Pluto Revisits Capricorn: Nail In The Coffin Or Back From The Dead?

capricorn mountain goatPluto will return to Capricorn on September 1st, turn direct on October 12th, and leave the sign on November 19th.  That’s two and a half months to put the final touches on it’s transformation of Capricorn-ruled things.

This last week, I was talking to a gal with a 29 degree Capricorn sun, moon @ 25 Aries and angles (ascendant, etc.) at 19 Cardinals. A single word came to mind. “Respect”.  If you’re an individual in a similar situation, I don’t think you need to worry about this last little round-up. I don’t think you’ll be looking at “fresh hell”. I see this as a chance to extract the last bit of value from your painful experience.

I’m in this group.  If I feel pressured to dig through the trash, I’ll do it. I don’t crave this, but if it needs to be done, well this is my last chance to access the material from this angle.

See? Spin it like that, it looks like an opportunity!  But this is real. It may be like finding the last piece of puzzle you’ve been working on for years.  You may as well go for the achievement, rather than quit, ten feet from the summit.

Post this period, you will be slowly healing.  This is particularly true if you opt to leave your pain in the past as we move ahead.  It may be hard to do, but easier in the long run?

If you think this might be hard or impossible, you might spend this time tinkering until it becomes possible or even easy. It may come down to perma-blocking someone or something. Step away from the corpse, eh?   Even if you’re the corpse! Leave your shell behind and come out, empowered.

As for the collective, there have been ZERO surprises with this this transit, that I can see.  From day one, I said we’d see the shadow side of government and the death of business. We’ve seen these things along with the dark side of power; extreme control and diabolical oppression.   Based on this, I don’t expect surprises at this late hour.  Instead I expect further consolidation of power.  The commitment here is deep.

Talking to the client I mentioned, I realized those with personal planets at late degrees of Cardinal signs, have been put through an alchemical process.  You’re hardened off, gold, now. Try to realize this.  You’ve survived, so take this time to step fully into your hard-earned power.

What are you looking for or hoping for, when Pluto visits Capricorn for the last time in roughly 240 years?

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  1. Dear Elsa, Thank you so much for this awesome writing! Brings some hope. I have been just reflecting/ ruminating on my fate and pressure/pain I feel. Pluto is coming back to oppose my Saturn, 29 Cancer 6th house and square my Chiron 29 Aries…. and that’s been a horrible time. What I am going to feel when this Lord Voldermort will be conjunct my Asc and opposes my Mars exact.. holy cow🤪🤪🤪

  2. I thank you, too. This has been me as well, and I’ve felt it for the entire duration of the transit – it was made perfectly clear in 2008, and just kept getting compounded. This gives me hope too. 😊 Definitely been the spooning out of guts, if you’ll forgive the expression.

  3. “You’re hardened off, gold, now. Try to realize this. You’ve survived, so take this time to step fully into your hard-earned power.”

    Thank you. Also, amen.

  4. Thanks Elsa, Pluto has been menacing my Venus at 29 Cap for like forever and now I feel like I’m heading for rock bottom in every sense.Ive lost all of my close friends, have an insurmountable debt and the bullying at work has reached a whole new level with me being totally stonewalled by everyone, found and then lost my soulmate I’m broken. Who knew you could reach this age (58) after all that life has thrown at me I thought I’d seen all the hell you could imagine. “But wait there’s more” Time for some therapy if only I could afford it
    I love your writing as it’s the only thing that makes sense and keeps me going

    1. Susan…. I am so sorry for your situation. I’m in a similar plight and reading about your life has made me feel a little less alone. I am 79, live alone, have Lyme disease and mercury poison. I’ve also lost friends, been seriously back stabbed by a couple of ‘friends’….also lost what could have been a wonderful love relationship. I have no money and will soon lose my storage unit with important family things. My son doesn’t talk to me.
      The idea of Pluto hitting my 27 degree, 8th house Capricorn Sun *again*… survival is iffy. I will send you healing thoughts. Valerye

      1. Sorry to hear your plight Valerie, all we can can do is keep faith and dig deep to find life’s hidden gems. I try to do what I enjoy and most of all be kind to myself. Other people, the ones that backstab have their reasons including self hatred etc.

    2. Hello Susan – strong soul. Similar here at 78 this month. Working with someone who can meet me in intelligence & feeling & hold the space for us both. It elevates my perspective. Solid friendships more precious than ever, including with self higher and lower. Sending you ever so much encouragement and a good joke somewhere somehow to break the spells.

    3. Hi Susan,
      You might check catholic social services and other services
      in your area. There is always an org. or office that will engage
      you based on your level of ability to pay.

      A long time idiom used to say:
      “people are doing the best they can.”
      Always seemed quite incongruent to what I observed;
      bordering on a giving up, God didn’t want it, etc.

      The bare boned, yet more empowering
      21st century idiom reads: no matter what
      your rays, creed, gender, money, infirmity,
      birth, situation, or other small print…

      “People Are Doing the Best ‘They’ Put Energy To.”

      Now, that’s Pluto in Aquarius era stuff…

      Cood Luck,
      & let us know how it goes…

  5. Pluto in Cap for me = focus. Pluto in Aqua, I’ve found there are more distractions and more people around which causes major distraction from intentions and goals…11th house. So I think i’ll be looking for that element of focus again, very pure discipline and focus. It’s probably needed in that window of time for some reason known to god/universe/spirit, hence we get an extra window of support. Then back to the buzz buzz buzz.

