Voice of Saturn – “You’re Old!”

grace slickSaturn / Capricorn expects you age gracefully. For today’s focus on Capricorn, here is the soldier on a rant over the weekend. He doesn’t like aging rock stars who can’t manage to… well, I’ll let him tell you:

“And what’s that woman’s name from Jefferson Airplane? She’s another one I can’t stand. What’s her name? Grace? Grace…”

“Grace Slick.”

(swearing below the break)

“Yeah! Grace fuckin’ Slick. What a jerk she turned into. She comes over to Germany – she’s older than hell and she gets on stage all drunk. She was drunk on her ass and she starts yelling at these kids, how could you. How could you, she wailed. How could you do this to all of those people!”

“Uh oh.”

“Yeah and these kids are like 20 years old! They already have to grow up in the shadow of Hitler which has nothing to do with them at all and here comes this stupid jerk who doesn’t seem to realize her time has passed and not only that she’s stupid! She’s stupid if she thinks these German kids have anything to do with Hitler – they do not. And she’s stupid if she doesn’t know her time has passed but she’s still thinks she should get up there and preach all this crap that is over.”

“I’d have been embarrassed.”

“Well I wasn’t embarrassed but I did want to kick her ass and tell her! Look, stupid Grace fucking Slick. You’re old! Look in this mirror why don’t you? See that? You’re an old lady! You’re an old lady and a geezer like me… you’re even older than me, so why don’t you just sit down, shut up and let these kids have a good time, ya damned idiot! Sit down!”

grace slick~~

But get this… in searching for a picture, I found this quote from 2007 (Grace is 67 years old) so apparently she did figure it out:

When did you retire from music, and why?

“It was 1989, and the main reason was because I don’t like old people rocking out onstage. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong-I just don’t want to do it. To me, it’s like a college kid going back to kindergarten and playing jacks-why put on spandex and pretend I’m 30”

Are you aging gracefully?

20 thoughts on “Voice of Saturn – “You’re Old!””

  1. Time will tell 🙂
    After having two kids though, I feel like I look and feel better than ever.
    Moon in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo….that should help a little right??

  2. I’d like to think so.

    I look young, dress young (sweatshirts, jeans, and sweatpants, not “teen” looks–no way! 😉 ), and feel young, but I’m aware that I’m 37.

    Since I’m a Leo, I DON’T like to embarrass myself. 😉

  3. Yep. With Capricorn rising, I’ve got that whole looking younger as you get older thing going on, even though I’m letting my hair go gray; I’m more attractive now at 38 than I ever was at 20.

  4. When I tell people I’m almost 60, I get a double take which I attribute to the fact that I have very long dark hair. I color it – sure – but “old” women don’t have waist length dark hair in this day and age. My grandmother had tremendously long hair, well past her waist, until the day she died so I never felt that I had to conform to the “short hair if you’re over 35” norm. I also have oily skin and I’m a little overweight – it’s a wonder what a little fat and oil will do to plump out those wrinkles. Still, I have always told people my honest age and I don’t pretend to be any younger than I am. I accept that I’ve had my second Saturn Return and it’s time to begin relating to the world as an elder. I accept that I’m never going to “make it to the top” – it’s way too late to start now. I’m kind of relieved, actually. I look forward to retiring and being an eccentric old lady – and have been for years. So despite the fact that I do my best to look as good as I can, I feel I’m growing old gracefully. Since I don’t have much choice about the growing older part, I guess I’d rather do it gracefully than not.

  5. I used to be upset about getting older, but lately I find myself in these situations. Some kid in a Subway sandwich shop who needs a dollar for his lunch, a girl who’s lost her purse on a train, and thousands of moments in a year when I’ve felt like saying something completely sensible and practical to someone twenty years younger than myself.

    I’ve been thinking — if people my age need to be all young and sexy forever, who’s going to help the kids grow up? Who’s going to say, yeah, you should vote, and this is what happens when you let your bank balance go to zero. I miss the sense that youth gives you of being central to the universe. Then again, I also know lost purses and empty bank accounts aren’t the worst thing that ever happened.

  6. I´m not aging, period *lol*. I´m only 43, which I consider to be still young, so aging gracefully is not my problem – yet. I´m just starting to understand this Gemini “puer aeternus”-thing. In fact, I too felt older when I was younger, and I really enjoy situations I can handle gracefully now knowing the same ones would have been full of drama and suffering for me when I was younger.

    I think wasting time on the effort of presenting oneself as youthful is embarrassing and the opposite of gracefulness. Either it´s in the spirit or it isn´t. And age has its own beauty, definitely.

  7. My mom believes that you are only as old as you feel. I think this holds true. I hate hearing people say that they are old, particularly if they are in their 30s or 40s. Why should they submit to this concept, this fear of aging? Why should they get depressed? Especially when my professors, who have been in their 70s make comments about their old age or even dying, I squirm. My 76 year old professor is more full of life and love than many people. It sucks and is even kind of weird for me to hear such things out of him.

