Voice of Mars Regarding His Feminine Side

“Yeah, you have some fans on my blog now. They like you. One gal even said, oh my heart, about you. Oh. My. Heart. It was very sweet. They think you’re attractive.”

He laughed. “Well that’s good. That’s real good but I bet you didn’t tell them about all the hair on me. If they knew how hairy I was they’d change their mind. One look at my hairy body in this they’d probably run screaming.”

I snickered.

“And what if they found out I wasn’t in touch with my feminine side? Because I’m not, you know. You’re the only feminine side I have, P. If someone were to ask me what my feminine side thought or felt about something I’d have to tell them, well wait a minute. Let me ask P and I’ll tell you what she thinks.”

4 thoughts on “Voice of Mars Regarding His Feminine Side”

  1. I couldnt help but smile at this post. I myself very much like the solider and especially the relationship you and the solider have. I love the stories. You bounce off each other even if you have different opinions, it harlious and entertaining as well as insightful

    I think the reason so many people like the solider is his whole persona and they way he treats you, elsa. Its like were attracted to him metaphyically – we’re attracted to his spirit through your eyes. Thats how see it. Its brilliant.

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