Virgo Analyzing, Criticizing Creative Art, Service and the 6th House

Virgo virginI felt I should come back and add to my already expressed thoughts (Leonard Cohen Redux) on this because I have soon. Virgo is profoundly important in the scheme of… everything, but Virgo rules the 6th house… which is beneath the horizon. And this means that Virgo works should be done behind the scenes, before something (crosses the horizon) and become public.

Now if there is a problem with something that is already public, then Virgo should try to fix it… to HELP which is Virgo’s job but this should be done behind the scenes and I let me tell you, I learned this the hard way.

About ten years ago I upgraded my astrology software. I was upgrading from DOS to a Windows version of the same program, so this was awhile ago. More than ten years.

So I bought the upgrade and these programs were expensive. So you may imagine how upset when I received the upgrade, installed it and found what I maintain to this day was a SCREAMING flaw. It was a flaw so bad I thought the whole software unusable for my purposes. It was just awful… this was my perspective.

So I figured I was wholly screwed. There was nothing I could do because the software was non-returnable, or at least it was at the time. So de-installed the thing went back to the DOS version (which I was thrilled with) and decided the least I could do is warn others.

Now back then there was really only one astrology mailing list and I used to post to it all the time, several times a day. And astrology software was routinely discussed so I thought nothing of posting to say… whatever you do, do not buy this upgrade because it SUCKS!!

I went to sleep that night and boy I almost fainted when I woke in the morning to several scathing mails from the author of the software. Now for one thing, he called me “a sick and malevolent bitch”, which I will never forget. I was completely stunned, and I immediately burst into tears.

Long story short, fact is when I posted this negative review, I killed that guy’s business. He had been working on this upgrade… trying to make a living and his customer base was who? It was astrologers who used computers and guess who was on this list? Virtually every customer or potential customer he had. ::wince:: Think I messed him up?

And at the time this was just horribly ugly. It was so bad for me, I puked! And in the end, the software was returned, my money refunded, the various mails from the author devastating… and me? Well I was hiding under the bed by then. I just could not handle this guy’s knife. You know how you have to get a thick skin to be on the internet? Well I didn’t have a thick skin. I had a thin skin, but anyway this story has a good ending.

Several years passed and I was still using this DOS program. But eventually I wanted to be able to email a chart which was impossible for DOS so I needed to upgrade, so now what.

I couldn’t just go buy a different brand. I have YEARS of birth data entered, so I decided to write the author.

“I am very sorry to bother you… I know you don’t want to hear from me, but I have to upgrade my software now and if you will not sell to me, I will have to buy from someone else and if I buy from someone else, I will have to go on the list and ask if anyone knows how to transfer my data…”

Long story short, this relationship was completely healed. We both wanted it. Everybody got to vent… and I really got to see this from their perspective and I can tell you this for sure:

I have no made a mistake like that since. It is HARD to create something. That guy said, ‘you should have written me directly and asked what I could do…”

He was right. What I did was innocent, and it was defensible but you know what? He was right and I still use their software.

Virgo = 6th house. If you want to criticize, do it before the thing goes public. If the thing is already public, do it behind the scenes and always, always do it as a service.

9 thoughts on “Virgo Analyzing, Criticizing Creative Art, Service and the 6th House”

  1. Wow, thanks. That’s enormously helpful. I’m a Leo Sun but I do have Virgo in Pluto in the 3rd house so this is good to know. I can certainly be incisively critical.

  2. I don’t know why Elsa but good friends of mine are Virgo, it is true: they overcriticizes all the time. Don’t mind to see a movie with them: they can ruin your pisces fantasy (I have some of it) in a miserable way. Usually I am in good sadge humour and simply minimize their concerns. But sometimes I am not in a good sadge humour and then…..

  3. Ugh. My lover has a 6th house stellium (half in Scorpio, half in Sagittarius) and I facilate between despair, rage, and gratefulness for the vibes this brings upon my being. I guess I choose it, but man it’s a trip!

  4. I remember a case, Michel a young man (he is 25 now) once he saw one of my works, of which I am very proud and said, ‘that is a very simple and dumb essay, I don’t see that it is great thing’ I said ‘You have no idea what is to make something to work to give you a result!’ Simply it was crazy to me. Years later when he had to consult to me for a similar task and saw again the same work said ‘It is great’ he had forgotten his previous words. They overcriticizes themselves in the same way

  5. This reminds me of a comment that the chair of the painting department at the art school I went to made:

    “If you win, make sure you don’t make it a complete win.”

    (he was referring to how to win gracefully in an argument so as not to devastate the other person)

  6. Another of Michel:
    – “Where come that grenade from? if he was checked of arms!
    – What a !‚

  7. A funny note – a man I consider one of the best leaders I’ve known said to me recently (when I’d asked about how he did what he did): Punish in private, praise in public.

    Maybe that’s somehow related to that Virgo / Leo cusp.

  8. As someone with both Scorpio and Virgo, (in our defense), I think it depends on the person, their level of awareness (of the feelings of others) and perhaps their own level of development.

  9. Snapdragon, I couldn’t agree more! I’m a very Virgo, would-be truth teller, too, with my Sag rising. It has been a long road for me to learn over many years, a lifetime, how stupid and useless and counterproductive it is to upset people with my mouth. (Usually, a subtle glance is more than enough; wink, wink.)

    Now there is a slightly different situation when one’s buttons get pushed. Still, it’s possible to learn to not bring out ALL of the guns in retaliation. That’s just plain being out-of-control.

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