Astrology And The Loss Of A Child… Waiting For The Axe To Fall

angel_of_grief_roma.jpgmarie writes on the Pluto Transit To The Moon: Mine – Losing a Child blog:

“Can a transit portend the loss of a child, Elsa? I try not to obsess about this. When you lose a child or have a child who is gravely ill, you seek a reason for the curse because the pain is so unbearable. During a 5 month period, my sister’s only child drowned in a freak accident and my 6 year old son (also an only child) was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was discovered by accident – he had presented no symptoms whatsoever.

He’s in remission now after several years of treatment, but his oncologists remind me that the prognosis is not good and I should prepare myself. They encourage me to cherish our time together, take trips to places he has dreamed of visiting while he is well. I look obsessively at transits to our charts, wondering whether/when the axe will fall. This enters the realm of desperate and unstable, I know, but I’m unable to cope with all of this through spiritual channels and it is very difficult to talk to other people about it, even therapists. Parents who have lost children or who have children who are dying are lepers; people are terrified of them because their experience represents every parent’s worst fear. And usually, they are too grief-stricken to provide comfort to each other.”

(((marie))) I am so sorry. I suppose a transit could portend the loss of a child but we don’t know which transit at what time. In fact the way astrologers look at charts after a death and point to things as if were all predictable irritates me. Just the concept of loss itself is complex.

loss-picture.jpgFor example, when does (or did) your loss occur? It if when your child dies or when they told you your child was going to die? Was it the day of the diagnosis or the day the diagnosis became real to you?

Considering your sister has lost a child it seems clear this is something your family is destined to deal with so developing an advanced or creative perspective around death might help and I think this way of thinking might help ease your mind. I am suggesting it is possible you have seen the worst which is not something anyone tells you but considering you are caught ‘waiting for the axe to fall” this may provide a way out of pain. The axe has already fallen, see? And if this is true, it makes it much easier for you to follow the oncologists advice. Here’s an example of how this can work:

I just went through a cancer scare with the soldier who I love to the bone. I thought about how I might deal with his illness if I were forced to and I realized I would be able to cope okay because my loss where he is concerned happened 30 years ago when we were separated. We spent our lives apart and this is LOSS. But we are together now and believe we always will be for many, many lives to come so you get the idea. He can die and I will kiss him goodbye feeling confident I will be seeing him again for sure. The love is endless, see?

Our loss… our karma has already been paid and while you may not be able to apply this model directly I hope it might lead you to a place more peaceful because it does seem that profound loss runs in your family and this leaves you to work in these realms.

Again, I am very sorry. Much love and good luck.

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