Maturity – Are The Times Changin’?

Maturity seems underrated in recent times. There is an entire generation chasing youth which seems odd to someone like me who covets their age.

Jupiter in Capricorn benefits anyone (of any age) who manages to conduct themselves with some degree of grace. But I wonder if Pluto’s transit through Capricorn with have an even more profound affect. It seems likely that we as a collective (Pluto) are going to have to pay heed to people with substance (Capricorn).

If you think about it, this is a long way from the Paris Hilton era or the Tom Cruise is God era which I do think has come to a close. All eyes on the people living large? Who has time for it?

6 thoughts on “Maturity – Are The Times Changin’?”

  1. Besides the part about my Saturn return comming up, I am soooo looking forward to getting older. I really think about it all the time and can’t wait. Is that a common characteristic for people with moon in Capricorn?

  2. I didn’t answer. (I must have Libra somewhere), but I did want to say, as a doublecappy, i think I’m a “people with substance” 🙂

    Yes, I think, for me, age 36 . . . the best is yet to come. . . and many the people I admire are much older.

    None of my friends are younger, and I don’t generally date younger. . . .

  3. Very apropos on the Capricorn message. I just began working for a capricorn man (last time I worked for a cappy he had neptune going over his sun oppose my moon… I idealized him hugely until his pot smoking began to make him just seem silly. Today I’m fully remembering how much a Cap values his/her respect and power: I had already decided I would take off early to enjoy my bday and he emailed to say as I token of his appreciation he would LET me leave early! Ahhhh…. this could be interesting!

  4. I’m eager to get older, because I can look back and see how much thicker my skin is, how much better my sense of humor is, how much less people are able to hurt me… and I WANT MORE! 😉

    Maturity is acceptance, but it’s also power. The real kind. I think we’re all ready to start respecting the stuff that’s really respectable again.

  5. Feh – maturity, take it or leave it. I voted it’s just about rightly rated.

    There’s a big culture of respect for maturity here in the Appalachians – listen to and respect your elders ’cause they’ve been there and lived it, don’t act like such a child, take responsibility for your own, etc. But sometimes age is just age and not wisdom or maturity and I’ve met plenty of forty year-olds (and up) who were less mature than I. And if people think being mature is not having fun and only dealing with the “real problems” of life, then who needs it or them?
    But I do agree that the time for looking up to people for no good reason and endlessly degrading your experience by trying to look like you’re still in your twenties needs to end. Enough’s enough.

    1. Whats maturity for you?

      my parents have become just emotionally mature id say. so i m searching on this one.
      also having my saturn return (1985)

      i also want to be mature but as a saturn retro i had to wait?
      i want to be not act mature

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