Voice Of Venus In Aspect To Saturn

Valentine love greetingsThe soldier came home this weekend. I was dizzy with glee and he looked at me dumbfounded.


“I’m just not used to someone being glad to see me. The only person ever glad to see me is the dog.”

I stared. I just have no idea what to say to something like that.

“The dog and that turkey who thought I was it’s mother one time,” he added. “Those are the only people glad to see me.”

“Oh for Godsakes, that’s so hard to believe,” I said feeling disturbed. “Well, whatever. That’s all changed now. That is no longer the reality, you freak. A turkey,” I said with a smirk and a head shake. “What luck you have, I don’t know what else to say.”

Venus Saturn gets love late in life, it’s a textbook case.

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  1. My Aries has his Venus inconjunct Saturn exact and he too felt unloved/appreciated(big deal for Aries) until he was in his forties and we were together. He frequently tells me how much it means to have a happy, loving person to come home to – and vice versa(my Venus is trine Saturn).

    Here’s to loving and being loved by someone besides dogs & turkeys!! 😀

  2. Ha, ha I hear you wyrdling.

    Tho I’m not sure if I have a case… Saturn is on my 5th house cusp, with venus in a different sign in the 5th. I hope that has something to do with tht cold breeze blowing through my life, and not that I’m just innately unloveable. Hell, it doesn’t have to be romantic love, I’m just afraid my heart will turn to ice soon…

  3. I have a Venus sextile Saturn. Hmmm… I don’t often feel like the “highlight” of my previous partners.. 😛

  4. Robin, it is real for sure and I have seen this happen repeatedly to venus saturn types. Have you checked the tag “venus saturn”?

  5. With Saturn inconjunct my Sun and Venus (all in Aries!!), I sure do like reading these kind of hopeful posts about love later in life.

  6. tips! Those are tips! And while I have not been eating many cookies lately, I did have some cookie dough couple days ago in the midst of baking cookies for children… whoops, the stuff just fell on my tongue.

  7. Ohhhhh…now this is a topic with which I’m quite familiar…try living with Saturn in Aries in the 5th opposing Venus and Mercury in the 11th!! Do I sound resentful?…LOL…oh my sincere apologies…I really didn’t mean that.

  8. Oh, I see there’s another Anna here…Hope we don’t confuse everyone with our differing comments and charts. I’m the Anna who told Elsa not to spend her donation money on cookies. How’s that holding up, E?

  9. I have Venus opposition Uranus.

    What’s that advice commonly given to guys about “Don’t stick your dick in the crazy?”

    I need the female equivalent. 🙂 The man is crazy? I must have him.

    I’m thinking it’s going to take me a GOOD long while to find someone who is crazy enough to hold my interest but sane enough to stay with.

  10. Mari – no… he has Saturn/Mars/Mercury so shrapnel (saturn – skin / metal -mars, eye problems (Mercury/Saturn)… all stuff having to do with his t-square.

  11. Hi Anna! Nice to meet you. I could alter the name or maybe put my sun sign next to it so people can tell us apart.

  12. Elsa, if that was a short story I’d still be laughing my ass off.

    But that lack of love in childhood, a hell of a fate to work through, god bless him.
    Just out of curiosity, (and this may be too personal) but since lack of childhood security, safety nets, love, tribal acceptance and belonging relate to 1st Chakra issues, does Soldier by any chance have health concerns around skeletal structure, bones, blood, immune system?

  13. i’m really really encouraged to hear stories like this, though. not wanting to be a wet blanket. just discombobulated lately (that aquarius stellium is blenderizing my moon but good 😉

  14. Tell us more!

    All I know personally is Saturn Square Venus. Love and romance are just not on the books for me this time around, I don’t think. Never have been.

    I can relate to only the dog and a crazy turkey being happy to see you. (Though for me it’s a cat and two parrots.) And I have friends that cycle in my life now and then. And my parents. So ok I should be more grateful for what I’ve got than I typically am. But STILL it is not the same as being recognized as the most important person in one person’s universe. I don’t think I’d believe it if anyone ever looked at me and said they were happy to see me like that. I have likened this to the way we learn that burning stoves are hot … after awhile, after you burned your hand not once but several times, if someone tried to tell you that really really a burning stove was cold. You’d never believe them.

  15. 10th house venus opposed saturn. I love hearing these stories too. Nice to think things might work out some day 🙂 I like Althera’s analogy with the stove…I tend not to believe love either. It’s like a 4 leaf clover 😉

    For venus/saturn, love seems like a catch-22: you have to work/earn it somehow, then when you finally get it it’s not satisfying because you had to give so much to get it! It would be nice to know what it feels like to be loved for myself for once – without conditions and limitations. But what do I know, my neptune likes to imagine the possibilites!

  16. My SO has Venus Square Saturn and I have Saturn square Ascendant. We have been a complete gift to each other (we’re both “older”) in that he finally feels like he has someone who is with him just because they want to be rather than because they need something from him and I have someone who loves me for myself. We both have tended to hold back from giving our all to avoid being hurt again, so this trust and affection is wonderful. Saturn is a tough master – I think I was born old – but there is always hope.

  17. I am hoping (still) to find love; sometimes I wonder if it’s futile even to think about it, though. Venus in Libra square Saturn in Cap. Anyway, Elsa, your story with the soldier inspires me although in my case I can’t see anyone from my past coming back.

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