Money Buys Happiness — If You Spend On Someone Else

cash2.jpgHere’s a new study that claims, Money Buys Happiness — If You Spend On Someone Else

“Money can buy happiness, but only if you spend it on someone else, researchers reported on Thursday.

Spending as little as $5 a day on someone else could significantly boost happiness, the team at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School found…”

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I don’t doubt this. How can a miser be happy? It’s the difference between Jupiter and Saturn. Saturnine people would be well advised to cultivate Jupiter qualities and with Jupiter transiting Capricorn now is the time.

Are you a generous person? Do you think there is a correlation between generosity and happiness?

15 thoughts on “Money Buys Happiness — If You Spend On Someone Else”

  1. i like to think so…it’s definitely easier for me to give anything to others than it is myself, but i think that comes from more than one place. with a 7th house saturn, i tend to put a lot of effort into relationships anyway.

    jupiter in the 11th in gemeni, trine venus.

    and yes, i think they go hand and hand. all of it is energy, and when you put it out, you get it back, muliplied.

  2. i don’t know that i’m generous, but i get a lot more out of giving someone something than buying for myself 😉

  3. Money is spent wisely but I like to buy presents.
    It boosts my self-esteem!
    Saturn and Jupiter in the 5th house but far apart.

  4. Oh yeah! I think it makes many, many people more satisfied during the day, to give someone even a little thing you perceive that they truly want or need. You don’t have to constantly have a generous attitude, even. The Art of Living ashram, for instance, makes you do Seva or service for a portion of your time, you work in the kitchen or the garden or other places. It makes a lot of people happy. Some come just to do it.

    Can any people with Scorpio speak up about this topic? I get the sense from my Scorpio friends that they don’t think it means much to give to just anybody. You give to the people in your inner circle. I love to help strangers out, to take a few extra steps, but am unreliable when it comes to steady help for my loved ones. I think many Scorpios would find such random, blind generosity to no matter who somewhat silly. Kind of like how I’ve seen Plutonians talk about the pointlessness (I couldn’t think of another word) of casual sex.

  5. Piya,

    You might try silently blessing people who hold the door for you, or smile to you on the street etc. I do that and it won’t cost you a penny! Credit Deepak Chopra for the idea.

  6. Dina, that’s an interesting idea about Scorpios. They rule resources, other people’s money, etc (conceptually)…it may make sense for a Scorpio to have a direction for their generosity–it could be more effective to them that way.
    Don’t know about the Plutonian/sex idea, that hasn’t been my experience.

    I do see a correlation with generosity/happiness. My generosity is of a psychological kind. Being kind to people is a generous act.

  7. oh Becca I totally think it’s true! I also think sharing knowledge is a generous act…I have a professor and every time I ask a question, she answers it completely and thoroughly. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who are stingy when it comes to sharing things.

    And I know you are very forthcoming with your own knowledge, especially being a librarian…and look at how generous Elsa is with her knowledge!
    I’m very grateful for this.

  8. Interesting, you guys! Also, generosity can come with sharing information/telling stories 🙂 for nosy people like me. A girl in my nonfiction class wrote a story that told pretty extensively about her life, I was very grateful. I’m glad you redirected the generosity thing to remind us that giving doesn’t just mean by money. We forget that giving, particularly giving the right thing isn’t easy. When it comes to acting toward someone in a way that fills their emotional needs, things get way more complex. I know I bow out of that kind of generosity a lot. Anyone can give a present.

  9. becca-absoulutely! generosity comes in many forms. cash or physical presents is only one type. listen to a friend in distress? help a stranger with the door? wave at a child in a shopping cart? even thinking positive thoughts about somebody else…it’s all giving something of yourself, your time, your energy. the story was about money, but the idea isn’t.

  10. oh.
    ok. i guess i can consider myself generous.
    mroe like i feel i have to give what i can to keep the energy flowing. it does no good to keep it locked up in my head (the current only flows if the circuit is complete) and kindness/a smile feel good anyway.

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