it. And though I was becoming sickened by how she treated this guy, once committed I try very hard to hang in with my friends. Very hard. But then came the last time..

It was Christmas and like I said, this gal had all kinds of friends. She was enormously popular and she came by to tell me that her Christmas tree was overflowing with gifts from all the people who love her. Family, friends. They are all so generous.

“Yeah?” I said. “That’s cool.”

christmas tree embroidered“Yeah. I have at least 20 presents,” she said gleefully. I will probably have 30 by the time Christmas comes. It’s only December 15th! I may even have 40 or 50 presents the way it’s going, but Kevin (her boyfriend)? He doesn’t have much. All he’s getting is the two things I got for him.


“Yeah, he doesn’t have friends like I do and he comes from a broken family. He has no family. They don’t love him so that’s it. All he gets is what I give him and he’s lucky to get that. If it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t get anything for Christmas!” she said brightly.

“Whaaaaat? You’re going to sit in front of your boyfriend and open 30 or 50 presents from your friends and family while he does what? Watches you?”

“Well yeah. I have people who love me. He doesn’t so…”

I never saw her again. I specifically told her there was no way I could look her in the face considering how she treated this guy. “I just can’t stomach it,” I said. She was stunned.

“But I’m a nice person,” she said.

“Not to him.”

This was about 14 years ago. This gal had the Pluto Uranus conjunction in Virgo on the 7th house cusp opposite her Sun and Moon, Rising in Pisces and she stands to this day as the most stunning example of a projected shadow I have ever come across.


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  1. My pisces friends and SO can cut me to my core. And if I defend myself, I’m ‘arguing’. I’ve been questing astrology lately….I’m in that ‘know enough/not how to apply it’ stage in astro learning. So I don’t know anymore either.

    Best to all.

    -leo gal

  2. More proof:If ever someone made me feel victimized, dejected and mistreated, that was a guy with pluto cj uranus cj mars in house 6 Leo, opposed to a stelium in house 12 pisces:Sun chiron venus saturn altogether.
    He certainly was not very nice…

  3. Lord… I probably would have had to physically restrain myself from bonking that triple Pisces on the head.

    Speaking of “projecting the shadow,” I just realized I have been doing that myself with Neptune opposing my descendant at the moment– I don’t know if you remember, Elsa, but early this year we did a phone consult about my Scorpio ex-fiance with all the Sagittarius. You were right… he’s been sleeping with other women while saying “oh, I still love you.”

    So I’ve been bitter because my current boyfriend keeps trying to get me to be friends with this girl, his ex (they were affianced, too), and by being forced into the role of “man-thieving whore/new girlfriend” in the situation I’ve become fiercely resentful of everyone involved, with this situation salting my own still-fresh wound. And I sent out an email telling her, him, and her new boyfriend (my bf’s old best guy friend– what a tangle) that I was done with all of them… but he came back for me and thus begins the Neptune cycle anew…

    This girl told him on Friday that so long as we were together they couldn’t be friends, and I’ve never seen a guy cry so hard. Now she’s sent me an email wanting to work it out between me and her, and at first all my Libra was so pleased… but I realized, no woman with that much water loses anything she thinks she possesses without wanting to take the “thief” down. That’s me, isn’t it?

    I’ll be hiding out until Neptune shimmers off.

  4. Gah! My Taurus brother is acting the doormat to his Pisces wife that is bullying him this way. Somehow she feels like she should publicly humiliate him in front of his family to show that she is the boss of him or something. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a Pisces being an asshole.

