Neptune: When The Veil Drops!

fog bankA client asked me to cover this topic, post a consultation.  She writes:

“Veils are dropping. Pretty astonishing.”

I have that in my notes. All about Neptune and how it drops the veil. Because that is THE most positive interpretation of Neptune I’ve ever read or heard!

It feels to me like Neptune is always either credited with being the shimmering gossamer sea OR the addiction in which the sturdy can drown. Hollywood OR the nefarious uses of a film camera.

I’ve never heard it described as “the veils are dropping.” It IS pretty astonishing.

I know that I for one would love to read a more positive interpretation of a Neptune transit and how to “surf” its tides. You speak so easily and eloquently of that. For those of us who aren’t Pisces-strong, it’s sure helpful to know that going with the flow might actually BRING IN the tide.

Neptune obscures things and she’s right. We tend to focus on the negative manifestations of this. You’re all pining with love. The veil drops and you realize your dream lover is a toad.  But there are veils everywhere and they obscure the good as often at the bad, or both simultaneously.

As an example, you may find out the person you’re pining for is a toad!
But in the same breath you may realize you are not a toad.
Not a bad trade in my book.

The cost of holding up a veil can be quite high. It takes energy to kid yourself or to deny what is right there even though you can’t see it in the particular moment.

Regarding the concept of flowing to bring in (more) blessings; I think it’s valid.  Let’s say a veil drops in your life and you find out something or someone is not what you imagined. If you can accept this, it’s seems an invitation to God to reveal more. You’re open. You want this. But what if you deny it?

If you can’t cope with a veil dropping, might you be stuck, staring at the thing you refuse to see…or think or talk about?

As another example, there are times when I have some problem I just can’t solve.  Then one day the veil lifts and I see the solution.  It’s the same as losing your keys. You have no idea where they are until the veil lifts,

Neptune is in it’s home sign right now. It’s a good time to venture into the fog bank in your life. See what shapes are shown to you.

Can you think of a time when the veil dropped and this allowed you to advance?

26 thoughts on “Neptune: When The Veil Drops!”

  1. I had an afterthought regarding the cost of holding up a veil.

    Eventually, the people around you have to bear some cost as well. I’m talking about the people who love you. They see the situation but play along for any number of reasons.

    This is a Neptune deal in itself. We’re not islands. What we do and don’t do affects others.

  2. I think the key thing is the coping you mentioned. It offers protection to a person until ready to face what has been veiled. I had to learn not to snatch that veil away because it then becomes my responsibility to replace it with something else. In your business I can see how this unveiling is part of the work as an adviser as a healer. As a civilian I will listen to the person’s process and heave a sigh of relief when the veil dissolves. It is then I can offer support, when it is requested, when they land on my doorstep. You have an interesting job. I am afraid I am not up to that task. As for my veils I hang on tight till I can’t anymore. Personally, it’s the story of my life. I wanted to believe. And on a practical level, if there is a problem to be solved, I define it like what is my intent, and then let it drop. And sure enough the answer will come. What good is all the praying, if one forgets to listen to the answer.

    1. It is an interesting job. Sometimes, I mostly need to support a person, offering them the courage and to look at something. They’ll do this once they have the confidence they’ll be able to deal with it, no matter what it is. So that’s really the key.

      Here’s magic for you – knowing you’ll be safe even if someone hits you with their best shot!

      1. Yeah. That probably where I would fall short. I can’t be there no matter what. Physical survival takes time and energy. And I think it takes a certain kind of ability to not get drawn down by other’s issues. My cancer moon bleeds and I end up in the fetal position. An Aquarian moon may gift you with the ability to detach somewhat for better clarity in these matters? It takes all kinds. Thankfully we are all different with our own special skills and abilities.

  3. I remember a time I tugged at the veil, it dropped and the person still refused to see the reality of the thing. I can also remember a time the veil dropped and I wanted to keep hanging it back up, but that got exhausting. Once the veil drops there is really no turning back and pretending it didn’t. You can fool yourself but you know it’s done.

  4. To me this is the most miraculous and wonderful thing: you are noodling along in your life and suddenly the veil drops and EVERYTHING changes. This just happened to me two days ago. For 24 years I have been struggling to understand why I couldn’t let go of a traumatic event. Suddenly I saw it, crystal clear. It explained everything and the event is now OVER. What a feeling of joyous freedom. And how amazing that it was right in front of me the whole time and I couldn’t see it until 24 years later.

