Venus Square Neptune: Easy To Love

Chautauqua auditorium smallA couple months ago, my husband and I took over a class of 5th and 6th graders. We’re teaching religious ed to “foreigners”.  How’s that for textbook, Jupiter in Sagittarius?

We started out with seventeen kids but we now have twenty-three. I have fallen madly in love with these kids.  I just can’t help it. I know this is due to the Venus Neptune aspect in my chart.

If you study Venus aspecting Neptune or Venus in Pisces, you’ll read about deception in love, lack of judgement in relationship, addiction, denial and such. That’s all true but so is this…

A Venus Neptune person can and does love, universally.  You just can’t contain or block the love that flows through.

saint nicholasIn the past, I’ve compared this to music and specially to the Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder, Colorado.  That’s it in the picture. Click to see full-size.

I’ve been to a concert there. I paid to get in, but as you can see, there are cracks all over the place.  The music created on stage is not contained inside the venue. It leaks out in all directions. If you have Venus aspecting Neptune, I’m sure you can relate to this.

Yesterday, I was talking to the class about Saint Nicholas. I was telling them a story about a boy who was taken from his family to be a slave. His family was distraught; especially his mother. But the boy returned to his family, a year later.  That’s when I had to stop talking to stop my tears.

This was because in that moment, I could feel the feelings of every mother of every kid in that room. If anything were to happen to anyone of those kids, I’d be so swept up in it, a person like me will really never recover.

Do you have Venus aspecting Neptune in your chart? Tell us about it.

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  1. How do you use your Venus Neptune aspect good? I don’t have it but … holy shit I found my perfect song. “Fire In The Hole” by Steely Dan

      1. That makes sense but like.. what about the aspect of “idealizing” people? What if the love is falling in love with a scrubbed up version of someone? Isn’t it true that the Venus/Neptune person tells their lover that they’re all that and then becomes crestfallen at some point? Something feels shallow about that. When someone with Venus/Neptune goes for me I get scared cause I know eventually they are not gonna accept me and think I’m shit. That me being lovable is some temporary illusion in their head.

  2. I have Venus trine Neptune natally. I’ve had to ‘develop’ boundaries. Growing up I used to cry at Casper cartoons…because at some point in the cartoon ‘someone’ isn’t afraid of him, someone wants to be his friend. Hallmark cards do it too.

    1. But like.. how is it possible to develop boundaries with that? Do you have to have some other aspects in your chart with more boundaries? How do you protect your heart when you fall in love with people and ignore their flaws and get blindsided?

      1. Personally, I do have other aspects that provide boundaries. Cap rising for starters. I can take myself out of a situation, for example.

        The two things operate at the same time. A lot of astrologers believe that one thing trumps another in a chart but it just doesn’t work that way.

        1. So you have been able to get out of something before getting disillusioned and before similar damage is done? Does someone with this aspect get better at picking lovers over time? (My friend has Venus square Uranus/Neptune among some other things.. she’s falling hard for someone we both know has issues.) As a friend of someone like this, I don’t want to burst their bubble when the synastry or chart of the other person is problematic.

        2. I can relate to this Venus-Neptune trines in my natal chart with Capricorn rising, too. When I was a girl I felt every little thing. As a child with this kind of permeability I was pretty much washed out most of the time. Leaving home for school was a trauma … worry about the ones I loved (my parents). The dreams were watery too … deep water.

          With time and a teacher @ 4 or 5 yrs old who read my sensitivities and heard how story could be a way through my secrets and inner life. I used words to store up the stories.

          Capricorn and the Seagoat energy would develop as I aged, and made decisions to climb out of that all-pervasive ‘easy to love’ and all too easily bruised self. I totally agree that one aspect does not neutralize the other. I could go on … but will stop cause I’ve already forgotten what I wrote:) Neptune.

