Destiny, Past Lives…Blame The Victim? How About Letting The Victim (me) Speak For Themselves?

Carielle writes on Destiny, Past Lives – Various Theories….

“The thing that irks / bothers me about this line of thought is that possibility that people can get into a “blame the victim” mentality — bad shit is happening to a person (illness, financial woes, cheating lover, whatever, etc.) — man, they must have really screwed up in the past to have to go through that now. And I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. Sometimes shit just happens, and you have to deal with it, without it being some punishment for a past transgression.”

Carrielle, this is a complex subject and I suspect there is not only more than one answer, but there are many answers. Recently the soldier and I have been watching various things on the Holocaust and there is no way all those people killed deserved their fate. However, with other people you get a distinct sense they have brought things upon themselves.

The way the soldier puts it… “If you make pain for others you are really making pain for yourself… worse pain that is, whether you realize it or not,” which is of course part of the the Scorpio story. You’ve got power (energy) but by God if you misdirect it is going to come back on you as smart Scorpio is well aware.

My story (one small part of it, or my entire life taken as a whole) is an interesting study. I have had way more than my share of bad things befall me. I have has had waaaay more than my share of challenge and hardship and people make different things of this fact.

I’ll use the situation with my daughter as an example because many are familiar with it but really the situation with my daughter is not extraordinary in the scheme of my life. That I would suffer a horrible loss is the norm. Er… although the scenario with my daughter is itself is very rare if not completely unique, it is not unusual or even remarkable if you take it in context of the rest of my life.

Matter of fact if you consider my whole life, you might even say the idea I would suffer something of this magnitude to be predicable. I have been shown over and over to be a person who suffers loss that is staggering but why?

Some would say I must have been a shithead in my last life and frankly, I’d just laugh at them. For one thing, what the hell do they know? Here’s what I know:

If a person wants to make a case, they make a case. So if the case you want to make is that I deserved to lose my daughter.. I deserved to watch her go down as your daughter rose up and flourished then that is exactly what you’ll do. But it does not mean it has anything to do with whatever reality might be.

Another person might look at my situation and say, “Poor Elsa”, she’s got so much shit to deal with although honestly this is very rare. Rare and also not necessarily real.

Am I poor when I am happier than the person who is pitying me? That seems unlikely. I’ll tell you what I think and I emphasize the word “THINK” because really, I have no idea.

I don’t think I am a victim at all. I think I am in service here and I have been for a very long time. Since I was a kid, I mean.

I think I was born into service and one of the things I do is collect and contain negative energy for the collective. I collect it and then process it and transform into something usable (and often quite valuable) that I offer to the collective.

What I get out of this is “a job well done,” which is actually very meaningful if you’re me.

Now if you read this carefully you can see that from my perspective the outsiders view that I am a victim (regardless of if they blame or don’t blame me) is a total hologram. It’s a total projection, often times damned elaborate but nothing I can take credit for.

What I can take credit for is the fact I take copious amounts of negative energy and experience in and put copious amounts of positive energy and experience out and if you interfere with this process or heap further burden upon me, I doubt you rack up any brownie points with anyone, anywhere.

But back on the victim thing… I am not a victim. I am merely doing my job and it happens to be quite shitty. I am however, very, very good at the shitty job and I don’t waste a drip or a drop of talent. I mean if I had more, I’d give it the same way that for some, if there is more to take, they’ll take it. There is a continuum and people have got to land somewhere. My dice fell in this manner, I don’t know what else to say.

Are you a victim? Of who?

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    Little Miss Hermit

    Another past life theory is that we have chosen certain lessons for ourselves that we did not deal well with (or avoided to confront) in previous incarnations. The point with this theory is that we want tough lessons to bring about evolution of our soul/Self. I personally like this idea, but I haven’t really given it that much thought. I’m referring to the work of regression therapist Michael Newton, which I found very, very inspiring:D
    I’ve had recurring dreams with themes that would support Newton’s “findings”, but I realize my dreams could very well be allegorical and not necessarily past life memories…;)

  2. What you have said is wise, worth thinking about, and worth reading. I am going to start coming to your site more often. Best to you,


  3. Elsa,

    I’m not necessarily new here … been visiting every evening to read your thoughts, but rarely post anything. I do have one question and you may have touched on it in the past and I’ve missed it. Are you saying your “fate” is to ‘collect and contain negative energy for the collective’ and if so, do you believe one’s fate can be changed? I struggle with the word “fate”. If we truly have ‘free will’ then does this mean we can change our fate?

