Mars In Cancer – Read All About It!

Mars is debilitated in Cancer but this does not stop me from being attracted. A crab moves sideways, retreats, then advances. At it’s worst, Mars in this sign is passive aggressive however this is not always the case.

Mars in Cancer nurtures. My husband has Mars in Cancer and is well known for his prowess. One one level he’s fought (Mars) for his homeland (Cancer). He’s from a military (Mars) family (Cancer). He’s made his home (Cancer) on a military base (Mars). He feels nurtured (Cancer) by what he calls “Martial music”.

On another level he sexually attracted (Mars) to curvy, rounded women (Moon / Cancer). He courts a woman (Mars) with food (Cancer) and he stands up (Mars) for women and children (Cancer).

Tell us about Mars in Cancer…

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  1. One of my best friends has Mars in Cancer. She is from a military family. Her nickname is “Quiet Murder” because you tell shes pissed when she mumbles.

  2. My boyfriend has Mars in Cancer too, but Venus in Aries. At the beginnning I drove myself a bit mad wondering what the hell he wanted physically in a woman, then decided to stop tormenting myself!

    Sorry for being thick – but if Mars represents sexual attraction, what does Venus do – is it true luuurve, rather than lust?

  3. Eliza Two – I think attraction is complicated and Venus and Mars interact.

    Also, just because one man with Mars in Cancer is attracted to a rounder woman does not mean every man with Mars in Cancer is attracted to same.

    There are no end the manifestations. For example, he might be angry with the mother, attracted to mothers in general rather than a physical prototype of what is womanly, etc.

  4. Honestly, I do feel debilitated by my mars in cancer. Harder to find/express anger although I do have mercury/mars conjunct in cancer, it can build and simmer and sometimes Never see the light of day. Venting is necessary, either to friends or thru physicality: exercise, sex, singing, etc. Got to get the energy out. But sometimes the target of the anger will never know and I Hate any mars or pluto challenge to my mars by transit. I find it frightening and can feel it in my body–

    In other news, I do love food 🙂 and am very patriotic, and also a defender of women and children, and animals. Realy really protective. I don’t have kids but nothing boils me up more than hearing about women or children suffering. And I always think what can I do? It’s odd, in Burma, the pro democracy leader has been in jail, accused of these trumped up charges and I feel maternal towards her!

    I guess I do feel nurtured by mars in that my ex who may not be my ex after all has aries mars and aries moon. Have to think about this point further….Mars in Cancer: feeling nurtured by Marsy men?

  5. i have mars in cancer, and this is one aspect i always hate reading about in astrology books. they make it sound like we have no mars function at all. passive aggressive i am not (but maybe that’s my mars sq pluto, or sag moon that blurts it out).

    i agree that the crab moves sideways though. people might not recognize me as driven/aggressive/determined because i’m not loud about it. but i will get there, before some of them too. my mars is in the sixth house and i can work with a focus that my boyfriend thinks is insane. i get into a trance almost.

    mars in cancer is rumored to use emotions to get what it wants, i think…not sure about that. uneven sex drive, i’ve read, and that i can relate to.

    i’ve noticed that my drive fluctuates with the cycles of the moon. is this because of mars in cancer? i feel the drag just before the new moon and the mania of the full moon very strongly!

  6. Eliza Two, you’re welcome and I had an afterthought.

    In my case, the man comes from a culture where women aren’t skinny. The moon is his roots, see? And men from his part of the world (by and large) are just plain looking for curves.

  7. Eliza Two, I am back with another though. I am glad you posted, you have prompted all this and this is what I hoped would happen with this Mars series.

    It occurs to me now, if you are looking at a man with Mars in Cancer, you really have to look at the mother. I have a friend whose mother is a petite, Japanese aerobics instructor so what looks like “mom” to him is very different that my man.

