Mars And Pitching Fits

I was recently asked if I threw things when angry. I used to, but I got over it. I got over it in one day, in fact, the day I had to clean a whole pot of spaghetti off the wall and the floor. In my young womanhood I threw steel-tipped darts, beer bottles and probably other things I don’t remember. I have Scorpio Mars in the third house (Mercury-ruled), quick and dirty action, but it aspects Saturn and I can control myself, if I choose to. To paraphrase a popular liquor ad: I may not always throw things, but when I do, I like to throw them at people’s private parts.

Do you throw things? What’s up with your Mars?

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  1. Yep, I used to. I remember I threw an entire cabinet of china and crystal from my first marriage against a very tough old back kitchen door out of which he had recently exited and closed pretty determinedly. 24 places, as I recall. There was also a soup tureen.

  2. My mom was a thrower and we had a beautiful modern mural of Shaklee liquid vitamins sprayed on the interior cedar wall of our kitchen growing up. I catch myself about to throw something and usually hit myself with it (seriously and not in a good way) but it seems to demonstrate I at least have the self-control to avert hitting. Fire much? I have a Leo moon, Mercury and Mars.

  3. I was just thinking: 7th house Mars Mercury… “Oh no, Brer Fox, whatever you do, PLEASE don’t throw me in yon’ briar patch!”

  4. Satori, you crack me up.
    I have Mars in Aquarius in the first house. I’ve never thrown anything. You can obviously see that I’m mad, sometimes seething. But I just chew on it unil I come up with a great plan to sleep with the person’s sister or take what’s theirs and defile it. I don’t really act this way anymore, I’m in a long Saturn transit to my moon in Aquarius. I’m trying to learn to properly detach, I mean detach from things that only stand to harm me anyway.

    The worst of my wrath is lectures. The more upset I am the more preachy it comes out. I’m only 25 but I’ve been that way my entire life.

  5. I mainly throw words, but they can would just as much. Of course, the mess is different, but cleaning up afterwards can still be a bitch!

  6. Mars in taurus in the 11th. I trow cellphones, but usually my ” I’m gonna kill” anger makes me scratch/hit myself, mostly neck/chest…so I don’t hurt the other person. My last fit was on chrismas eve . I have leo moon, and there was a lack of food …it’s suppose to be extravagant over the top …no room at the table exess food/ can’t see the table cloth.(i’m still mad) …I tossed a bag of brown sugar. The biggest thing I’ve ever tossed was my desk at school.

  7. Throwing dishes/breaking glass is therapeutic for me… but I don’t do that anymore, and actually only did it three times that I can remember. (I still get the urge to throw and smash glass dishes from time to time. I’m crazy.) Mars in Sag in the third.

  8. I don’t throw things unless I’ve decided to go for the kill, which hasn’t happened yet.

    Mars in Leo in the 8th aspect Saturn + Saturn in the 1st.

  9. I’m still struggling to control my tendency to throw the dirtiest look when I’m angry ( Mars in Pisces 7th/8th house oppose Saturn in Virgo 2nd). I’ve been told that my dirty looks kill!

  10. This is hilarious! I also have mars in my 3rd house. This would explain my propensity to throw things in my [legitimate] fits! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. My Mars is in Sag but has many not so great squares to it! Mars Square Pluto being the one that can give me a quick temper. I yell and don’t normally throw things and what stops me is the fact that my Virgo Sun wouldn’t like it if I broke something or had to clean up the mess! lol! Alot of times I seethe and it all builds up and than the “straw that broke the camels back” comes along and watch out! Because that is when the poison darts come out – verbally! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I can completely relate to the cleaning up part queen fluff! I’ve broken things in fits of anger in the past and bitterly regretted my actions, so no more throwing things that can get broken or require cleaning up!

  13. I’d love to throw things, but I think my Cappy 2nd house is too fastidious about my possessions to do so. Gemini Mars square Saturn; I usually end up screaming and seething alone. If I do lash out it’s usually a war of words, but I have gotten physical a few times.

  14. Not since high school. Mars in Sag square Pluto in Virgo.

    Re: “Iโ€™m gonna killโ€ anger makes me scratch/hit myself, mostly neck/chest”

    This I’ve done more recently, in response to severe emotional pain.

  15. OMG, I used to throw things in rage when I was a kid. Had to do it in secret so as not to let on that I was THAT upset… so I would go out in the alley and throw rocks at the fence as hard as I could. Over and over again until the tears finally came… I have steely control of my temper and only hurl epithets now! (Mars in Scorpio – you just keep nailing it.)

  16. I pitched fits regularly as a youngster (Mars in Sadge in the 4th; trines Jupiter in Leo in the 12th (Plus Moon in Aries in the 7th). People used to hate to play golf with me. My dad trained all of us (six kids) to play golf when we were little. With my chart, though, I was better equipped for football and basketball, where you can really be aggressive. At any rate, I used to throw my golf clubs. I have mellowed quite a bit and I haven’t thrown anything since the 90s. People like to play golf with me now; it’s as if they see it as a moral holiday, or something. They remember me from the old days, so they know they can cuss and carry on and basically get away with it. I still try to drop at least one very well timed F-bomb at some point during the round, however.

  17. Not at people unless kickball counts! LOL

    Mars in Taurus.

