The Mega Capricorns Born In 1990, 1991, And 1993

There was large stellium in Capricorn between 1990-93.  Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune were all transiting the sign. The faster moving planets joined them at various times. Consequently there are people out there with their Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all in Capricorn. Some of them happen to be Capricorn rising as well!

Having a Capricorn rising myself, I was very aware of this period when it occurred. Those planets all crossed my ascendant. These transits changed my life most profoundly. I’ve given a lot of thought to people who were being born with this stellium in their natal charts.

I started working with this the parents of this group in consultations about ten years later. Ten years after that, I started consulting with them directly.

This group is now heading into their Saturn Return.  This will be a phenomenal time for this group. Make or break. Personally, I think most of them will make it. I can’t wait to see this group come into their own over the next three years.

Are you a mega-Capricorn? Do you know someone who is? Tell us!

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  1. Hey Elsa! 🙂
    Just wanna update u… Aries/Aquarius strong Taurus Moon with natal Saturn,Uranus and Neptune in 12th. Mega Capricornian 1989. 🙂
    Since my fiancee and I broke off everything started to change.
    “Reality morphs” is a great way to describe it.
    I’m still on my course for vet technician and I’m enjoying it!! But I guess this has also to do with Jupiter transiting X house but also career changes are common with Saturn return. Saturn is all about maturing,especially during return and I got back to high school so it’s kinda funny! 😀
    My parents after years and years of trying to get back together,finally moved on from each other,which I’ve found strange and maybe kinda sad,because I’m used to them being together. They moved on from each other and I haven’t from them being together. But I respect boundaries and I don’t mingle into their relationship. Also lots of my friends are getting married/becoming parents so this would definitely mean less people to go out clubbing. But the thing is even those people that left are not that much in the mood to go out clubbing anymore so it’s kinda me,sitting at home,alone,watching netflix or studying. I have Sun Saturn Square so that aspect caused lot’s of blockages and setbacks earlier but now the path is clear to shape my life however I want but it definitely is a very lonely path for now. But also a path of discovering myself. Keep you updating…
    Oh, how much Saturn has to do with Aquarius? Does he also rules the sign? I was born during night and I’ve read somewhere that for Aquarius born at night Saturn is ruler.

    1. Glad to hear from you. Sounds good for the post part, though I’m sorry about your parents. Something good can happen any and every day.

      And yes. Aquarius is Saturn-ruled…Uranus is the modern ruler. Keep the faith! 🙂

  2. Elsa pointed me to this article so I wanted to share my chart too!I’m just after the date range she mentioned, but I have a significant Capricorn and IV House presence in my chart.

    I was born Jan. 12, 1994 and (believe) that I have 2 different stelliums in my chart (that overlap). [DISCLAIMER: I’m REALLY new to astrology so that’s why I’m not 100% sure if I’m reading my chart correctly.]

    Rising Sign: Libra 17°35′

    – Sun 22°47′
    – Mercury 28°39′
    – Venus 21°52′
    – Mars 18°26′
    – Uranus 22°18′
    – Neptune 20°56′

    4th HOUSE:
    – Neptune 20°56′ (Capricorn)
    – Venus 21°52′ (Capricorn)
    – Uranus 22°18′ (Capricorn)
    – Sun 22°47′ (Capricorn)
    – Mercury 28°39′ (Capricorn)
    – Moon 7°59′ (Aquarius)

    I’m looking to learn more about how to interpret my chart and I feel like these areas are two pieces I should learn more about since they are frequent in my chart. Does anyone have any great additional resources or commentary to get me started on the right track! Thanks in advance!

  3. Jaclyn Hill–just looked her up. She’s a mega-Capricorn with an opposing stellium in Cancer (Venus, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Chiron). Apparently she has quite a following as a makeup artist–many women have followed and loved her tutorials–and I’ve actually spotted her Morphe collection at Ulta.
    People are giving her so much crap now–probably the same people going on a witch hunt trying to take down all these other famous YouTubers. Some of her viewers have criticized the fact that she uses her own brushes and makeup in her videos. Really?? I’d be more worried if she didn’t. Peter Monn talked about her in his videos. Says she talking about deleting her YouTube channel because of all the flak she’s getting. The next few years are going to put her through the gauntlet. I’m watching one of her videos now just to check her out. She seems like a really sweet and fun type of person.

