Scorpio and “Signs” (Fate, Chance, Providence, Coincidence, Synchronicity)

A few weeks a go the soldier was driving on the freeway when this plane crashed in front of him. I mean, he was right there, saw the plane coming in for the crash, had to brake and stop the truck to avoid collision and quite marveled at how the cars around him continued to zoom on as if nothing was happening.  He called me has he was passing the crash site, this was noted at the time and that was about it.

Just a few days ago I was thinking about how we (the soldier and I) have not gotten any definitive information lately. We have not experienced any weird coincidences or bizarre timing where you just know God is talkin’ to you.

We have things like that occur with fair frequency. I have written about some of the stuff and for people interested in the topic there is, Fate, Chance, Providence, Coincidence, Synchronicity and 28 1/2 Years, A Personal Story is also of this ilk.

So anyway, I’ve been feeling pretty tweaked with all these planets in Capricorn, in my 12th and I would like to make some sense of things which has been hard to do. And I was wondering when we’d get some kind of sign, I asked the soldier about this and he was wondering the same thing.

Today the soldier called me from the highway in Las Vegas, said something was going on. He was driving by as the helicopters he calls, “little birds” landed on top the courthouse where the shooting of the court officer and the US Marshall took place.  He wanted me to find out what was going on… “It’s something,” he explained.  Everything is roped off and they’ve got the radio jammed…”

Now what are the odds he would be driving by as those helicopters landed?

On a separate note, we have both seen stories of our lives chopped or hacked or fixed or stylized to serve some purpose we have no connection to and while we cannot put these pieces together, we do think there is a quickening of some kind happening.

There are other pieces, or things that look like pieces but we can’t get a fix on it. The cards are coming in but no hand yet, see?  And I can’t tell if it is him, me, or us.

I am still trying to process the death of my friend. I have just not been able to resolve it in my mind probably because I think I might have help with this via one of her family members but I don’t know. Do I have to put my stories of her to bed forever?

On that note, I wonder if I will have to put all my stories to bed forever and I don’t even feel bad about it. It could be this is something that happens to everyone and perhaps people talk after you die.

I wouldn’t mind that you know. I do like those old documentaries ::ducks:: and most the people in them are dead.

I realize this makes no sense. I mean, it’s something but hard to say what and I guess this is just how it is when half the sky is in your 12th house.

Any Scorpios want to talk about signs? I doubt it but you know…. I’m askin’ anyway.

21 thoughts on “Scorpio and “Signs” (Fate, Chance, Providence, Coincidence, Synchronicity)”

  1. hmmm…signs? With sagg hunches, scorp asc and Venus-Neptune conjunct in 12th i get signs with considerable frequency. eg. i know when someone i haven’t been in contact with (sometimes for years) is going to call or turn up, either because i dream about them, or “see” their face in a crowd or in a passing car. Or I suddenly feel concerned for someone i haven’t been in touch with for ages, and try to call, and by the time they return my call, I find out something dreadful has happened in their life at the moment that I felt concern for them. When my sister (who was not married or trying to get pregnant at the time) rang me from overseas and said, “guess what?” – I said, you’re 3 months pregnant, and I was right. I knew because I had been having morning sickness symptoms for two months myself. One day I was suddenly concerned for a male motor-bike riding friend and rang him to ask him to take care on the bike (which he rode like a maniac). I told him about another friend who years earlier had run into a cow coming round a bend on a particular mountain on his motor bike, and to take it carefully round blind corners. A week later I had a call – friend who I had warned had had similar crash on same corner of same mountain. A cow again. I felt terrible, but he admitted that he had ignored my advice about slowing down..Millions of examples like these. My mother, a scorpio, has similar experiences….

  2. My Scorpio senses are dulled lately, and it’s just driving me a little bit batty… Like, where’s the radio frequency that I can usually hear?

    I find myself wandering around a bit lost, trying to tune in. I don’t know why I feel so disconnected.

  3. Today, rx Mercury’s combust and Sun going towards Dragon’s head, to be swallowed whole and be reborn at the eclipse.

    More news to come.

  4. Fi – it’s interesting, what you say. I have Venus in Virgo the 12th, square Neptune in Sag the 3rd. I get signs, like the kind you’re talking about.

    I do also consider myself Scorpio/Plutionian due to other aspects.

    I don’t get signs like “ghosts” or spirits talking to me (thank goodness). But I do get “vibe signs”. And I’ve also experienced the Highlander-like quickening with certain people. My friend Ashley and I almost do not need a telephone.

    Elsa, in particularly, what kind of signs are you looking to get talk going on about?

  5. My neptune is in Scorp and my Sun is in the 12th house and I don’t really believe in “coincidence”. I do try to “pay attention” as to see the signs when they pop up. I do get crazy dreams and they have been amped up a bit. My dreams have had a lot of bears and them trying to attack me, and war end of world stuff and trying to find my kids and family when the only transportation is walking. Very strange. I have been also feeling more anxious than normal and even my husband pointed out that I seemed restless,haha. I always think I hide that stuff well, guess not from him.

  6. i don’t like talking about my signs. they wouldn’t really make sense to anyone else.

    but feelings are a bit more straightforward.
    on the way home for christmas i had a gut feeling i should stop for the night, as i was driving by a town. did. and missed a pileup (somewhere between 20 and 40 cars, depending on who you ask) in a dust storm farther down my route. just got a bad feeling.
    i can feel different paths if i focus and they resonate different ways (sometimes) and some don’t feel too good so i don’t take them. is about all the sense i can really make of that.

    but signs? are windmills through a desert pass in the moonlight and drifty rain in an 80 mile traffic jam and a piece of baleen on the beach and thew chew around in my head for a very long time before i can even understand them. the first layer of meaning, anyway.