    The soldier’s getting pissed at her for acting this way and being old kind of annoys me. What would piss me off more is the fact that she is ascribing a historical legacy to individual people. This is what pisses me off about the tendency to call someone like me an oppressor of black people and blame me for past racial ills because I’m white. I think there is a weird two-faced nature to modern liberal academics, part of which is deconstructing, casting doubt on, even invalidating history, and the other “race, class, and gender studies” tend to overdetermine my identity as a white person.

  8. Since I have Libra & Venus in the 1st, I have given lots of thought to aging well. Now past the Second Saturn Return all the fussing about appearances seems foolish. I have no interest whats so ever in being anything but who I am. I earned every grey hair, wrinkle and bits of wisdom pounded into my thick skull by Pluto, Neptune, Uranus & Saturn transits by conjunction to all my personal planets & ASC! 🙂

  9. I’ve decided ahead of the game: I’m going to age well (I’m 30).

    First part of the plan is I’m going to try and be as kind to my body as I can rather than sit around and moan about how stiff and old I feel.
    I’m happy, and I’m going to try to stay that way as much as possible.
    I’m going to pursue life, and if I can’t because I grow debilitated, I’m going to accept it.
    I’m going to be well, and if I’m not well, I’m going to accept that too.

    FInally, I don’t give a flying fuck if anyone says ‘Wait til your my age, it will be different’ because (a) of course it will be different and
    (b) I’m tired of people who plan for disaster. And I DO NOT THINK AGING IS A DISASTER!

    Oh yeah, Cap Moon (heh)

  10. I love it when my grandma, who will be 90 this spring said, I looked in the mirror and thought who is that old person looking at? I’m not that old.
    I like that saying about you can look but you cannot touch. At 47 I still have them looking but I have to be careful that when I look it is a glance and not a stare.

  11. I don’t like the idea of aging. I don’t like the idea of growing old.

    Wisdom? Okay. Dying? Fine. But I can’t pretend I’m all happy about this getting older thing. How the body changes. Yeah, this year got my first grey hairs (I’m 37). I have wrinkles from worrying, but not many others. Those are setting in though. And this double chin, well, I’ve always had some flesh there, whatever my weight (said the chubby Cancerian).

    I have never been one to look much in the mirror (Venus in the 12th) and when I do, I don’t look too long, or I only see flaws (Venus in square to Neptune and Saturn) or I can’t see what others see (pretty eyes… now what is the astrological marker for pretty eyes, i wonder…).

    So am I aging gracefully? I hope so. The cure for aging is living.

  12. You know, I dont have a problem with old rockers on stage. As a musician I can tell you that passion never leaves you, no matter how old you get. But you can be an old rocker on stage as long as you know youre an old rocker on stage. Quit trying to look like you did in your hey day. trim the beard, put on a suit or something that suits your age and have your music.

    Its funny you mention this because Storm & I were JUST talking about it the other day. We were watching something on VH1 and they kept advertising Brett Michaels and his Rock of Love reality show.. and he just looks like an old rocker trying to be what he was back in the day. Storm was asking me if I was going to watch it & I shook my head with quite a disgusted look on my face and told him that no, I wasnt interested in some old fart trying to pretend he was 20 again.

    I think Im aging great, I certainly dont look my age I dont think.. but Im not trying to NOT look my age either. Im just thrilled with the weight Ive lost and happy to see a size 8 on my clothes instead of the 18 I was wearing. Not because I want to look like I did back in the day (which is SO not going to happen..things SAG ROFL!) but because THIS time I can truly appreciate my thinner self in a way I didnt when I was younger. As a younger person I was uncomfortable with my body, uncomfortable with my sexuality. This time around I feel SO much better about it all. Age is just a number to me, and my 30s have been the best years of my life thus far. I am SO looking forward to my 40s and the time when my children are older and I can go places and do things that I cant right now. I may BE 38, but in my mind I feel like 16 – with experience 🙂

  13. I hope I age gracefully, but as a Cap kid (just turned 24) I can say that every year makes me feel more secure in myself and my place in the world… if that continues, I’ll be aging *gratefully*.

    You know what has always made me laugh… those rockers who are trying to hang on to their “sexy” by remaining young are totally missing out on the sexiness that comes with maturity and experience!

  14. I was starting to freak myself out a little bit lately because I’m turning 28 this year, and you know that’s not long to 30. I can hear some of you rolling your eyes, but I haven’t really gotten a career to stick with yet, although I feel I have acomplished things it’s just weird to think that I’m almost 30.

    Then I enrolled in a class at the local college and I realized that no one noticed I’m not 20 anymore. I have my Moon in Capricorn and my mom’s great oily skin genes. Thank you, Mom!

  15. life keeps getting better.

    and this body gave me a child- i can’t really complain if it’s developed a few quirks as a result.

    (including my first grey hairs. honestly i can’t wait to get more so i can dye them funny colors- i never wanted to bleach my hair to turn it purple, but if it went and lightened itself naturally then i don’t see what’s stopping me…. 😉

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