What Are The Effects Of A The Stellium In Sagittarius?

How are you liking the stellium in Sagittarius? People seem more open. There is less active seething, even if the underlying conflict still exists.  It’s more “live and let live” out there, at the moment. If you don’t like it, leave?

Sagittarius is the “leaver” of the zodiac. I can’t say that I blame them. I don’t understand hanging around an un-fun party or even attending one in the first place.

But you can’t always get away. That’s how it is here, in a small community.  You’re going to see that person you don’t crave, eventually, if not routinely.  It’s times like now a person thinks, what the heck?  Blanket forgiveness. Let bygones be bygones…

The “platitudes” in this post were placed there deliberately.  It’s old-time wisdom – Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a really good time to leave your trash out to be picked up and whisked away forever.

How are you liking the stellium in Sagittarius. How is it playing in your life?

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14 thoughts on “What Are The Effects Of A The Stellium In Sagittarius?”

  1. It amazes me now prescient your posts are. Quite literally, I’ve met a couple of cast-offs and decided to let bygones be bygones. It’s weird. What good is it to hold on to hurt anyway? Self-preservation isn’t such an issue once the facts are out there because there’s less risk.

  2. this stellium is in my 2nd house. now more than ever the focus is on how i feel or rather what i mean to myself. yes, last week i received some unexpected and potentially negative news regarding my husband (and this all makes sense with saturn and mercury on my natal moon).

    despite how awful the past few years have been (namely since saturn crossed my ascendant in scorpio) i am trying to remember my value, and not be an “asshole” (like the ones referred to in one of Elsa’s posts recently), and learn to do something about it.

    i just need have to have faith (sagittarius) that none of this is permanent. i don’t want to be that asshole!

    i will say that some people i have cut out of my life have tried to resurface. i live in a small town, and it is a guarantee i will be seeing them again. i’m trying to do the right thing and keep my big mouth shut, even though i was baited as recently as yesterday.

  3. I was supposed to have a date with a corpse who I dated 10 years ago. He swore he wasn’t on any dating sites and was just wanting to concentrate on me. My son was out of town for 4 days so it was supposed to be a great weekend. My daughter was over two days ago and we were discussing my upcoming dating weekend. She got a funny look (she has ‘premonitions’) and said to me Mom you need to go on Tinder and check that he’s not on there. I handed over my phone and she set it up. Within minutes, his profile popped up and WOW he was even 10 years younger! We can’t stand liars so she screenshot his profile and I sent it to him cancelling the date. Cut him loose. He went apeshit. I blocked him everywhere. Buried the corpse permanently. Went to delete my Tinder profile yesterday and lo and behold, there was a like from a guy I recognized from one of my gyms but never spoke to. He was 10 years younger and I’ve always had an iron clad rule never to date younger. Buried that rule too. Long story short, we talked for three hours last night (ended up that we have seen each other around for years) and are going out tomorrow. He joined the silly site the day before me. He keeps using the word ‘destiny’Looking forward to seeing where this path takes me even if it is just making a new friend.

    So I’m burying all the rules and regulations that don’t serve me in a positive way and embracing jumping with no net. It’s refreshing.

    My brother also ran into a girlfriend who married a man I dated for 3 weeks in my twenties. She went on and on about how if I hadn’t given my blessing they wouldn’t have been happily married for so long. The funny thing is after they got married they both turned on me and called me a w**** and all these other horrible names and stories. I just ignored that but she gave my brother her cell phone. I gave her a call and reconnected. I told her I just had one question about why they did that to me way back when when I fully supported there being married. She didn’t even remember it. So I let it go. We’re having coffee this weekend

  4. Through all the sadness there has been some hope and happiness. I fought and got oxygen for my husband{One would think a vet would not have to go through so much at the VA}, We have had several visits with my step daughter, she also brought grand children and a great grand child. She is really stepping up for her dad which makes me so happy. A visit with an OSU specialist on the 2nd of Jan gives me hope.

  5. Meh. Not nearly as exciting as I would have thought with it in my 5th house. (But Saturn’s been a dragass there for 2 years anyways ??‍♀️) But I do find people are opening up more and being brutally honest though so that’s good. ?

  6. In my 4th/5th. It’s nice. I think I like Jupiter on my IC most of all. I feel really good.

    I have a lot of transits right now. Literally everything in my chart is lit up. Most notably, I have the transiting NN on my AC. I feel very strong, like ready to kick ass in all aspects of my life.

  7. My ascendant is at 15 Sagittarius. I have been obsessing over a recent horrible break up. Yesterday I was getting my DOT physical to start training to get my CDL and all of a sudden, I’m over it. Laughing and joking with the doc and nurses..making their day and mine. Sudden whoosh of FREEDOM came over me. Sure enough the sun was right there saying let it go. Haha! I also got 3 job offers yesterday.

  8. I am an Aquarius sun, however, Sagittarius is far more prominent in my chart than my Aquarius sun. I have my Moon, Venus, Mars, Pluto and South node all in the sign of Sagittarius! Not to mention that this Sagittarius stellium is in my 5th house.And I have a Leo Ascendant conjuct my Jupiter in Leo! So I have a lot of burning fire signs in my chart!

    And I am certainly a very passionate, enthusiastic and conquering person. I always say whats on my mind ( almost to my own detriment- I guess I have foot in mouth disease ) and I am not one to sugar coat things. I tend to shock other with my brutal honesty, and even hurt people’s feelings, but this is never really my intentions. I am very jovial, optimistic and wild ( most of the time ) and I love making rambunctious and dirty jokes. Though, I do tend to be very hot -tempered and fly off the handle when I am angry, and I am pretty terrifying when I am angry. I use very extreme and hurtful language and I break shit and tear things up during my angry moments. But I get over these anger fits VERY quickly, and I would go back to a calm or jovial demeanor. I can be very rebellious, and my main motto in life is ” I do whatever the f*ck I want ” and I am very open with my personality and even my sex life, and I have no problems talking to people about topics that are considered ” off-limits ) When things get tough, I do tend to persist through ( This is thanks to My Leo energy and my Mercury in Capricorn ) But when I don’t care for the situation, i just tune it out, or say ” f*ck it, I’m out, peace b*tches! ”

    So yeah, I would say I am very much so Sagittarius in my nature, and I have a very fiery personality!

  9. Do i have stellium in house or in sign:
    in sagi are sun 4, venus 5, saturn 5, uranus 5;
    and in 5th house venus, saturn, uranus, moon and neptune.

  10. My sun, moon, pluto, mercury, and venus are all sagittarius and the first four are in my eighth house with the last in my ninth. could you kinda of help me understand what this means for me..??? my googling isn’t helping:(

  11. I am a Capricorn but have a Stellium In Sagittarius (House III). I have both Capricorn and Sagittarius characteristic… East and West never meet but sometimes feel like one… I am kind of moody…

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