Slipping Into Austerity (Saturn in Pisces)


Pluto in Capricorn has devastated “reality” as we knew it.  Saturn is now transiting Pisces.

Saturn is associated with hardship. I feel we’re, slip, slip, slipping into austerity. Forced austerity, this is.  You want it but it costs too much. You’re cold but you don’t turn up the heat because you’re afraid of the bill.

sternness or severity of manner or attitude.
plainness and simplicity in appearance.
a feature of an austere way of life.
difficult economic conditions created by government measures to reduce public expenditure.

I’m pretty concerned about this, because Saturn is at 0 Pisces.  The planet has a long way to go.

This reminds me of ten years ago when I noticed businesses dying all around me.  Look where that wound up. I’m afraid this is similar.

I’ve already mentioned, people are falling out of the middle class. I guess I want to be a bit clearer.

This is not so you can feel like a victim. The reason to predict something is so you can plan.  Denying the situation is likely to have consequences, which is the last thing you want when you’re already going down.

I don’t post this to scare anyone.  It’s about getting real and staying real, with the same Saturn in Pisces instruction: Stay in the boat!

Can you see this happening? Where do you think we’re headed?

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  1. Is this specific to the US? As it has been going this way for some time in the UK, and Pluto in Cap has been showing us just how corrupt those at the top of the chain are. Having been in a position of lack, I would urge people to shore up their finances and jettison everything non-essential, putting it away for that rainy day!

  2. Yes, difficult times are here and all we can do is manage it the best way we can. To me, it feels like I’m back in the 90’s where dressing down, doing without, and just sticking to necessities only, was the norm.

  3. We are heading for a massive showdown between the DC Octopus and the rest of America…Be prudent, but don’t forget to be kind to your friends and fellow Americans…

  4. l have been frugal for most of my life through necessity. Now l do it out of habit– but with more treats.

    Yesterday, we had The Melbourne Cup:a horse race (we have a public holiday). Clothes. Gambolling. Booze.The wealthy get selected to go into the Birdcage with celebs. Thing is most Austalians now think it is out dated. Crowds down. It is NOT the race that stops a Nation anymore…
    The glamour wore off…activists protest about animal cruelty now.(Virgo?)

    I made strawberry jam .

    We also got another interest rate rise–same day.

    Now that (to me) is Saturn Picses.

    Christmas(more bills) and tinsel is coming too and COVID cases are rising. Why call the thing Eris… it is tempting fate.

    We are being shown the reality under the glitz.

    The lighting is changing.

    Yes and more businesses closing. More people in distress.

    Sharing and caring will help.

  5. Saturn in Pisces = emotional maturity. Sobriety. Whatever survives the delusions and escapism you’re addicted to is real. Really real for you.

  6. Collectively I think saturn in Pisces is telling us we need to fasten our belts, be smart and realistic as we go through challenging economic times. The world as we know is disappearing (Pluto in Capricorn), at the same the old way of doing things is gone forever. Uranus in Taurus brings so many changes that we can hardly catch up: no more 9-5 jobs, 5 days a week jobs, job security, pension schemes, retirement at 65, etc all gone! We will have to adapt to a new world order, and Saturn is reminding us that this is our reality. It will be hard (saturn) to transit this period of adjustment, when everything we know is being dissolved (Pisces), but new forms and structures (saturn)will arise from chaos (Pisces).

  7. i wonder if the US$ is going to lose it’s ‘reserve currency’ status…i think so as the US is pissing off lots in the world.
    is there anything showing the real possibility of nuclear war??
    I m concerned and grateful for where i live….down south and out of the main target areas and south of the winds…..gawd i hate thinking like this 🙁

  8. Well there are things that point in this direction Elsa. WEF, the Great Reset, Agenda 2030, just google it. Go over to the WEF site and read what they plan for us. In GB a conference about KI revealed their plans. Its a form of slavery the upper class intends to establish with 95 % of all of us belonging to this status. Saturn in Pisces, one thing, Pluto in Uranus, fits nicely into that too. Like they say we will be poor, but we will be happy. Of course we wont be happy.

