Virgo Man Wants To Break Up With Pisces Woman

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Dear Elsa,

I am in a mess with my boyfriend. He is a Virgo. Presently he doesn’t want to carry on with the love that we have for each other. He gave up on our relation a few months ago. He is concentrating on his career (as he says).

Could you help me? Why is this happening when we love each other? As far as I can see there is nothing that is wrong between us. It’s just the fear of losing each other. I think he fears losing me ‘later’ if he doesn’t concentrate on his career at the right time (i.e Now). And I fear losing him if we continue to grow the gap that has cropped up between us.

Note: There is communication gap between us. We hardly communicate but we try sometimes. Can astrology help me getting out of this mess?

Venus in Pisces

Dear Pisces,

I am sorry but I am afraid your boyfriend has lost interest in your relationship and that you are having trouble understanding and/or accepting this. I am not sure if astrology can get you out of this mess or not but I will try.

You are a Pisces with Venus in Pisces and therefore prone to denial and tricking yourself and I am afraid this is what you have done in this situation. It seems your boyfriend very definitely wants out of the relationship for whatever reason and you are pretending this is not so.

This will work for awhile but the price you pay later may be high so I would like to offer you an alternative way to use the same Piscean energy that should bring a more favorable result. That is – Faith.

How about you let this man go as he seems to want to, and then you simply rely on the universe to make it all come out right in the end. This may mean this man comes back but it may also mean a better man comes around instead. Would you be willing to do that? Would you be willing to trust the fates to be kind and act in the best interest of all involved? Because if you train yourself to do this I think you will get a good result, not just this time but every time.

Good luck.

3 thoughts on “Virgo Man Wants To Break Up With Pisces Woman”

  1. As a Pisces woman, I agree wholly with Elsa’s advice. We tend far too often to try and make great art out of macaroni noodles and fingerpaint. The pieces we need just aren’t there, but we insist that love, that elusive must-solve-everything, will keep us together, but…wait…it’s not!

    So let him go. If you two are meant to be together, the Universe will provide you the opportunity. Or, as E said, you may find yourself with someone who makes you a priority NOW, not later when everything else is settled.

    Good luck!!

  2. I also agree with Elsa. I am a big subscriber to the various mantras like “One door closes, another one open”, the memory of Scarlett O’Hara saying “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” and the Death card in the Ryder-Waite Tarot (I see that card as a sun rise).

  3. From six months we were good friend but I was much more than that I never lied him what eve I was doing I was telling him I never lie him he knows that I told one of my friend about him he never liked and she said lot of lie about me to him and he believed it but he he knows I am not that character even he knows that but he has stop talking to me no its1month he is not chatting or calling he as blocked my friends but I try to contact him any how and he knows that very well that I am calling him but doesn’t reply I can’t remain without him he knows that will he comes back my star sign is pieces

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