Jupiter vs Saturn / Confidence vs Humility

Jupiter SaturnJamie writes regarding know-it-alls and Jupiter aspects:

“I know that I am supposed to have an over-inflated ego and a know-it-all attitude (because some know-it-all published Astrologers say so) but I cannot relate to that interpretation at all. I think that there are very few things that I know very well but am the first to admit I am ignorant about many others.”

Jamie I think there is a difference between knowing a lot and knowing it all. Someone can know a lot because they have learned a lot but they are still learning and therefore, humble.

For example I think I know all kinds of things but I learn from the soldier, constantly. I learn something from him every day and in astrology this is why Saturn and Jupiter are considered a natural pair like the Sun and Moon, or Venus and Mars.

Jupiter bestows confidence while Saturn keeps it in check. This is a good topic with Jupiter in Capricorn…

6 thoughts on “Jupiter vs Saturn / Confidence vs Humility”

  1. “Some know-it-all astrologers say I’m one way, but i know better than them.” 😉

    Sorry. I didn’t mean to. *hides*

  2. I think everyone is a know-it-all in some area or another. That’s what specialization/area of interest/passion is called. Just my opinion.

  3. “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” —–Albert Einstein—–

    I do not believe in “experts” because this thing called “living” appears to be all about evolving.
    Every day we learn something new, and in my case I learn from the people who have lived the least time on the Planet.

    My husband is 14 years younger than myself and yet he has taught me so much. My sons have taught me humility.
    I do not think this would be possible if I took a stance of, “I’m older so therefore I know more than you.” Although I must admit I did try that a few times. After years of repeating this outmoded process of thinking I finally grew tired of hearing myself repeat what I heard as a child. Isn’t that what they call Dogma?
    I just could not say it with conviction or a straight face anymore. Something greater than my ego knew better and thankfully changed that “broken record”.

    As for Saturn keeping my Jupiter in check? No contact between the two.

  4. I have Jupiter conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius and trining my Moon and I definitely don’t have an over-inflated ego. People regard me as very knowledgeable on various aspects but it’s true that I don’t know many things in depth because I don’t feel the need, I crave to know different things from different subjects.
    Teach me, always, I want to know more 🙂

  5. i don’t know. i forget that i have iq tested at five orders of magnitude higher than average, or i remember and wonder if it really means all that much, and whenever i mention the fact that i’m apparently smart i worry people think i’ll have a stuffed head.

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