Venus Square Neptune: Leaps Of Faith & Lapses Of Judgement In Love

Dance at BougivalThere’s an underrated book out there,  Key Words for Astrology. It’s from the 1990’s. The book seems simple but authors really knew what they were doing. Rather than blather on, they came up with keywords for various aspects you see in charts. One of the reviews states the book can be used like an astrological thesaurus. I agree.

This reference states that Venus with Neptune suffers from profound lapses of judgment at times. I have the planets in square aspect and I can tell you it’s true.  This just happens and typically the Neptune person is the last to know.

I got thinking about this after my last post, Neptune: When The Veil Drops. That post was spurred by a client. I had another client tell me she missed my writing about my personal life. Here you go!

Many years ago I was engaged to be married. I was dizzy in love. The marriage took place but let me skip ahead, the marriage lasted just a few weeks!  That’s right.

Who gets divorced two months after their wedding.

Yes, I did this as did my husband who had a similar signature. I guess you could say we took a “joint” leap of faith and landed in a horror movie.

There’s another interesting fact here, though. As I mentioned, outsiders can often see what the Neptune person is missing. On top of that, Neptune types are highly suggestible…

A few weeks before I got married, I sent my life-long friend, Leon, a picture of my fiancé. The two men had never met. We were lived in different states at the time.

I thought Leon was going to tell me how great my fiancé was and how great I was and all that. Instead he sent me this song…which we used to listen to frequently, back in the day:

I thought it was harsh. It was harsh but it was also quintessential, Leon! He’s a Libra with his Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio. The man knows things and he knew me well!

I was undermined by this action, which is another Venus Neptune phenomena.  I was undercut, but not enough to dissuade me from attending my wedding. I simply transcended the information given to me. But of course!

If you stop right here and think about this situation, it’s clear I had no idea what I was doing. I did not confront, Leon. I fogged him over. I did not tell my fiancé of the situation either.  I just followed and/or led my partner into what turned out to be wedded bliss an abyss.

Do you have Venus square Neptune in your chart? Does any of this sound familiar? 

10 thoughts on “Venus Square Neptune: Leaps Of Faith & Lapses Of Judgement In Love”

  1. Yes. Natal chart. 2005, at age 55, I got married. From day 1, internal rage kicked in. I finally pulled off the Great Escape Jan 2019. Haven’t looked back. Divorce or no divorce, who cares, I’m gone. Btw Elsa, that video is great!

  2. Yes. My 7H Virgo Venus semi-squares my 9H Scorpio Neptune-Jupiter conjunction. Adding fuel to this confusion, my 4H Gemini Mars quincunxes the Scorpio Neptune-Jupiter conjunction. My common refrain was, “If I fix/change/adapt MY behaviors, everything will be fine.” I learned vital lessons regarding healthy relationship boundaries.

  3. I know we are talking about the square to neptune, but I must tell you that I had a neptune conjunct my venus in the 8th and it is romance par excellance! Goes beyond words.

  4. Square by 5 degrees. My first love. I was young. He’d buy a 6 pack. He drank 5 while I sipped one. All I thought was boys sure are thirsty. I did not know what alcoholism was. Did not grow up with it. Flash forward many many years later to a 4 year relationship. Finally agreed to marry him and then he blew his head off. I knew something was up that weekend, for the previous three months actually, but that weekend was Uber weird. I thought maybe he changed his mind about me or met someone else or something. I told him I did not know what was up with him and that it was feeling really weird so I left his house. Next day I got the news. Holy shit. Again I had no experience with suicidal people. I should have known? Only positive thing is my leaving his house or I might have died too. The feeling of that eerie weirdness is something I will never forget. It is unexplainable. But I escaped with my life. Escape artist is one of my innate skills, even when I don’t know I am doing it.

    1. Welcome, crispy. That’s a double whammy as far as a Venus Neptune signature goes. You might idealize love… or be completely disillusioned.
      You may be capable of offering unconditional love but you may also deceive people in love or deceive yourself.

      1. Yes, all of the above at some point…it is a fantastic aspect of a higher octave for music, my trade..seems like it enables things to come into being as a creation wish, that could never be through any sort of earthly effort..

  5. I have Venus almost exactly sextile Neptune, and I am a romantic and rather lusty person, but am very picky about falling in love…Does that fit the astrology?

  6. I have venus square neptune, but also venus square uranus and venus sextile saturn, so I feel like it balances out and keeps me from getting involved in the first place, regardless of what my imagination creates 😆

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