  5. Interesting. Are you kidding? Of course being a Pisces doesn’t guarantee “niceness.” I’m AMAZED to read this whole, “She’s a triple Pisces, and she was awful! I guess you never know!” thing from people who are so comfortable with astrology!
    I’m a Pisces, and I can give you a long list of my own “not nice” flaws, as well as many examples of Pisces/strongly Piscean people who are beyond awful in lots of ways, including several serial killers. Jeez – Pisces can flake on people exactly when they’re most needed; undermine people who love them; be as sarcastic (and hurtful)as the day is long; play the victim even when it’s clearly not so; use people in their lives to do things for them that they “can’t” do themselves, or to prove how “good’ they themselves are… the list goes on & on.
    On the other hand, you know what? Not all Scorpios are deep, spiritual, highly perceptive & wholly noble people, people who are “on to” every phony & whiner, etc. – and all the other stuff I endlessly read in this blog. Unbelievable, I know – but lots of Scorpios are harsh people who actually greatly enjoy judging others (even people they’ve never even met or talked to); insist on playing seemingly inexplicable games with people for years on end; take pleasure in seeing “certain” (or “certain sorts of”) people punished, and in freezing out the “unworthy,” and who are stubborn to the point of harming both themselves and others – even the people closest to them.
    But – news flash- not all of them do. I’ve known Scorpios who are the most understanding, loyal and resourceful people I’ve ever met. Some Scorpios make everything around them better & more meaningful; many take people who are in terrible trouble and “champion” them when no one else bothers. I’ve known Scorpios who have changed the entire arc of a person’s (or group of persons, or a community’s)life/lives for the better. I know one who did just this and made it look like nothing – never took a drop of pride or accomplishment away from the group she helped – another instance of the good that Scorpio is capable of and that no other sign can do in the same way.
    Above everything else that I’ve gotten from astrology has been learning that everybody has different strengths, weaknesses, values and tastes. I hate the insistence that only the vision of whomever I’m talking to, or reading -whatever – is right, and the assumption that this MUST be obvious to any right-thinking person. But that’s just my opinion.

  6. Selkie – I am not sure if you are specifically referencing what I say when you say you read about stereotypes on my blog. In this case, it was the gal herself who went on and on about how compassionate she was… after all she was a triple Pisces. I was her shadow, see? I was the unevolved not-a-triple-Pisces who unfortunately could see her.

    Anyway, I made a video about the negative stereotypes around Leo and have told many people who have written for advice they were being played by Scorpio and how they best disarm them.

    Thing is, I write a lot and hardly anyone reads *everything* or could hope to retain it but due my style, people routinely read things that stick in their craw and whatever it is stuck there, I am going to be tagged.

    I’m not saying you’ve done this because frankly I have no idea. I just want to defend the assertion that I stereotype the signs on the chance it was directed at me because it’s just not the case. I will call a piece of shit a piece of shit no matter what it’s sign is and I think people who read her regularly are well aware of this.

  7. I am a sun moon rising piscies I also have venus in aries and mars and merc in aquarius. most in my first or twelth house. I am not at all nice, I speak my mind bluntly and too the point. I pay nor more attention to accolades than to detractions. I am excellent at communication and I am quick with a come back which is most often meant to be thought provoking unless my emotions become engaged at which point my reply will most likely be a cutting barb directed intuitively and correctly into the biggest insecurity or weakness you have unwittingly revealed to me. The one you most wanna hide perhaps even to yourself.
    There is a myriad of reactions to this… slander campaigns, denial, aggressive verbal justification, keelhauling and burlesque. The point at the end of the day I am only responsible for myself and my reaction, my words, thoughts and actions. I do not give personal responsibility to others by blaming them for my character. Nor do I accept responsibility for them by accepting theirs.
    I am extremely articulate and an avid listener, but if I don’t like you or the way you present yourself I will seek to get a reaction from you that will answer questions I have. Knowledge and assessment of your character to classify you as friend or foe and to see to what extent you play in either context.

  8. I have sun mars mercury in pisces oppose pluto conjunct uranus in virgo. I also have moon in capricorn. I do not find pisces people to be truly compassionate or sensitive at all. Many are sensitive only to their own problems and if they do show concern for you it’s often only because they want to make sure you’re able to continue being there to commiserate with them. The only truly positive pisces people I know are the artsy, creative and slightly mad ones who’ve had the courage and financial acumen or luck to do what they most want to do—avoid the daily grind that most others call reality. It’s amazing how wonderful these folks can be when they’re being true to who they are. Trouble is, Neptune isn’t a weekday kind of energy and many under its vibration are unsure of how to turn life into a day at the amusement park.

