Voice Of South Node In Aries: Past Life Soldier

coffee-cup-01.jpgSpeaking of the soldier’s past life soldiering, things like this get your attention. Vid and the soldier were sitting on the couch next to each other looking like a matched set… the Tauri.

“You’re drinking coffee,” Vid said.

“Yeah. I am. Do you know when I had my first coffee?” the soldier asked. “I had my first cup of coffee when I was just a few weeks old, except for it wasn’t in a cup, it was in a bottle. I was a baby so I had to drink out of a bottle.”

“A bottle?”

“Yeah, see my mom was a  mom. And I was crying and crying and crying and crying. (His mother is a nurse).  And she tried everything she could to get me to stop crying and I mean she tried everything in the world. Everything that could be tried, she tried.”

Vid grinned, he likes the soldier’s stories.

“Yeah so she was about to give up. There was just no way to get me to stop crying but then she decided to try one more thing.  She put some coffee in my milk and as soon as she did that, I drank it down and went right to sleep.”

“You did?”

“Yeah. So she kept doing it and I kept sleeping. Whenever she wanted me to go to sleep she gave me some coffee I was a happy baby after that.  I guess I was just born and wanted a cup. Soldiers lovvvve coffee, they can never really have enough.”

Vid just stared.

6 thoughts on “Voice Of South Node In Aries: Past Life Soldier”

  1. I used to drink coffee before school in kinder. I remember it very clearly, until the doctor told mom all that caffiene wasnt good for a small child LOL. Then again, my family is the type that shakes the “fizz” out of soda, and gives it to the toddlers in their bottles. They thought it was odd that I wouldnt do it with mine.

  2. Definitely a hangover from another life lol. I have an aries south node and was attached to my bottle for an unconscionably long time. Last thing at night it would be filled with weak tea and delivered to me in bed whereupon I would proceed to drink it all then throw it over my shoulder with a smile when I heard the glass of the bottle smash…all this ended when my Dad came home late one night and found me lying in bed with my bottle in one hand and a Book in the other.

  3. Huh I’ve never realy thought about my south node in Aries… I stayed on a bottle for a long time too– seemed to go so perfectly with milk.. I probably chose to drink out of that thing until I was at least 10… Not much on coffee though- I have a sensitive stomach and can only take so much.

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