Voice Of Mars: Attracting Women

“You have so attracted women,” I said.

“Just you, P.”

“Wrong!” I named a woman who made a play for him.
(swearing below the break)

“She wasn’t attracted to me. She just saw you were with me, you were happy and she thought maybe I’ll try to get that fucker. Yeah. Now that she loves him, I’ll try to get in there and get him.”

“Is that it?”

“Hell yes that’s it. Whenever people are happy, other people will try to ruin it. They will fuck you up.”

“She fucked you up.”

“No, she tried to fuck me up.”

“She didn’t get too far.”

“No she didn’t but I didn’t attract her, P. She wasn’t attracted to me. She was attracted to fucking me up and to fucking you up and that’s because she is fucked up herself. Anyone who is happy should always be on the look out for people like her. People who are miserable and want everyone to be as miserable as they are because they are out there, men and women both.”

Do you agree? Tell us about your experience…

10 thoughts on “Voice Of Mars: Attracting Women”

  1. I absolutely agree. It’s like they crawl out of the woodwork when I’m happy. In other arenas of my life as well. I’ve been a single parent for many years and have been happy as such and enjoyed my time with my kids sooo much. I always just figured that if someone was going to come into my life that was big enough to change my orbit, they would probably be big enough to find me without having to go in search of. But I can’t tell you how many times people have said things to me like “You need to get married” or “You need to date more”. I mean WOW! Not in a million years could I imagine saying something like that to someone! But I think they do sense that you’re happy and really they want to drag that away from you. After all…Misery loves company:)

  2. I didn’t used to belive “Hell yes that’s it. Whenever people are happy, other people will try to ruin it. They will fuck you up.” but I’m starting to.

  3. When I was acting and my character was married, I of course had to wear a wedding ring on stage – third finger, left hand. Sometimes, I forgot to take it off (no plastic crap for me, I bought a real gold one.)

    I got hit on by women much more when I wore the ring.

    Maybe I should wear one all the time?

  4. Yeah, and I used to be in the military too – 9 years. U.S. Air Force air traffic controller.

    Acting wise, I’m a Shakespeare nut – but I often get cast in musicals because of my singing voice. I like dramas and comedies better. Musicals are too much work, too little reward.

  5. yeah, well I do sing and my kids hide their faces. Not sure if it’s the poor tone or the lyrics I make up as I go…. or both. In whatever case, I am loud 😉

  6. That’s funny, that’s the trick I used to get my kids out of bed in the morning…my lousy singing:) They’d jump right up just to get me to stop:))

  7. some guys yelled some nasty things at me out of a moving cab when i was walking downtown with my significant person after a wedding… we were pretty tightly wound up together.

    they didn’t have the stones to follow through on anything when he challenged them to get out and fight.

    i can only imagine it’s because we looked happy…

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