  9. ”Gently because if I see you get something once and then go into denial, well another thump on the head is not going to do it.”

    ”“But I’m a nice person,” she said.”

    Do you mean that if she paid more attention and admit her shadow side, then she could have changed it?

  10. Hmm
    ”was her shadow, see? I was the unevolved not-a-triple-Pisces who unfortunately could see her.”

    Because it was her shadow…
    Do you mean that it was her blind spot? she couldnt really see how awfull she was to her boyfriend?

    I am really sorry 😛 I am a bit confuse today and I am asking the wrong questions :))

  11. “she couldnt really see how awfull she was to her boyfriend?”

    yeah, she could see it intermittently and she felt awful when she did but then just went right back. Same as an alcoholic who knows (at least part of the time) that they are destroying their family but pours another drink.

  12. what a bitch that girl was. sorry, but that is just rude. don’t care how nice she was to thousand other people, if she was that rude to her man, she’s not nice. and all that smugness and how she’s sooo loved, and how many presents she’s got. that’s not something you brag about. sounds like a child in a kindergarten “oh look I have many frineds, and you don’t”. just in that little thing you can sense what kind of person she is. seems like she’s nice just for the sake of being nice, and liked.
    I’m Pisces, and there are really all kinds of fish in the sea. But I don’t get pisces most of the time. I just don’t connect with other piscean people. I’m mostly of martian and uranian nature…

  13. What I like about this story, Elsa, is that you called her to the carpet, told her why and let her out of your life. I respect that you did that. Kudos.

  14. I’m completely sure she was aware. Shadow Pisces likes to play innocent victim.

    I also noticed they liked to be very nice to everyone. They were always ridiculously generous – but when anyone did something they didn’t like, they would act like they were the one being attacked and would play damsel in distress (even the men!) and all those people would gang up on that one person because the Pisces was also so dang nice to everyone on the surface by sending presents and cards and such they couldn’t imagine the Pisces hurting a fly.

    Sad for me all the Pisces Stelliums (minus mom) I met in real life were all Shadows. They turned me off so bad from Pisces in general, though that is not fair to the sign and I’m probably not the best one to bring out their good side considering all my personal planets but one is square by sign.


  15. Thanks to Marianna for the shadow question. I had the same one! And thanks to Elsa for answering it. I’ve got to read more on that as I don’t think i fully understand it (my brain fault, not lack of the post!).

    This was such a loaded post but as always gets me thinking and that’s really helpful. This topic in particular.

  16. I’ve had terrible experiences with Pisces because I think in the case of very bad behavior Neptune makes them not see it. I mean its literally invisible to them, a blind spot.

    But I’ve also seen many other signs behave this way. Absolutely brilliant, creative, kind, adored, loved, etc — and then there’s one person they’re just impossibly mean to, evil to. A sister, a husband, the unfavorite child. It’s a weird phenomena Elsa and I’m glad you pointed it out.

  17. Every friend and relative that has been a Pisces (a lot) has stabbed me in the freaking back at some point in time. Without warning – in went the knife. All the while telling me to my face how much they luuuurve me.

    Now, when I meet a new Pisces (which will continue to happen) I just groan inwardly and keep my eye on them.

    I got scared for a minute – I have Pluto Uranus Virgo 7th opposing Moon Pisces, quincunx Sun Aries. I have taken a lot of crud in my relationships, but once I’ve had enough, off come the gloves. If I had a nice guy, I’d be so happy and not take him for granted! (I wonder if they are still together?)

  18. 4+ years later… I still love me some Pisces suns (two best friends, and hey, Satori!).

    But other Pisces placement can really do some damage when they don’t know what their left hand is keeping from the right. And sometimes they just don’t want to know.

    And, I remember those folks. Whew. In the end, the best friend she left him for dumped her, but she had significantly altered her behavior, became an EMT, and was the last person I stayed in touch with of that group after I broke up with my guy. Sometimes people do learn! Sadly, though, it doesn’t seem that your ex-friend did, Elsa. Although I wonder if, being a Cap sun, I was the Saturn figure for my friends, and you were one for yours. Maybe she changed after the fact.