    The soldier’s mother and I are very “like”. We have our Sun and Moon in the same sign, we are both quirky and we both work in helping professions. On top of that, we have the same name! yes, mine is a derivative of hers to there you go… ;-):-)

  8. I have Mars in Cancer too. BIG military family here, too.

    I’m sure I can show other examples, but I have Mars/Venus conjunct in Cancer and I keep coming up with Venus stuff. Though, well, for me it’s hard to separate them. (ha ha ha)

  9. *waves claw*

    Mars in Cancer! Defends women and children! I was hanging out with a guy who was insulting his wife to me last night and man, did I get pissed off. What a jerk. Also, I almost burst into tears the last time I told my ex not to use our son as a pawn. Actually, just about every time I get really steaming angry, I cry.

  10. My husband has his Mars in Cancer. He doesn’t get angry at attacks on him anywhere NEAR as much as an attack on me or his kids. He’s an excellent father.

    He watches doomsday scenario shows on the educational channels to figure out how he’d defend and take care of us if the world was falling apart.

  11. My boyfriend has a Mars in Cancer. It might explain why he does his socializing (Gemini sun) around going out to eat (Cancer). 😛

    He’s another Mars Cancer / Venus Aries man.

  12. Both of my children have Mars in Cancer & they both know how to get what they want!! LOL

    p.s. what happened to Mars in Gemini?? Did I miss it?

  13. Lilly, no that is a lobe of my brain missing… or perhaps this is for the new Moon. I also started with Mars in Pisces in this series so it’s been jacked from the start!! However, I like it. 🙂

  14. How timely! Here’s a Mars in Cancer story …

    Men Take Up Cooking to Seduce Women

    My boyfriend has a Mars in Cancer. He does not like to be cornered! And he has a history of his Cancer older sister calling people to tell them to stop hurting her brother (notably, one time when he and his friend were fooling around and his friend held his hand over a candle flame. And his twin brother, also Mars in Cancer, got punched in the arm. She did not like that).

    On the other hand, Boyfriend is a horrible cook.

  15. It occurs to me now, if you are looking at a man with Mars in Cancer, you really have to look at the mother. I have a friend whose mother is a petite, Japanese aerobics instructor so what looks like “mom” to him is very different than my man.

    Oh, this too! I have the same sun sign as my boyfriend’s mother, but I am not sure what her moon sign is. I don’t look like her though — I’m Asian and she isn’t.

    My boyfriend and his twin brother are both with Aquarius/Leo women — their Venus is in Aquarius and their Mars is in Cancer. And Cancer –> their Leo mother. Wow, astrology is so cool!

  16. Last year I stayed with a close friend (who was in the army) after his mother passed away. He has Mars in Cancer. He didn’t tell me until I arrived “my girlfriend is super pissed off you’re here.”

    I was like: Excuuuuuse me? I didn’t even know you had a girlfriend! He also wrapped scenarios up like Xmas presents (good thing I know a subtle hint or two) to avoid her wrath. I was solidly committed at that point, and I swear on my life I had zero interest in the man (we’ve know each other a decade+ and never even looked twice–must be his Cancer and my Capricorn; I’m his parent of sorts).

    But that sideways business? Confounding to me and my Fire Mars…

  17. No, he doesn’t cook. Hamburger helper when he was a single parent, that’s about. He was not allowed in the kitchen growing up, when women were cooking. Chased out by his grandmother with weapon (rolling pin) so more Mars in Cancer. 😉

  18. I’ve beend dating a Mars in Cancer man, and he is from a different country. His Mars in Cancer has been obvious to me from the start. He has been very eager to share the *traditions, particularly the *FOOD, of his *culture with me. He likes to take me to various restaurants that serve the food from his native region. He has even tried to impress me by cooking said food! When we eat together, often times he likes to feed me himself (Cancerian, no?). He has talked quite a bit about his *mom, *his family, *his childhood… and the only picture he has ever given me of himself is one of him as a child in his hometown. Ha. Glaring Mars in Cancer, right? As for his attractedness – I am not particularly curvy, though not “thin”.. am also a mother. My sun also falls in the fourth house (Moon/Cancer) and my Venus is in Cancer. Tada!