        3. that is so true! you reminded me of what my husband used to do with his beloved late pisces grandmother and his beloved cousins/aunties. they all had strong neptune influence. He would make jokes with his grandma and she always fell for it, but she loved it cause it was always in good fun. He did the same with his cousins/aunties and with me too. he one time said to his scorpio cousin that the fish in the aquarium was actually talking. Then she went to listen with her ear to the glass. lol i know it was crazy. all in good fun. My husband also said to me alot of times, there’s a crazy neighbor in the garden and i would literally go out to look LOL so bad…. i told him to stop that nonsense.

  3. Hi Elsa,
    I have Venus @ 12 Pisces conjunct MC @ 10 Pisces (with an 11th house Sun-Moon-Mercury stellium in Aries). I have always been a very independent and go-my-own way person, but was too indiscriminating about love, sex and relationships until I settled down with the right man around age 42.

    For the past several years I’ve been keeping my energy to myself, learning what is truly good for ME, in all the subtle ways of interacting and choosing, so that I can engage without compromising myself, draining my own energy. I want to be able to engage again with a strong coherence of my of own energy, who I am.

    My Scorpio North Node in 5th shows me that the best way to use my limitless love energy is to connect deeply and completely with my own Creative Beingness, which I have done through art, dance, and higher states of being (meditation and inner journeys). I know that the most important thing is to BE love, be who we truly are, in unity with Higher Self, and then make choices and take action from that true beingness.

    I’m sure your students feels nourished and uplifted in your presence! I hope it is nourishing for you, too.

    1. I love these kids so much.

      We’ve put together gift bags for them, for Christmas. One of them told me they had chosen gifts for my husband and I. I was completely stunned and befuddled. I am starting to see, they do enjoy us, nutty as we may be!

  4. I have venus-jup-node in aries in 8th, square neptune in capricorn.

    For me it shows in what ways I look at unconditional love. And it symbolizes the love of god. The unconditional love of god. And the love I feel for my creator. I don’t believe its illusions in love, not for me atleast. No one can ever love and care as god does, the love of god, can not be measured and is even bigger then a mothers love, in my belief

  5. I feel like a Venus/Neptune aspect would be good for making art or music right? All that suffering and getting drunk from love.. it makes for fuel to create?

    I guess loving a group of kids is productive, cause here you are teaching them and them feeling loved is so important.

  6. When I hang out with my friends who have Venus/Neptune, my point of view does expand. They see things with less borders than I do. They can love deeply (also due to Scorpio placements.) They make me ashamed for thinking petty things.

  7. Oh yes, with Venus-Neptune you love the whole world; or something that you cannot grasp, yet it is so close and ever-present… I have Venus conjunct Neptune in 12th 🙂

  8. I have natal Venus in Pisces square Neptune in Sag. I also have Jupiter in Pisces, so my squares are reversed right now!

    Very sensitive. When I was very young, I thought that all objects were sentient and had feelings. If I wore a pair of shoes one day, I had to wear my other pair the next day because I didn’t want them to feel neglected. When we got rid of the old family car, I cried so hard because I thought we were abandoning it and was worried that it would feel sad and confused.

    Even though I now *know* that objects don’t have feelings, I still believe deep down that they do. I still feel it when objects, animals, or people are harmed.

    And thank you for saying something positive about Venus/Neptune! Usually it’s like, “Try not to fall in love with too many drug addicts or violent criminals, amirite?!?!”

  9. I have Venus exactly sextile Neptune..If you’re in my wheelhouse, I’ll love you forever…Curiously, a friend’s grandson has exactly the same aspect…

  10. A person like you is love and music resonating thru the cracks in us all
    Thank you.there is such a gift in a child’s eyes,and beauty as they lift their head to listen and learn,and when a foreigner child learns and says the word purple!magical
    You can feel them swim thru Straight to your heart,kisses I too am with immigrant children at work,it’s why I wake early for work,their innocence and faith

    1. Thank you.
      One of the boys told me he had thought of (Christmas) gifts for both me and my husband. I was flabbergasted. It never occurred to me these kids would do something like that. I think I must have looked stunned.

