Victims And The People They Blame

Neptune by the sea“Yes, if I lose another friend ultimately you will be blamed. Yep. Not at first. At first they will be mad at me but then they’ll think about it. Yeah, I liked that Elsa and I had not problems getting along with her until HEEEEEEEEEEE came around! Heeee ruined her!”

My husband laughed and I smirked.

“Yeah, it’s just human nature. It’s not their fault so it’s gotta be mine. But eventually I get thrown up. I get elevated somehow and they look for someone or something to blame. But in this case, they won’t be looking very long or very hard; you’re standing right here,” I said with a wink. 
He laughed again.

“Yeah, you ruined me but don’t look to me to save you because I’m in the same boat in reverse! Anyone who gets separated from you is going to blame me.” I made my eyes as crazed as I could, “That wonderful man went off with that crazy bitch!  They’re not in the equation. Gotta be something outside themselves. Victims, I suppose. We have so many fake victims in this world, it’s unbelievable. We’ve got victims as far as the eye can see.”

Neptune, Pluto, projection – the usual suspects!

4 thoughts on “Victims And The People They Blame”

  1. I wonder what the population of persecutors and then rescuer- types in the world might be too. I think they are all together in that vista, where you say “as far as the eye can see”. Its an uneasy thought though Elsa – a sea of psychological statistics.


  2. “I wonder what the population of persecutors and then rescuer- types in the world might be too.”

    I imagine things are very well balanced in all directions. Must be, otherwise we’d tip over or something or stop spinning and we never seem to.

  3. Yes, life wouldnt be life if we did not have “drama”. The victim needs the rescuer and the persecutor to survive and so does the rescyer and persecutor. Its seems that our world is a neurotic one and throw love into the mix and voila; the human condition.


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