  19. I have a Mars in Cancer and I love it.I am deeply emotional,romantic and stuff,I am rarely passive-agressive,and I like picturing myself as some kind of warrior.I am sometimes shy,but I give my best to overcome it,and in love affairs I took the initiative,I asked guys out,and expressed my feelings about them.And each guy I had a crush on was a Cancer…and I mean each and every one of them…

  20. Love this topic! Mars in cancer- I can’t stand the cookbook descriptions of this. I don’t feel passive in the least, I have no trouble confronting people (the descriptions of “sideways action” just puzzle me), I don’t feel like I’m “in fall” at all, I’ve been a martial artist for twenty+ years and an athlete for thirty years… but I’m definitely absolutely craaaazy for food (my friends and I joke about my tapeworm), I love to socialize around food (Gemini sun)- thanks for that insight, luci!-, I love a nurturing man, if you back me into a corner, you’ll regret it… and my greatest acts of courage (and the things that I am proudest of) involve confronting people/myself about emotional truths and acting from a place of emotional truth.

  21. Well I was married to a Virgo with Mars in Cancer. His mother was emotionally distant, said abusive things to him (and me)and he was either passive/agressive and controlling or cried when I wouldn’t listen to get my attention. His positive qualities were good cook, artistic and very loyal.

  22. Hi I too have a Mars in Cancer and since I found this out I can manage alot of things better. Not that I am a passive aggressive person but certain things, like trying hard to get what you want and understanding other peoples Mars helps alot. My boyfriend has Mars in Taurus and before I found out about my Mars in Cancer I always felt like I was cornered when he was just providing me with material things (this is only is Mars), then when I found out about my mars in cancer and that his was in Taurus I realised that that is the way he is and I allowed myself to not feel cornered about anything. This is obviously one example of my mars but its been very good to read about other people opinions as well!!!

  23. Oh my mars in cancer. I am definately moody, emotional and very romantic. I am not sure about that thing about food, have not heard that before, i drink water a lot. But i do like to cook food for others, and make it homey and warm. I do love kids a lot, have two. I am very sensual, but i find after a while i either loose interest or if not that then i need feel passionate emotions to get me back on track/if i don’t get it….i might leave..(maybe because my mars is in the 7th).or otherwise i can repress this, and let it go throgh some physical activity. I am fintess fanatic (moon in sag). Someone out there sad about full moon….yes i feel its effects more then the others. I am mostly not passive agressive but i do take some time before acting out. I used to patriotic but now i am a citizen of the world. I guess certain things get tamed down with age.

  24. wow this is very interesting to me, Im from Ireland and come a long line of Irish Republicanism. Its always been very personnel to me( Im known for the occansional anti imperialist rant) and even in this day and age when try to embrace wider views it still continues to strike a strong chord with me (attachment to the homeland,doing something for my country and Politics is indicated quite a bit in my chart). I just wanted to add as far as atrraction and mars and cancer go sex and security are inexorably linked for me I need to feel cared for. I also do have very strong nuturing and paternal insticts (my mam is disabled and I have always taken care of her) so this resonated with me thanks

  25. Elsa, kindly correct Twitter handle to Astro_Lass.
    Your natal Cancer Mars may also be conjunct or otherwise aspecting a planet that represents a parent, partner or sibling. So, that person becomes imbued with Mars traits. The generalissimo, domineering martial father whose punishment you fear, for example. Or, more positively, say, a sibling who tenderly (Cancer) pushes and energizes (Mars) you towards your goals

  26. My husband has Mars in Cancer and he is all about protecting his family. Even when we’re mad he worries about whether I’ve eaten or if I’m sick. He definitely prefers curvy women. His mom and I are night and day though. Saturn in the 4th. He didn’t live with her till much later in his childhood.

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