  5. Avatar
    James Slattery

    With Neptune in Pisces transiting my first house, reality bites when you discover friends being false or gossiping about you. I sleep on many personal decisions now by asking my brain to search for meaning and often wake up with good answers. Many dreams of my past life (and lives!). I’m enjoying nature and art (classes) more as well as swimming! I do sleep more but in shorter spurts so I keep some good fiction handy for late night enjoyment. My body is totally detoxed and I’ve never been healthier thanks to the Covid panic.

    1. Avatar

      Wow congrats on the detox!! That is not easy to achieve. Did you see a practitioner or detox on your own?

  6. Recently, I had difficulty “seeing” a relationship for exactly what it was since Tr Neptune in my Pisces 1H was sitting in exact opposition to my 7H Virgo Venus. Clarity finally arrived when Tr Pallas Athene conjunct Tr Neptune. Thank goodness, the “veil” and truth was FINALLY revealed. Termination.

  7. Neptune is transiting my natal 3rd House, and the veils are dropping in the way I communicate. Neptune was in my 9th House natally, but is now Progressed to my 7th House conjunct exact my desc. After more than a dozen years of moving literally like a turtle trying to out-run the tides or perhaps keep the fog in place, we have begun to stay in place. The fog has not dropped and I see the Napoleonic Dictator (with a Progressed Aquarius Sun opposing Pluto and Saturn in tight conjunction in my House of Creativity).
    In the dark, my husband and I hashed through the fog. At one point he said, “That’s all right a dictator needs a populace (to be effective).” He stopped me in my tracks. I have no populace, am not in danger of dictating to anyone cuz they’ve seen the Napoleon all along.
    I’ve got a lot of different work to do now the heat waves leave so little cloud cover.

  8. Pisces moon with a Neptune transit here.

    “I’m hiding behind my flowers.”

    That’s actually not a joke. I really said that yesterday to another local business owner when talking about the small town gossip on social media that I refuse to participate in and how the townsfolk treat me in general. I’m not even open to the public right now.

    By appointment only.

    The workshop is sacred space, and at the moment I can’t have any random energetic pollution. Even from innocent looking little old ladies.

    Pisces moon in the 10th.

    1. Oh, and while weeding Thursday I found a very content toad. Chillin’ under the nasturtium.

      A REAL toad. Enjoying my garden.

  9. I can’t remember if it was Elsa or Satori that coined, “If you can dream it up, you can dream it down.” I think I got that right. That’s how I use Neptune energy. If something feels ‘more than I can handle’, I dream it down… If I desire something that feels ‘out of reach’, I dream it up. Neptune plays a big role in my Chart.

    1. Thanks for this CArrIE, I don’t remember reading the quote here, but love it. Water water is everywhere in my natal chart and at present I’m living with the whole watery universe — a Cancer husband, a Pisces land mate all living on an undercover pond.
      Dream it up, dream it down … ya, I get this!

  10. I don’t have any veil-dropping experiences that I can think of – just wanted to say this post is great.
    The idea that even a difficult drop of veil can bring positives things.
    Good explanations on Neptune and also the different responses from everyone.
    My Neptune in 12th has only one aspect – square Venus. On some stuff a veil lifted, but way past the deadline & more like fog lifting very slowy until one day you realize there’s no fog and just a bunch of (s)crap.
    I’m not joking, but the subject sort of lifted a veil for me : the possibility that sometimes what looks bad at first can be for our good.

  11. WOW !!! Veils are dropping,its astonishing.
    Indeed , something that was staring me in the face ,I refused to see it for 12 years!
    Boom suddenly it lifted
    ,I saw it clear as Sunlight.
    In one second it was OVER.
    Just like that.
    The release was bone deep.
    And so uplifting.
    And yes there is a good side to this.
    I do feel planets have a strong hand in this.
    Rahu is very strong in my chart.
    I m told Rahu deals with obsession, even delusion.
    And yes something we have given up on,or think its no good.
    Can turn to our advantage.
    I believe that to be true.
    I realize in hindsight,what i wanted desperately,the Universe didn’t give it me.
    And now I know for sure it wasn’t good for me.
    And I thank Providence for having my back

  12. Is it possible to have the veil drop during a Neptune transit?
    I have natal sun neptune sq sun, and now have transiting neptune in opposition to my sun and for the first time in my life, i see everything clearly.

      1. Had a friend who had a neptune transit conj sun, and instead of feeling lost had clarity for the first time in his life. Came out of the closet and opened up a restaurant- a childhood dream.

  13. Life is but a dream‼️ Neptune is residing on my Moon now and im overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities. Too many sacrifices and compromises, taking care of my elderly husband. My intuitive powers are enhanced, showing me that compassion is the theme for this transit. Blessings to all of you under Neptune’s veil……

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