    I threw a damn smoke detector out the kitchen door once in a rage. The battery in it beeped one time only every time I would nod off to sleep. Grrrr

  18. I’ve thrown things before. Not AT people, just making a show — expelling the steam bursting my head off. My anger has always been fast and fiery and I’ve always been a yeller. I have a hard time hiding my feeling or my expression of them. I have worked hard to modify this for the peace of my household.

    Mars in Leo in the 10th. I am angry, hear me roar!!

    I am far more peaceful now ๐Ÿ™‚ Two threats of divorce’ll do that to ya…Hubby with Mars in Virgo insists that I attempt a little more rationality ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Once I threw a pillow,and another time I took a dish and wrapped in in a bag and broke it it lol I ended up nicking the linoleum too,boy was I even more pissed lol

    I mostly want to scream and hit things,like objects that can’t be broken or slamming doors which has messed up a door jamb or two.Or myself or I grit my teeth very hard grrr ๐Ÿ˜›

    I want to throw everything,hell yeah , but I know who’ll be cleaning it up so I save myself the trouble.Instead ,I fester until I can think of the meanest,craziest,and cruelest things I can come up with,halve it,then express it and take the rest out with art or target practice ๐Ÿ™‚ Or else I might be vaporizing bridges left n’ right lol

    Used to let it fester ’till it ate my alive but I’ve gotten better about it with some help.I think my guy (Mars/Sun) might regret bringing out my ASC ( which is ruled by 8th house Sag Mars) at times because I have a very nasty mean streak and he thought my beating around the bush was bad.I think they are both pretty bad in different ways.

    Luckily I’m slow to anger over most things but when my buttons get pushed and I feel disrespected ..hoo boy,not fun times for anyone involved because I really don’t enjoy feeling that way and the hurt I can inflict always makes me feel worse.

  20. mars in scorpio. I have a long fuse but when it goes… thankfully my mars has good aspects (sextiles) to saturn and jupiter. the one time I threw something at a person it could have been deadly, but I missed by a hair, and it scared me straight. Now I save it for a hyper-concentrated burst in private. Usually a plate or something with a satisfying crunch when it goes, something to make a loud noise and a mess. But only in private, never again at another person.

  21. I got over throwing shit, too, but I’ll still do it sometimes just to make a statement. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I still fling, though, out of annoyance — no violence, just a disgusted wing-object-at-soft-landing-place.

    The last time I seriously threw something in anger was in the argument over washing dishes. First, I took a practice sword and brought it down on the stack of dirty dishes on the counter. When the ex took the sword away, I started throwing things at the wall, “I don’t need a fucking sword to break shit! NOW ARE YOU GOING TO CLEAN OR DO I CONTINUE?!?!” *snort*

  22. I’m not a thrower, like the other Virgos it’s too messy. Mars in Virgo conjunct Mercury, Scorpio Moon. When angered I will measure you up and then quickly slice you in two with my words that are sarcastic and most definitely hit you in your secret places, where it hurts the most, and turn and walk away. In the past this has led to getting suckerpunched, however, so now I walk away backwards. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lately I’m learning that I am able to control this tendency, and just walk away first before I say something I will regret later (even though it’s true).

  23. mars in leo-7th house conj jupiter and venus, all opp saturn in 1st

    i’m a thrower only if you pissed me off repeatedely
    and without any sense.
    when i throw – rarely because i’m a super patient human being(lots of cap and saturn)- i throw BIG *mars jupiter* and MEMORABLE *leo*…i mean everyone remembers my throwing scenes and are a delightful stand-up comedy times

  24. OMG yes!!!! And I miss it. Smashed my entire dish set against the cupboards and broke the cupboards. Therapist suggested I do this in a healthier way if that’s what floats my boat to express anger. Took a pile of dishes down to his office, he had it all set up nice and safe, handed me safety goggles and a bat, I turned on Mozart full blast and went to it – carthartic.
    Probably due for another round right about now.

  25. I used to out of frustration but not anymore. I was also a big door slammer. Now I tend to cry.
    Mars in Libra in the 9th.

  26. Lol! I have a Gemini Mars in the 3rd which is also squaring Pluto. I have thrown many things but luckily not at anyone. Now in reflection I’ve realized that I’ve resorted to using my throwing arm instead of using harsh words. Thanks for the astrological application. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Mars in 7th square Pluto. I have thrown small things, but not around other people. And I have fantasized about grabbing dishes and smashing them against the wall, just to hear the smash.

    IRL, the only thing I seem to throw other people…is FITS. And they don’t like it–very immature. So I try to keep it in check, and let my mouth be the safety valve. (Mars sq Pluto–gotta rein that temper in.)

  28. Mars in 3rd house in Taurus..just out of Aries. I used to throw when loud arguement failed and sheer frustration drew up a red mist. Mind you, I recently broke a full beer bottle of my bf’s head, he was wearing a saucepan at the time, lol, no one was hurt. He was taunting me and I was sick, my patience ran out in a spectacular and shocking way. My friends roll their eyes at my legendary angry outbursts.

  29. …and conjunct sun in Aries to boot! also square asc. Moon and venus in pisces though which makes me hugely sensitive. It’s a bit of a ding dong.

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