    (P.S. Sometimes I wish I could be a Venus figure instead. :D)

  19. Elsa, how are double standards related to the piscean shadow side and self-victimization?
    I have a friend with pisces stellium and she is always unhappy in whatever relationship she is in. But i can see that she is the one that “asks” for the drama, either by pointlessly twisting truths or doing things that she “thinks” the guy is doing to her to get back at him. It makes me wonder if she is actually obscured from the standards she sets for others…

  20. That explains it. I never knew. You read on these folks and they are this and that. I lived above a triple Pisces girl for five years in Boston in a condo. She could say the meanest cutting things that went right for the jugular with the sweetest smile on her face. She did it all the time.

  21. “Every friend and relative that has been a Pisces (a lot) has stabbed me in the freaking back at some point in time. Without warning – in went the knife”

    I’m sorry to say Isernia’s experience is pretty much mine too, especially for the two Pisces women I’ve been closest to (each for around three years before their shadow side turned on me, and it was NASTY). I had a close friend who was also briefly my lover, a Taurus with a Pisces Moon, and he too could ‘turn’ in an instant and be cold as ice when not getting what he needed (mainly money and professional help, btw). And two other Pisces Sun friends, one a man and one a woman, were neither of them reliable nor trustworthy…

    So I too am wary in the extreme of people with a lot of Pisces. all those I’ve known were flakey (bar one occasional lover with a Pisces stellium, but I nev rknew him in any other context!). I’m sure there are some – many perhaps – who are (like Satori) solid and dependable, and not into friendship for what they gain from it, but I’ve never had the pleasure.

    I do find ALL the water signs cast a very deep shadow, btw, so this kind of flakiness is not imo particular to Pisces! All are given to absence, amputation or betrayal, and earthy Cap doesn’t like to build on such a shifting surface

  22. PS I may add, that every single Pisces Sun woman I’ve known well would – will – betray or abandon a woman friend if it would serve her purpose with a man in whom she was involved or even interested. All three I’ve been close to have done this to me, and I find it quite shocking.

  23. I’ve just checked the (noon) chart of another lady I was very close to for a while who is a Sun/BML and Moon/Merc Libra, who also behaves very much in this way, including being LOVELY to everyone except her adoring Taurus husband. 17 yrs my junior, she was my most recent BFL then amputated me very suddenly and totally without a word of explanation.

    Although she comes across as immensely caring, I did already know she’s in fact very controlling and could be downright nasty when she was crossed; and she’d complain endlessly to me about her long-suffering husband which I found very distateful (and told her so – in my book you do NOT diss your spouse to friends unles syou have a serious problem like violence to deal with). Like your friend’s husband, Elsa, this guy worships the ground she walks on

    She has Jupiter closely conjunct Chiron both Rx in Pisces, opposing a Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo!! Neat…

    She also has several major asteroids in Leo, inc JUNO – she has the money, and she very conspicuously ‘wears the trousers’

  24. I started reading this and thought ‘I have one of these in my life!’ Talk about feeling played all the time….others see the same thing yet I am the only one who has called her out [discreetly and politely, I hasten to add]. I now keep my distance as much as possible because I can’t take the batting of the eyes and the ‘who me?’ feigned innocence.
    @BP – we could be talking about the same person! And true, i find it a lot with water women irl – reading and connecting with the tone of women here surprises me in such a very positive and lovely way – why can’t you water women live near me!!

  25. This woman I mentioned in post 30, while not a Pisces Sun, does have Pisces very active in her chart, imo. And it’s strange to me how women who insult or attack or criticise their husbands in public, can imagine this is acceptable.

    I felt obliged to tell my friend (and she has some great qualities so I tried to save the relationship/s) that publicly criticising and undermining her husband was damaging his business – which her business was in fact supporting, fincancially – which was of course a major cause of the friction. It’s like a couple who run a bar, hotel or restaurant constantly fighting in public – if you’re in any aspect of the ‘leisure industry’, don’t make your clients feel tense!! Your job is to help them relax…

    She did improve but carried on expressing her contempt for the poor man to me in private, and also kept having Piscean emotional crises, very publicly and dramatically. Just awful… it offends all my Cap and Libra!