  9. It’s interesting that Saturn has stationed direct, right after Pluto has. Pluto stationing direct around the Libra Solar Eclipse, and Saturn stationing direct after the Taurus Lunar Eclipse.

    The Eclipses have been labelled the Great Reset, so maybe now Saturn is direct, it can carry forth the reset energies and put them to solid motion.

    Also, Saturn will over the years, catch up with Neptune, following the trail that Neptune left behind, and maybe even a restoration job of the utter mess that Neptune caused. Saturn doesn’t cut corners either.

    Bear in mind, from May 2024 to September 2024, Neptune will be stationed at 29 degrees Pisces, the Anaretic degree. I feel this is when Saturn Pisces will REALLY show it’s mettle, as Neptune will be greatly debilitated.

    1. Thank you for the heads up. That’s a whole lot of Pisces/Neptune/endings energy! I don’t know what to do with this information, but wow.

  10. This is why we want to make it a good Christmas for my three boys and one daughter ! Got my Scorpio son a Nintendo Switch fifty dollars cheaper than everywhere else off of Temu. they are playing it right now. His birthday was today. He was the scorpio stellium of 2006. ( I wouldnt expect much via clothes, I dont buy clothes off of Temu but everything else they are decent. Temu has put shock to the markets, part of Uranus in Taurus. China is selling directly to us. I buy from them cause Bezos seriously doesnt need to be richer. ( I use paypal btw, always wise to use 3rd party for payment)
    WIth Neptune moving into Aries in a few years and Saturn, we are looking at probably war, expansion of what started in the middle east. esp when Uranus moves into Gemini. I know many are struggling now but even more will struggle when those planets move into the next placement. My Taurus son might enlist when Saturn moves into his 10th house in 3 years. Its what prompted his Aries brother to enlist. They have similiar charts in the 9, 10, and 11th houses.

  11. Without a doubt I’ve gone progressively from one hot frying pan I to a bigger fire over the past 3 years.
    Now at 55 with a severe chronic illness, recently divorced, unhomed for 18 months, I signed a lease for an outlandish rent I cannot even vaguely afford because I had no other options, been looking for an affordable rental for months…then, to make it even more terrifying, my remote job has taken away all overtime because the corporate investors want to see a bigger bottom line, and that takes away at least $400+ in monthly income.
    There’s also no government resources for me because I make JUST above the poverty line in income, you know that place…’s no man’s land.
    I honestly don’t know what I’m going do be but scramble and get sicker and just push myself to death to try to make it work. It’s hellish and any platitudes I receive as “comfort” are nothing but galling.
    That’s how I see this. And FYI Pisces is my 3rd house, where my mercury and Venus are as well.

      1. So far, they are not surrendering to it. They want to charge exhorbitant amounts for sleeping on a couch in a living room, let alone an actual room with a door to close. We’ve been lulled into selfishness for decades and we’ll only change when we absolutely have to. So far, not enough people have had to.

  12. Avatar
    Bob (in Australia)

    I’m sorry if this sounds a bit harsh but we have to be prepared for a complete collapse (or a massive transition) of our present systems into something more akin to Indigenous respect for the mother (Earth itself) to sustain us all as a species. We can’t go on with the present mindset of taking advantage of one another and the planet itself (with the greedy at the top being the worst culprits) All the trappings in the world will be no good to anyone if we don’t have a liveable planet to sustain us. I’ve got little grandchildren who are still going to be here in the 2100’s and I worry about how we can change our present trajectory so they can prosper in their futures. I’m not talking about “prepping” or the like, but a return to Community and basics, where we do really look after one another. The groundswell will come from the masses who can’t tolerate injustice any longer (Saturn in Pisces). Let’s put our thinking caps on and use our collective wisdom to find a better way for us all to survive.

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