Stellium In Taurus Effects On Currency & The Stock Market

By Monday afternoon on April 19th, the sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus will form a tight conjunction in Taurus.

Taurus is Venus-ruled. It’s all about love and money – currency, as I like to call it.

Venus, Love and Money – What’s Your Currency?

The conjunction will be sustained until May 3rd.  Bitcoin, Coinbase, Gamestop, Doge coin – I been hearing about these things, asked about them and talking about them for months. Once this stellium is established, I expect “currency” to dominate conversations around the world.

Then, while working on my newsletter for Monday, I realized something that may matter quite profoundly.  This conjunction is really tight.  It starts out tight and become tighter each day for a number of days.

I suppose this could add up to nothing. Uranus is definitely unpredictable. However, this would not be my bet.

Please note, the degrees affected range from 0-15.

What do you make of this situation?  

14 thoughts on “Stellium In Taurus Effects On Currency & The Stock Market”

  1. It will be especially interesting once Venus and the rest pass Uranus… and run into square with Saturn! Better be ready to *sell* whatever you just bought

  2. haha @john … yah the Saturn square is what gets me… no idea of what to make of it, particularly as it hits my chart big time and the following Sunday is my birthday.

  3. If the universe has got a “Batters Up”
    Call out, I am ready to swing
    Sounds like 1,2,3.. will cross fingers..I gotta get myself in motion notice, no e, I got to keep myself so busy my mouth can’t open ,or emote
    I am looking for a whispering club,
    My voice is so much better
    In whisper,just realized my text
    That hung me , at least missed my voice and expressions lol ,first time I smiled in days

  4. Tables turning in a good way I hope. Taurus must rule many natural resources too, the ultimate currency being food and so on and there have been food shortages in Brazil and elsewhere. I hope there is some natural justice.

  5. “You’ve got about 18 days to truly change your life, mind, heart…” WTAH?! What does that even mean? How? I feel like I have been doing this for a while now! What more can I do? And what if I don’t manage?

    1. Poppy Moon, Don’t fear. . . you will manage. . you always have up to this point. Things come in you may not be expecting. You’ll deal with it. . be calm. . all will be well.

        1. Of course P Moon, think of it as maybe presenting you with a new idea or a new discipline you’re not now considering. . Don’t fear ..

  6. I think it’s going to be rocking and rolling – a surprise. Tight, lots of variables, all tight. The housing market here is NUTS! (Denver/ Boulder area) Two realtor friends said houses are in bidding wars there are so many buyers. Houses selling $30k over the listing price, and one that went $100k over the listing price! What’s that all about? Just feels quite frenzied and frothy. How does all this affect the crypto? And the change from our current fiat currency? Especially now that the banks and feds have figured out how to have their share.

  7. What I find curious is that the language of cryptocurrency revolves around “mining,” equating the process to earth-extractive (Taurus) industry. Here’s a good plain-English article ( on how cryptocurrencies are “mined,” and the exorbitant amount of electricity (Uranus) required to do it. This makes the carbon footprint (Taurus) of cryptocurrency a leading cause of generating C02 greenhouse gases, which climate scientists blame for climate change/global warming (Taurus).

    Clear (Uranus) as mud (Taurus)? Cryptocurrencies figure strongly in our planetary climate emergency (Taurus). This connection may become even more plain and governments may take action to ban cryptocurrencies.

    Or, there could be a co-operative effort between major governments to prefer currencies backed solely by gold and other precious metals (Taurus) rather than cryptocurrencies, which are backed by … nothing … except destructive amounts of electricity use (Uranus).

  8. in concerning money matters, its been “weird” lol weird aquuarius energy with taurus money xDD
    today i tried to take out money from ATM for grocery shopping. Nothing came out even though i did everything right. Then thought hmm maybe the machine is out of money. Then i told the next person to be careful because it didnt give me any money. but the machine gave them money. So i tried again, and it gave me money. Well apparantly you can only take out money once a day and not mulitple times so it registered only that once when the money came out. So why …what? what happened to the other withdrawal with no money coming out? The machine realized it? and then played a joke on me and said, okk go ahead and do it again, i wont troll lol
    so i got my money.

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