      Several others have plans, it seemed like. I was nearly overwhelmed. I told them it was no necessary. I was then asked for permission to get us something. ::swoon::

      I told them that of course they could get us something because Christmas was all about giving. They totally know this. These are 10-12 year olds. They give me hope.

      I have three girls helping me now. I asked them to do something simple… came back into the room and they had the whole situation ready to go for the next six weeks. They really love to learn.

      They love when they get the answers right and they don’t mind when they get them wrong. They’re a joy to watch!

  11. I have Venus square Neptune in natal, they only aspect each other so they’re on their own, doing their thing (looking into each other’s eyes? mesmerized?), not influenced by the other planets! My Neptune is in 12th, I think this compounds the spell.
    My Venus is in 9th so it gives a sort of exotic spiritual flavour to my “craziness” (I feel this is like a manic high).
    I think I’ve become more reasonable now, a least I hope so, because this aspect can really get you in messy places sometimes.
    I don’t know if I’d qualify it as “easy” to love, but intense, yes! Completely out of this world, too much to be real.
    I can’t say I feel this for everything/everyone though, which is probably just as well.
    When it plays out in a posiive way, it’s really a high-flying trip, very enlightening sometimes.

  12. Venus opp Neptune here. I love this story and I can relate to the comments. I have a shell of practicality but in fact cosmic love has saved me. I knew this as a child – everything is alive, every creature loves – but had to put it aside. Reclaiming this has been my secret power, cured my bitterness and fear, and provides a well of joy which spills over constantly, giving me strength and courage.

  13. I do put people on a pedestal(especially at work) and it brings out their best. I am sentimental over beautiful music, art and film. I cry freely but quietly. I also adore children/pets/nature with my Venus in the 6th. Neptune in the 8th does bring deception from partners and those who handle your money plus employees/people you hire! Overall, not so bad. Just be aware and awake.

    1. That would exhaust me. I’m pretty vulnerable and hate being put on a fake pedestal, I think.. I often try to lower people’s expectations all the time (along with various defensive measures) to not get hurt. Venus/Neptune doesn’t always heal, being lower in someone’s eyes suddenly can make us feel defective and rejected. It’s not all candy and rose.

      1. There’s a song by Courtney Barnett “put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint you/tell me I’m exceptional and I promise to destroy you”

  14. I have venus opposite Neptune in my natal chart and I have had my share of deception and disappointments in love but does that stop me from loving again… NAHHH I have my venus in cancer I unconditionally pamper and love people (if not people than cats 😛 ).

    The good part about having venus/Neptune is that doesn’t leave a bad taste, I mean I m pretty quick to get over and move on as well (may be its my mars/moon in Capricorn which makes me cold). Its a blessing in disguise.

  15. Pretty funny idea about the new Age bookstore! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Made me laugh!
    Concerning travel, I feel it’s more like like “voyages of the mind”.
    And money – nope. Not good at that at all.
    Thanks for your input!!!

  16. My 7H Virgo Venus semi-squares my 9H Scorpio Neptune/Jupiter conjunction. Oh, yes, big-time (Jupiter) deceptions (Scorpio and Neptune) in personal (Venus) relationships (7H). However, because it’s not a full square, I rebound well. I chalk this up to my Uranus and Pluto placement also in my 7H. Once he’s gone (Uranus), game over (Pluto).

  17. Hey, guys, how do you think this aspect would be good for a police officer? I have venus square Neptune in my chart myself, and I would love to become a police officer and help people. However, my girlfriend has a hesitation for me to become a police officer because she says I trust too easily and that job you need to read people. I’ve got no scorpio in my chart, except for Jupiter in the eighth house. What do you think?

    1. Welcome, Peter. Super interesting question!

      I see your girlfriend’s point, but you aren’t necessarily, gullible. You may be compassionate of see things other do not.

      I will say, I have this aspect and I do think we’re prone to insane lapses of judgement at times. You’d have to guard against that but there is another thing they say, God loves drunks! So you may have some ethereal protection /grace.

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