  6. I had a thought, this could be the death of “realness”, in my lifetime Hate to say it, but this wouldn’t surprise me, either.

  7. I’d say my big 8th house wasn’t quite what I expected. I thought it would be working with a cluster of secret things in my life, but the cluster led to its root: systematic violence and the resulting legacy if abuse that affected everyone in my lineage and family. It has not been easy to manage but I’ve been able to join forces as needed to address it and hopefully eventually heal it. Although it was 8th house matters, those who wanted to do the work found each other.

    What next? I’m not sure. Maybe we’ll get others to join forces, or those of us who did can really mobilize.

    Pluto tiptoeing my 9th house Aquarius was a total gamechanger. What I saw there had strong influences from the 8th house energies. When Pluto omes back, okee dokey… I’m donning the helmet and parachute so I can be ready for the second ride on the catapult (conjunct natal Jupiter) My 9th and 10th houses are highly aligned, and there’s been some surprising yet thrilling (and scary) thunder and lightning in those areas!

  8. I am in tears for Pluto saying Good-bye to Capricorn. I feel so sad for Pluto and the brave Mountain Goat parting ways. How is that for projection! Some years ago I bought a piece of land because of an old willow tree needing care. Today its branches brush the earth, heavy with a million orchid-like pink blossoms.

    The issue of moving is up, to be resolved within the next six months – perfect for Pluto’s last visit in Capricorn.

    Courage, my friends! Be together, and plant food, even mint in a pot.
    Thank you, Elsa, for a superlative take on this earth- and self-transforming transit.

  9. 24deg Cap Moon here, with 26deg Aries Mars, and North node close. This is all old news. The North node is conjuncting my north node and my Sun too. Every kind of upheaval, pain, aloneness, financial hardship/poverty, loss, and escalating health issues. My life has gotten GENUINELY more difficult, like when I try to hike a steep mountain trail, my lungs eventually burning, heart pounding, all energy leaving me.
    This is daily life now. The pain, the fear, the courage to continue. I see you all too.
    The question has been consistent since this started with Saturn and Pluto conjunct my moon in 2nd house for so long.
    Have I done the work?? $@&@ YES! trauma therapy of 6 years, divorce, putting myself completely alone to prove to myself and the gods that I can be independent.

    Have been forced to move 3X in past 2 years, and am being forced to move again very soon because my fulltime work doesnt pay enough. But look, theres NO rentals, even for a mature woman with perfect credit, fulltime remote work and excellent references! What do I do?

    Do I have any answers? No. Nothing more than constantly trying to think up any possible crumb of hope to progress in a truly screwed up world.
    At this point I much more dread Pluto in AQ. Im looking into extrication from the internet.
    Good luck all. See you on the other side, wherever that may be.

  10. I expect the final crash of the Deep State. These days we see Fauci crying, playing the victim, with a real fearing dead eyes in his face. Bill Gate’s ex, Melinda, is also talking a lot… Klaus Scwhab just stepped down the WEF and the WHO pandemic treaty didn’t make it. Netanyahu has been indicted as a war criminal, and so on… And still nothing cracks… apparently. However, its not that they can get over everything, its that they have commited so many crimes they cannot back down and can only double down. But I am sure many deep state shadow serial killers like Cheney or Wolsey are eating their nails. Actually, this job had to be done by a destructive, totally corrupt scorpio as Biden. Trump would have never drained the swamp. It had to touch rock bottom before it gets better. And only a sinister dark evil man like Biden could do it.

  11. “Step away from the corpse.” Thank you, Elsa. I really needed to hear that. Even if I am the corpse! Maybe especially if I am, haha. That was a piece that clicked into place for me and I so appreciate the clarity.

    I just came across this quotation from Edgar Allan Poe, who shares my 29 degree Capricorn Sun birthday: “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?” Well, I get that, but I also reserve the right to call a corpse a corpse, and leave the gray area.

    Much love to everyone dealing with this transit.

  12. Pluto will be dipping back into my 8th house during its return to Cap. During its time in Cap, it’s traveled through my 7th and 8th house. It leaves for good just 2 days after my birthday.

    Ages 15-29 were huuuge lessons in love and death (the start of it was literally the death of my “first love” the during and end of it were very toxic and physically abusive love relationships, loss of friendships.. except the few that remained).

    Idk how to explain, but I’m so grateful for what “happened to me” bc it all happened lead me to where I am now, mentally and spiritually. I feel so secure and transformed.

    The thought of it going back into Cap actually excites me. I feel like I’ve gathered all my crops from the seeds that survived and were able to grow. Now I can feed myself and also share it with others.

    Pluto dipping into Aqua/my 9th house has proved to myself that I’ve truly been stepping into my own enlightenment and autonomy. How I handle things now is completely turn on how I used to while it was all going down.

    Idk what else to say but this energy just excited the hell out of me!! Even if something comes about, I’m ready for the test. Ever since I was young, I was never good at being in school/education. Learning about the body (biologically), relationships, psychology by reading and living, always resonated. Felt the world and it’s human beings were my school and I’ll continue to learn from it.

    I’m a native Scorpio Sun, having it go back to the 8th *rubs hands together*… I was built for this… let’s get ready!!

  13. I hope it’s the last nail in the coffin. Ready to move on to the next chapter in this horror novel lol. I also lost my last “friend”. It was a long time coming and gut-wrenching in the lead up, but now that it’s done it’s a big relief. It’s funny, people dish on “parasocial” “relationships” a lot these days but I think they are a bit of a saving grace. Better than parasitic relationships, no?

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