  4. Hi 1-7-91 mega capricorn here! Im a capricorn rising with capricorn, sun,saturn,neptune,uranus all in my first house. Pluto in capricorn is also transiting in first house til 2030. Really just trying to find myself and figure out who I am. Im so excited for 2019/2020.

    1. Hi Sherlita! I came into this world around the same time as you, 5 days before on 1-2-1991 🙂 I have Capricorn Sun, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus as well but in the 12th house! Also in the process of finding myself. “Know thyself” is my mantra recently. An astrologer once told me I would better understand myself and my purpose after Saturn’s return <3 happy journeys!!!

  5. Interesting, I haven’t seen many Caps on here born in the 70’s! Especially, considering generationally we are going through Uranus opposite Uranus.
    •Jan 16th, 1975
    Cap sun @26° 6th house
    Leo rising 29°
    Jupiter and Moon Pisces 18° 8th house
    Saturn in Cancer 14° 12th house
    MC/IC Taurus/Scorpio 26°
    NN Sagittarius 9°
    Vertex Cap 15°

    There’s definitely and suspiciously game changer in the air. It’s scary and liberating. My father transitioned last November 2017. We had reunited in January 2017 after a 20 year long seperation. Through grace we had redemption and reconciliation during that 11th months. At the end he, he had been on life support for 3 weeks and was charged with making his medical decisions for him. I made the decision to withdraw support after an excruciating journey. He crossed over 15 minutes after the withdrawal. His Spirit was ready. I’ve been working through a lot in the aftermath this last year. It’s been a lot to process. I’ve tried to take it slow not rush but Uranus on my MC has agitated my 10th house and I’m currently on path to finally confront my childhood abuse and the abuse–my mother! Pluto has consistently provided the power and strength I need to transform longstanding emotional issues. I’ve stumble a lot, scraped my knees, sobbed, as well as laughed and witnessed miracles. I don’t know what to expect in 2020 but as I mentioned in the beginning, the game AND the field are changing.

  6. born on the first of March 1990. I have my venus/mars/saturn/neptune and Uranus in Capricorn.. I’ve been trying to look for more on what it means. maybe this site can help.
    Am a Pisces Sun, Gemini rising and Taurus Moon. but capricorn seems to have a strong presence in my life.

  7. Should we add those born in 1984 and 1986 that have stelliums there as well? I have 4 planets there and my ex born in 86 has 5 in early degrees.

  8. I’ve heard that these mega-Capricorns are the Indigo Children, and that they’ll be influential now in a very big way.

  9. Sun – Aquarius ♒️
    Moon – Aries ♈️
    Mercury – Capricorn ♑️
    Venus – Capricorn ♑️
    Mars – Capricorn ♑️
    Jupiter – Cancer ♋️
    Saturn – Capricorn ♑️
    Uranus – Capricorn ♑️
    Neptune – Capricorn ♑️
    Pluto – Scorpio♏️
    Lilith – Scorpio♏️
    ASC (North) Node – Aquarius ♒️
    01/31/1990 1352

  10. Avatar
    Corona christopher

    January 17 1989
    Sun , saturn , Venus , Neptune , uranus in my sign very close in degree.
    Rising sign Pisces

  11. For some reason I keep having these Cap stellium people entering my life in extremely important spots. I am 10-12 years older than them, but I enjoy their company, as they do mine. Even though they infuriate me at times about how clueless yet wise they can be. I try to see beyond the facade to keep my cool haha. So I’ve been looking into this generation a lot. I have a personal question though, because I’m trying to explain why at my age (born 1978), I keep meeting and being comfortable (they do too) with people born 1989-1990. According to my Ascendant is Sagittarius at 29 degrees. Even though my whole 1st house is literally just the sign of Capricorn (except that tiny 1 degree at the start), it is eliminated in the list of houses. This makes my natal chart devoid of any Earth signs. Even though Capricorn takes up the whole space of my 1st house! Can someone have two rising signs? If my Asc is Cap, it explains why these stellium people are drawn to me. But reading the Sag Asc traits sounds more like me! (even though my opinion is I look like a Cap until people get to know me). And of course they’re all going or went through their 1st Saturn return, and of course I warned them and tried to help them since I totally blew mine, and I wish someone had helped me back then (mostly the reason why I got into astrology in the first place). Sorry this is so long–and slightly all over the place!! Any feedback would be great. Thank you! (I’m a Pisces sun, aries venus+mercury, gemini moon+jupiter, Leo saturn, Sag neptune, cancer Mars, libra pluto+mc, scorpio uranus:NO EARTH!!)