    I’d been separated for two years from my ex before I even began trying to explain to people what had gone on between us, and in some respects I never have.

  26. PS I should clarify, this woman’s Neptune in Scorpio trines her Pisces conjunction of Jupiter/Chiron, and also sextiles her Pluto in Virgo! AND squares her Saturn in Aqua…

    :0 go figure

  27. Geez. I finally got around to reading this post, and I wish I hadn’t. Astrology is useful for self-understanding. To understand what we, ourselves, do to mess our lives up. To use it to label others is blasphemous. Wow.

  28. Elsa doesn’t label others. She gave her friend the benefit of the doubt. From all I’ve read on this blog, she uses her knowledge to weigh the different parts of a chart which could be a possible problem and she gives tangible suggestions for solving them.

    Like she mentioned earlier, free will!

    I only know my own motivations. No one else can speak for my experience. I take pains not to assume where another person is coming from too.

    BTW, I’m a Cancer Sun, Venus Gemini and Leo Merc, and I have absolutely no idea where the woman got the idea that this combination leads to bullying!! Huh?

    1. The fresh comments made me realize this woman had the “inconsistent theory” thing going that my husband talks about. (I think I have written this). In whatever case, I have a hard time with people like this. This woman considered herself to the queen of compassion. She told me numerous times that she could forgive and be friends with a rapist / a child rapist / whoever. I am okay with this. It’s not something I’d do but it’s not something I am against. I mean, if you want to go minister to people in prison, it’s fine with me but if this gal can forgive a man who cut a child’s throat, what’s up with screaming at him for 3 hours about the 1 ply?

  29. Well, “that woman” was also a lot younger when she made that remark… she has learned a bit about being more careful with what she says since then (and also doesn’t throw French words ad hoc into the mix any more). 😀

    I still think that Pisces placements can be particularly prone to undoing of others as well as themselves, and Cancer + Leo energy can be like self-defense on a bullhorn. However, I did say “can”: not always. It’s as you said, free will. How the energy is expressed.

  30. Thanks for clarifying, Shaina. I was just thinking I spouted off unnecessarily, and maybe I am a bully afterall!

    This post was several years old, and I was shocked by the time I got to commenting.

    Interesting “self-defense on a bullhorn”, yes, I can, unfortunately, relate, lol.

  31. Anita: I am not going to lie, I’ve been hanging around here for years and some of the remarks I made when I younger than I am now are downright embarrassing. *blush* *grin*

  32. Shaina, me too! I was trying to look mine up the other day and I couldn’t read them because I was cringing and just couldn’t go there, ha.

    I love your bullhorn comment the more I think about it. It gives me a great visual for remembering to “cool it” about security. Always something new to learn. 🙂

  33. i am dual Pisces (Pisces rising & pisces Moon), have venus in aquarius, Sun n Mercury in capricorn, Pluto in 7th house (virgo), uranus in libra and neptune in 9th house scorpio …

    i am empath ..m 34yrs not married yet …. no long term relationships ….i wonder …lots of ppl love me for my work yet no love relationships for me ….guess venus is not happy with me or what …kindly help

  34. hi,i read yr story n just can’t help but respond…
    i’ve been feeling this a long long long time but was too lazy to explain these stuff to soo many folks who got it All wrong abt pisces!

    so glad u wrote this ,pls spread the true nessage abt them,they r insidious and sadistic behind a compassionate ,helpless front.spread it lest plenty get abused by them,without even knowing!

    have met many pisces who do evil to helpless ,smallanimals ,children and adults who are either defenseless or conveniently familiar so they can abuse their weaknesses without putting up a [dangerous fight… er in their opinion] cos they Are Hyper-Cowards!

    notice they r forever mistreating those who r unsuspecting,close ones or even worse those who r actually kind to these spineless piscesans!

