What Is The Best Advice You’ve Ever Been Given

Hi Elsa,

I went to a farewell party of a friend of mine. As I was saying goodbye to her I wanted to give her a heartfelt advice. I meant to say ‘Trust yourself, don’t trust your family or your boyfriend. In life you always have to trust in yourself’. Since this would be a very odd thing to say, I only could tell her to take care of herself.

But I think my advice was very telling astrologically speaking. I’ve got Saturn on my ascendant.

And Saturday a person told me ‘We are all survivors. Each one of us.’ This was very telling of her Sun/Pluto.

I’m wondering what your most important advice is and how you would explain it with your natal chart.


What an interesting question!  I thought about this overnight. I didn’t know if  I could or would settle on one piece of advice. I let this percolate.

I woke up this morning and sure enough, there is one most valuable piece advice I’ve been given. It came from an old man, a WW2 soldier. I was nineteen years old at the time.

He told me that it was best not to lie. He’d found this to be the easier way to live.  He said if I were always honest, that would be that. But if I lied, I would have to track all my lies and the people I had lied to. I’d have to be concerned with being found out, etc.

This sounded like a perfect hell to me at the time and it resonated with me to such a degree, I adopted his practice on the spot. Instantaneously.

I can’t say that I have never, ever lied. I have had a few lies fly out my mouth, but it’s exceedingly, especially at this point in my life.

As for the astrology – I have Jupiter strong in my chart and Mars and Mercury in the 9th house – My verbal aim is true.

“What your most important advice is and how you would explain it with your natal chart?”

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    James Slattery

    That advice I can back up with Pluto opp my Asc. Secrets, even to protect loved ones/bosses/clients always backfire for me in the worst way (Pisces Asc)! If someone is being too secretive/subversive with me, I escape the situation cleanly and don’t look back. My Sag moon appreciates truth even when it’s hard to handle at the time.

  2. That is a very astute connection to make, the one between the advices we choose to view as good and important, and the nature of our charts!

    It really made me smile, because mine would be to make sure that if you lose, make sure you go down fighting! And you guessed it: I have mars straddling my ascendant with an orb of 10 minutes. So yes I will fight tooth and nail, and if you ever hear about me losing I’m also probably dead haha!

  3. anonymoushermit

    Thank you so much for this! This is amazing synchronicity. I was thinking about my estranged family yesterday, and I just felt bad, maybe I’m a judgey a$$hole?! But this clarified things for me that I’m not wrong, and that they basically scapegoated me.

    I’ll take this writing as a sign from the universe that I’m going on the right path.

  4. I can’t remember the exact wording, but the best advice I received was along the lines of, “Your ego doesn’t matter. Your ego cares about what other people think. Your ego gets scared and asks “What if I’m wrong?” Your ego thinks it knows all the answers.”
    The idea was to humble oneself so that you can set aside your problems and serve another person with a huge problem without being distracted by your fears and minutae. This came from a triple Aries.

    The second most important piece of advice I received was “Trying is it’s own reward.”

    I spent a significant amount of time paralyzed by fear of failure, and I wouldn’t have had the courage to do or learn anything (astrology included) or gotten as far as I did if I had not been exposed to these 2 pieces of advice.

    I have significant Leo and Capricorn.

  5. Jupiter and Mars, trining in mutual reception:(Lilith in leo involved here too;)
    ‘There is no right or wrong, only preference of belief.’

  6. When people show you who they are believe them. Grandma says!

    So, I only need one time. No three strikes you’re out. Just once.

  7. My Scorpio Grandmother told me 21 years ago before I got married that life isn’t easy, you either lay down and die or you get back up and take the bull by the horns and fight. She had a Taurus Moon and I will claim my close conjunction from Pluto to my Sun for this one.

    1. I am not a Scorpio but I am and 8th houser (Sun and Moon) with Pluto dominant and I have fixed angles, so this is how I have always been too. Get up and fight to the death. But I am learning now, it’s also good to surrender some battles.

      Picking battles wisely is the lesson I am currently working on. Not only does it save energy, but it keeps you in good physical health. I have come to believe that the root of most all disease is all of the battles we choose to fight for the sake of ego or power. When we hold on to too much fighting energy/resentment/tenacity/whatever you call it, basically when we can’t surrender… we literally pay the price in our bodies.

      I am notoriously a relentless and tenacious fighter but I am learning it isn’t the way too be as a way of life for me anymore.

      So I am learning about this. (You also always win this way in the end. You win your health, your spirituality peace of mind and as a bonus, the respect of others.)

  8. Joseph Campbell’s, “Follow your bliss,” from the series, “The Power of Myth.” Venus trine Neptune (Saturn conjunct Pluto on the midpoint).

  9. Trust your view is a big theme for me these days too. Maybe it’s all the Cap in the air. It’s seems a glaring truth how colored others perceptions of me are by their own belief system which more often than not is not consonant with who I am. And how often I took their view on only to fuel my confusion in the long run. But that’s very individualistic Capricorn opposing Cancer who just wants to be the darling. At the end of the day, I say, who knows?

  10. From a business mentor, “It’s not how much you earn, it’s how much
    you keep!”. I’m a consummate saver; Virgo Rising, Saturn in the first house, Mercury exactly conjunct the Moon in the 9th.

    Fun post! More like this.

  11. Well my friend died and during my jellyfish moment
    My sister said you don’t have to let her go she will stay with you
    An older man told me not to jump to conclusions
    Both seem to keep me feeling safe I am a Capricorn with
    Aquarius rising,I guess I have strong directions but I
    Weeble wobble

  12. My husband was talking to our daughter and said the best advice he could give her was this:

    “Don’t ever bring a vulture into the house.”

    Yep. That’s 100% right. Great advice. We know this for a fact.

  13. “He who cares least, rules the relationship” – given to me by my truck driver neighbor who could live it. It was valuable because I am opposite this and always find myself in the weaker position of giving a hoot. I’m not sure of the astrology except I have to fight off the notion that other people are a few notches better than I am. I bet someone could find that in my chart. It’s pronounced.

    1. You know, I went to bed thinking on this thread and when I awoke, I realized the best advice I ever got actually was from me: “Life is too short to put up with other people’s crap.” Ha. Even now though, I have trouble keeping it in action.

  14. My father had a favourite bushie saying, “Fair share, fair square”. (Well, he was a Queenslander!) It meant to treat everybody fair & you receive fairness in return. He lived by this, even when times were tough or he was on the end of some nasty treatment, he remained true to this & I have followed suit. What I have found amazing is those being the nasty ones end up respecting you.
    His other saying was, “tell the truth & cop it on the chin”. This one speaks for itself & tells the measure of your character.

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