    1. I think the Jupiter energy for your cohort group (Gemini/Cancer) matching our cohort group has a big play in it. I was born in 1990 and meet/bond very deeply with people from 1978. Having your Ascendant where it is means a lot of our Jupiter’s sign will be in your 7th house, so that may be why you’re having so many noticable relationships with people from my cohort group (specifically 1989/1990).

      Also to note, people from my cohort group will have their North Node Aquarius, which will vibe heavily with your North Node Libra, so that could be another strong reason you’re meeting people from 1989/1990 so commonly.

        1. Haha thanks Elsa! But I’ve been on this forum for at least 6 years now, waiting to see all the Mega-Capricorns that pop up and how I can help them, if I can!

          I even bought your workshop on Saturn through the 12th House in 2015 (because I started losing my mind)

          Asc – ♑
          MC – ♏
          North Node – ♒

          Sun – ♌
          Moon – ♎

          Merc – ♌
          Venus – ♋
          Mars – ♉

          Jupiter – ♋
          Saturn – ♑

          Uranus, Neptune – ♑

          Pluto – ♏

            1. Avatar
              Corey McDaniel

              Im not sure if this is the correct way to post something but I was born Jan 17th 1990. I survived getting shot in the back of the head point blank range in sept 9 2020 I’ve lost myself since then. So much so that I often wish I hadn’t survived. I read that July of 23 things are supposed to change drastically. Im not sure what if anything I read is correct or talking about me. Is there anyone that can help me?

      1. Wow thank you Holland ? I’m glad you saw my comment and came out of your shell haha, like most of my stellium peeps are starting to these days! I gotta be perfectly honest, I’m not sure I got exactly why we’re such a good match. My Gemini Jupiter is in house 6 (I work with some of them or are in the same line of work) and my Cancer Mars is in the 7th house ? ? (very unlucky there).
        Anyway, I loved reading your reply, and if you have anything more to add or talk about please feel free, I’m never bored and I love this stuff!
        Thank you! And good luck overall ?

  12. IN MY 1ST HOUSE:
    Sun –Capricorn ♑️
    Moon – Capricorn ♑️
    Mercury – Capricorn ♑️
    Venus – Capricorn ♑️
    Mars – Capricorn ♑️
    Uranus – Capricorn ♑️
    Neptune – Capricorn ♑️
    ASTEROID LILITH Capricorn ♑️
    WALDERMATH LILITH Capricorn ♑️

    OH Buy I have Sagittarius Rising… lol as if it has an effect on the misery

      1. Thanks Elsa. I’m kind of liking becoming a Capricorn. I feel like I’m only now becoming a Capricorn at 25 because I’ve got all of my personal planets in my first house. I’ve honestly only been behaving like psychopathic Aries; especially because Mars is the heighest & closest to my Ascendant,
        The order is;

        Sagittarius Asc 21°
        Waldemath lilith 10°
        Mars 17°
        Venus 20°
        Neptune 20°
        Cazimi Uranus 22°15′
        Mercury 27°
        Moon 28°
        ….. in Capricorn with a bonus Square MC 18°.

        Essentially, Mars is in charge. So nice to meet to is normal with a sword.

        What a fun life!

  13. 1/15/1991
    Mercury – ♑️
    Sun – ♑️
    Moon -♑️
    Saturn – ♑️
    Uranus – ♑️
    Neptune – ♑️
    North Node – ♑️
    MC – ♑️

    Going through some hard times. Many days where I feel like I’m not going to make it. Capricorn life is heavy metal.

    1. Hell yea??
      Segwaying, Capricorn/Scorpio life is pretty awesome I find, because you have the opener-of-the-gate-of-shadow energy and then you have the diving-into-the-shadow energies of Capricorn and Scorpio, respectively.

  14. To everyone having their Saturn Return right now, “wooohoooooo!!!”

    A glorious time to have your saturn return; amongst a Jupiter Saturn Conjunction with Pluto? ??Glorious. Indeed those born in the appropriate times of 89-91 are having their Natal Saturn dance with Pluto, as Jupiter looks eyeingly, approaching the dance floor.