    u know the hype abt them being filled with compassion n accepting All underdogs n imperfections?it’s a facade,their way of lying to others n themselves for their evil cravings[to hurt n abuse]somrtimes for their own gains,self-protection,other times just plain sadistic pleasure!

    they r thin-skinned to extremes that’s why they always fish out the inperfect n weak for their own gains and ultra ultra protection.they r so very terrrified of being hurt or damaged for their own skins….yet so many folks mistook this for encompassing compassion!

    met even older children[grade 1 onward] who accidentally confess their thots which r cringing to the core n not at all excusable cos they aren’t even nevccessary in the first plc..usually they direct these vicious ways only to those who are innocent,sweet and most of all familiar in weaklnesses…

    not forgivable at All!
    they always do smthg evil in the facve of something nice,silly to imagine others are oblivious or distracted to forget or not know the difference.

    don’t let their softy deeds n word or emotions lie to u,or make u feel guilty abt judging their deeds…they r indeed ugly!11but pisces themselves try so hard even to lie to themselves… they tell themselves they are saints ,obsessed abt creating this illusion even to themselves…

    they r without feelings of right or wrong …as long as whatever pleases them…even child abuses!

    they need to keep lying to themselves n others they r saints cos they innatelyknow,esp their spiritual sensitiveity to vibes around thatthey may well reap the rvil they sow n be punished by a greater supernatural force…G-d!

    u did well but shd have come on stronger on a wicked like her!


  35. Sometimes? From MY experience, I have met ONE female Pisces that I liked (I seem to attract Pisces into my life) Although seh went through one bad relationship after another she was always bubbly and bright The REST of the woman however have been total A**hole’s. Just rude and entitled. Idk when “Pisces” became a “coveted” sign to be. Im dating one and he can be sweet and romantic but when he gets mad, look out! I’v never experienced someone SO intent on tearing someone down before. Its downright cruel. They are also in denial about their faults. You must remember THEY are the guilt trippers so dont try and make them feel like they do ANYTHING wrong EVER. I wonder if it ever accured tot hem that being a pisces they demonstrate traits of ALL the signs. They seem to forget they also have ALL the traits including the sh*tty ones 🙂

  36. this is a surprising story, it’s weird. double water you’d assume super compassionate, but maybe the 7th house Uranus/pluto was projecting. compassion for criminals who cut throat and not her kind hearted bf. I’m guessing it’s the fact she wants someone who is “strong” in a “cruel” way? pluto 7th house i read wants to partner with someone who is very plutonic and it doesn’t seem to her that her bf is plutonic enough? who would put up with that? 🙁

  37. The manipulation factor is very subtle with pisces, it’s like being in a well decorated gas chamber. With taurus too the manipulation factor is monetary and is akin to being in furnished prison. His or her paycheck keeps the bars strong and in place. Monetary tlc (trinkets, dinners, money for clothes) is just another way of gaining control and usually they have it all planned out for you.. Both signs have warped ideas about compassion, responsibility and generosity. Neither have a healthy sense of inner security and each are only embarrassed long enough to find an escape route..and there are times when I wonder if their idea of resiliency is defined as the emotional punching bag that becomes their spouse.

  38. Having that psychic sensibility makes them feel other person’s move beforehand. Shadow side of Pisces can be ruthlessly manipulative. No one can gaslight others into guilt like Pisces. But one thing is for sure these two signs Scorpio and Pisces cannot get away at all, they are destined to feel and see most intense pain (I totally agree with Martin Schulman’s Karmic_Astrology) Karma comes back to Scorpios and Pisces many many fold intensely then other signs. Her being triple Pisces, her outer planets transits will bring all paybacks for her Karma.

    1. re-reading this story, the woman is aware she is doing bad; she cries about it, but she can’t help herself and does it again? I see why she chose him too, because he comes from a broken family. it reads that he should feel blessed. it’s like she wants to kill /destroy loved ones, find a good, broken man and destroy them. O_O but she will forgive a child killer? and brags about all the gifts she got. more to come too. this is some twisted stuff. this is definitely dark /shadow side.

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