    Thanks for your insight. Your words always keep me coming back.

  4. I’m one of those people too, who have had an inordinate amount of suffering, most of it not caused by me. I was born into it right from the beginning. To some – that makes me sound like a victim. But the facts are the facts, right? I’ve spent my lifetime searching for an answer to why suffering happens to good people. I’ve also thought a lot about the Holocaust and how that can possibly be reasonable on a spiritual level. Still searching… But I like your angle on taking in negative energy as almost a ‘calling’ – I’ve never considered that one. Love to hear more. Peace.

  5. yeah… i would say, you can’t judge by experience… it depends on the individual and what they’re capable of doing in terms of growth. some people have horrible things happen to them and metamorphose into something amazing. how anyone can call that “bad karma” is beyond me… i think it’s a thing judged by, maybe.. the soul? how capable are you of maintaining a state of spiritual wellbeing? i think _that_ has a lot more to do with the sum of your actions…

    we are only truly tested in adversity, after all…

  6. Elsa- Wow! The only thing that I seem to be victim of at the moment is the occasional torture my mind puts me through.

  7. Shit happens to me too, but I wouldn’t say it is a matter of ‘deserving’ or ‘not deserving’ – it’s an opportunity to evolve. I think we all evolve to handle the life we are given, to handle that load as gracefully as possible, whatever it may be. As Wyrdling pointed out, sometimes you need to experience the adversity in life to test yourself. We are put through difficulty, stress and pressure so we can endure and become a diamond – the only way nature makes ’em! 🙂

  8. If we are all connected as so many different religions try to explain, even if it is on different dimensions, then we all suffer and we all are blessed by each others tragedies and blessings.

    Just because one doesn’t perceive it supposedly in their own personal realm, doesn’t mean we all don’t share it all.

    I have been reading a lot lately of things along these lines and while my ego makes me feel I am separate and alone in what is happening in “my” life, I really do sense that I am connected. I just wish I could remember that every moment.. when I am in major anger,despise,apathetic or self pity mode, but I am still running around 99% of the time like a sleepwalker. :[

    It is so complex, and I hope my words don’t hit anyone wrong.

  9. Daemoness- it is complex. Your words ring true. I found this. I know this is not exactly what you are saying, but I thought that it was a good quote on connectedness. Namaste

    “Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

    Chief Seattle (c. 1784-1866) Chief of the Duwamish, Suquamish and allied Indian tribes

  10. i don’t consider myself a victim, but there have been times i’ve felt like it. victimhood is definitely a state of mind, not a state of events.

    some of the people i’ve met who’ve had the most reason to be bitter and angry aren’t, and some with the least reason are.

  11. I have no idea. On one hand, there is this weird entropic universe that seemingly chaotically and randomly singles out certain good people for exceptional hardship and hands over an unbelievable life of luxury to idiots. On the other hand, I’ve seen instant karma at work, startlingly so. Fatalism? Determinism? Existentialism? Karma-racking-up-of? I read these theories all the time and they all make sense, and yet none of them seem to explain the phenomenon of what happens to you and why to my satisfaction. I guess all I can do is observe and do my best for its own sake. God works in mysterious ways, and I’ll be damned if I can figure out exactly how.

  12. Life is not fair seems to be all-pervasive, but others would say death is moreso. If you don’t work with your poor ‘hand’, you are bound to lose sooner. As well as if you over-invest. Which you will know you shouldn’t. Often the far-out(Scorpio, Pisces, etc.) energies bargain with that. Life is precious and fragile should outweigh the fairness concerns. Because it does no good to overly focus on plusses. Only appreciate it.

  13. damien f – welcome! I am sorry to tell you I woke up in a stupor and deleted some of your comments that were in moderation because I thought they were spam. They were not spam… just looked like spam in my hazed condition and I am sorry!

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