    To everyone,
    Much love

  15. January 15 1991 18:00

    Sun ♑
    Moon ♑
    Mercury ♑
    Saturn ♑
    Uranus ♑
    Neptune ♑
    Node ♑
    That’s a 7 ♑ Stellium
    6 are in my 6th ?
    Retrograde on my Saturn and happier than ever.
    But friend, I’ve been through hell.

    1. Dear lord friend….you have been through hell. No other sign other than capricorn can withstand those fires tho, think about that. You are one tough cookie. ❤♑

      1. You ain’t kidding! It’s been tough! But I only thought about giving up a couple times ?
        I’m through my saturn return and doing hella lot better!

  16. 12/01/1991 + cap ascendant; last 3-4 years were terrible but also transformative! I feel its finale and i feel good things coming!

    1. look up your nakshatras in vedic sidereal on astroseek… more enlightening for me personally. keep rocking , the battle isn’t over but we are forged in fire. yo.

  17. This was a great read! I am apart of this stellium, however I have a personal but heavy planet, mars, also in capricorn. My sun is pisces, my moon,Jupiter, and chiron are in cancer (chiron is right on top of jupiter in the same orb), and my pluto is scorpio. I had my chart interpreted by a trusted family astrologer and he said it was the most complex chart he had ever seen! My watery grand trine, tethered to reality with my capricorn stellium, with
    a lighter less dense stellium in cancer. In all honesty, its a very good thing! My grand trine can make me seem as if I’m just floating along, aimlessly and directionless, yet sensitive and perceiving everything all at once, until something pulls me in a certain direction. But because of my capricorn stellium, I am a forced to be reckoned with. I have this inner strength and determination that is unmatched by little to none. Im the most stubborn, hard headed, loyal person, to a fault. I get very very poor reactions and responses from other people because of the seriousness my capricorn stellium gives me. My motto is “I dont play games, I finish them” and I certainly feel the capricorn influence over my life. Being ruled by such a lazy, dreamy, sensitive sign, people get taken for a loop when they try to step on my toes or use me as a door mat. I have no issues delivering that firm “no”. not all pisces are pushover! Lol thanks to capricorn ❤♑

  18. My niece was born on February 2nd 1990. And in the whole sign system the Capricorn Stelium falls in her 8th house.

  19. Wow. I was born on 11th January 94. I have 7 placements in capricorn (sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars, uranus, neptune.. All in 7th house 😶

  20. Avatar
    Joann Singletary

    I was born on Jan 11 1990 I have the sun mercury Saturn Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn between the 5 and 6 the houses Ptolemy standard

  21. Hi I just found this as I was looking up Capricorn stellium,I’m new to astrology well new to looking into it more,I am Pisces sun cusp Aquarius,rising Aquarius,and mercury and node in Aquarius, moon Sagittarius, and Neptune Saturn Uranus mars and Venus in Capricorn,my birthday is the 20/02/1990 I read that it’s not a good thing to have stellium with more than 3/4 plants is this true,and Jupiter in my 5th house Pluto in my ninth house

      1. …OK? What’s your point in presenting this Information?
        Trying to compare 2 people from the same stellium won’t do anything for you, nor does it proove anything.

        1. I’m analysing a single chart with generational aspects, involving heavy-weight planets.
          Why so edgy, this is an astro blog.

              1. Thanks Michael. It is indeed interesting. The stellium of outer planets in Capricorn, opposing Chiron, and in Letbys chart, numerous t-squares and retrograde personal planets. It’s believed to be the longest murder trial in UK history and the verdicts were based on circumstantial evidence.
                Saturn rules the 10th house of career, reputation and governs interaction at work. The killings took place in her workplace.

  22. I was born Jan. 3rd, 1990 with Aquarius rising and my midheaven in Sagittarius. I have a stellium of Capricorn in my chart; Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. At 33yrs of age now, I finally feel like I’m aware of what I want out of life. Having just declared for graduation, B.A. of Organizational Leadership w/ a Certificate of Public Management, and founding a civic based non-profit as well as entering law school for my MPA/JD, I’ve never felt ready to do life on my own terms. Capricorns are powerful bunch.

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