  7. Yes. I have had the distinct feeling/knowing that something else is ordering my life since around the time Pluto went into Cap. This has amped dramatically the last month. It feels very safe.

  8. “Elsa, in particularly, what kind of signs are you looking to get talk going on about?”

    The kind no one is going to talk about, I’d say.

  9. “Hi honey, I’m home!” Just got home from an extended holiday visit with my family. Oh so many stories re: poisoined roots, dirty grave work, signs, reputations, redux . . . So long story short the TRUTH. Age old question, and being a baby to astrology I wonder. What is the truth and how does it present? All truths wait in all things, I believe that to be a Zen statement. Jung said their is no such thing as coincidence, he believed that if we stuff the truth (probably a 12th house thing) it will eventually show itself (the Zen thing) When it does and we fail to deal with it, we call it coincidence or a sign. So someone enlighten me, Does the truth present itself through a sign, a house or a planet. Or if you are a brain dead idiot like myself does it take all of the above and a 2 x 4 upside the head(pretty obivious sign) to see it?

  10. Scorp here. I have similar experiences to what Fi and wyrdling both described. I’ve become very attune to my hunches because they are generally pretty accurate. A lot of times I can “feel” actions before they happen. i.e. parents becoming ill, friends announcing pregnancy or lovers coming back. Other times it is in the form of a symbol that means something to me i.e. cardinals (in winter) or meeting someone from my hometown after moving cross country unannounced. It has taken a while but I now believe that there are no coincidences.

    It happens enough that even my friends have learned to ask for my hunches before doing things… So I’ve learned to embrace what used to make me feel crazy 🙂

  11. Astrology of this: Pluto in 12th, Scorp rising.

    My whole summer was filled with a certain sign coming to me over and over again, over a hundred times by now. I miss the constant reassurance I was getting during the summer because I was finding blue feathers 2-3 times a week (sometimes more than one, one day I found 40!). Just TRY looking for these when something isn’t going on, ’cause they are hard to find. I still do find some on occasion, so I guess I’m on the right track. Uh, whatever that is, because practical planning and a concrete goal still haven’t come up yet.

    A few weeks ago I was in a store, picked up a cheesy angel book (I *hate* angel stuff, it’s so cutesy you vomit) and immediately opened it to the page on feathers. Yeah, I had to buy it. Reading on, it was also talking about rainbows as a sign. So I decided to deliberately ask for one on the next day (or another feather, should a rainbow not be swingable), figured since it had been raining lately that should make it easy on the universe. Um, nope, dry as a bone, no rainbows, no feathers all day, I felt like an idiot.

    Er, except for the part where I clicked on a random link that had several photos of rainbows within (no, I didn’t know that). So, uh, does that count?

    Signs are kind of like that: you can rationalize them away, or not.

    Right now am getting all kinds of hints at pregnancy in my card readings (the words “progeny” and “fertility” and stuff like that just keep coming up), particularly the latter, which is terrifying because I don’t want kids. I don’t date either so god only knows where that is coming from, unless Jesus is getting a baby sister.

    I have a friend who’s debating leaving her husband. I tend to think this should be a slam-dunk “yes, leave him” sort of thing because he wants everything his way, period, and that won’t get better, but every time she does card readings or anything else it comes out ambiguously. I asked the same question of the cards and got more specific answers, which to me indicated “think it over, but you’re probably gonna have to leave,” but who knows what she’ll do. Plus I’m biased in the other direction from her there.

  12. Just a recent hunch. I saw a tree, felt like sitting against it, and help came from nowhere within 5 minutes.

    I do feel like I’m waiting for something, though. I have a bunch of potential networks, a bunch of options, a bunch of information coming in… Not sure what to do about it yet, but my hunch is to keep collecting information. It’s not quite time for concrete planning, not yet.

  13. “I don’t date either so god only knows where that is coming from, unless Jesus is getting a baby sister.”

    Lol! 😀

  14. Signs ? Yes, I’ve had many weird and disturbing dreams since the New Year’s Eve Eclipse. I’ve had Mercury retrograding on my Capricorn Moon, and the Sun is actually hitting it right now. My dreams are actually never very clear (unlike my Sun Scorpio ex-mother-in-law’s, who foresaw the death of several family members before she refused to remember her dreams anymore) but I know my subconcious definitely tries to tell me something here. It has happened before too.

    Last night I woke up convinced there was this evil, dwarf like ghostly character dressed in a red and white striped shirt and jeans (kind of like Chucky from “Child’s Play”… I never have seen the film, but the movie poster haunted me for weeks when the movie was showing here) floating above my bed. I had been dealing with a colleague being sent to replace someone deeply and personally affected by the shooting at the supermarket on New Year’s Eve, passing by the Central Railway Station moments after a train had gone out of the tracks hitting a nearby building (no casualities, a small miracle) and then experiencing an untimely hailstorm (it’s well below freezing here too) all in one day.

  15. Hmmm… Just read another blog on which signs the Merc Rx is impacting the hardest, and she referred to Ariens feeling it in their “solar tenth house.”

    By that logic, I’ve got it going in my solar twelfth – so maybe me and the zombies are missing our connection due to this?

  16. This morning he was about 130 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake in CA – slept through it although it jacked up stuff at the truck stop.

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