Another Scorpio Body… And Do You Look Like Your Sign?

I showed the soldier the Calvin Klein blog. “See that? Looks just like a scorpion. That’s a Scorpio body.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, it’s just like yours,” I said.

“I’m not a Scorpio.”

“Yes you are. I told you have a Scorpio Moon and you do have that body.”

“I do not not.”

“Come here,” I said, calling him to the mirror. He stood in front of it with his arms bowed out in the style. “See?” I saw him blush.

Not liking to look in the mirror, he escaped and went to sit back down. Sitting, he put his hands on his legs and same thing. His arms bowed out so I ran my hands along his arms. “See? You do have a Scorpio body, you can’t help it.”

He pulled his elbows in and looked like a scorpion with it’s legs snapped and misshapen.

“That won’t help. You look like a Taurus too. Your neck. Taurus rules the neck and yours is thick which is typical.”

He stared.

“Yeah, I know. I know you’re a rhino but you’re a scorpion-shaped rhino, I am telling you this is how you look.”

Do you look like your sign?

56 thoughts on “Another Scorpio Body… And Do You Look Like Your Sign?”

  1. Hmmm I don’t know if I look like my chart or not…like someone said above, the descriptions of Aquarius are always different. I have it rising. With a Sag Sun.

    If Sag is described as a “Diana the Huntress” type, then it fits. I do NOT have the big hips/thighs the above postings said of Sag. I have Sag sun and always been told I have great legs. Slender in the hips. Pretty lucky all around in the body department – Venus in Libra?

    Mars conjunct ascendant – strong eyebrows, hair gets red highlights, cheeks redden easily?

    Aquarius rising I’m not sure how it plays out. I’m of medium height, slender, straight fine hair that is brown, blond and red all at once. Not dyed that way, just in a subtle way its true. Once I read (maybe Linda Goodman?) that Aquarius rising people have eyes that look like “the lost children of Atlantis”, lol. That might fit. Eyes are blue and been told they are striking. I’ve always been told I have an intense gaze, but that could be chart ruler in the 8th conjunct pluto?

    Anyway with Neptune in Scorpio on the MC people always think I’m good looking, though I’m really not. I hate photographs of myself – they never look like me. Is that Neptune too?

  2. im a virgo with my asc in libra. i also have pluto conj the asc and first house venus in scorpio. first house mercury conj pluto as well. i have awful hair and im not sure wt i look like exactly. i think maybe scorpio..:)

  3. A Gemini

    Description of Carmen Dell’Orifice:

    “It was hard to get her to focus. She is tall, 5-foot-9, her hands and feet are long, and in motion she seemed to be all elbows and knees. She brought to mind a rather elegant pelican.”

  4. good to come back to this thread…definately know more astrology now.
    I think I look a lot Sagittarius (my ASC): long oval face, very muscular legs. although dressed I’ve been told I look “skinny.” I’m not skinny. Someone actually accused me of being 100lbs the other day and I was like, wow you’re at least 30 pounds off you rude f***wit…sorry I’m super sensitive about people making comments about other people’s bodies!!

    Also quite Taurus: strong man-brows which I pluck and a loooooong neck with defined collarbones.

    Capricorn Moon: I’ve got knees, man. And I worry endlessly about them holding up my entire life…read recently that strong thighs are key to not getting arthritis in the knees.

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