Chronic Problems With Neighbors

neighbor fightHi Elsa! Mars & Neighbors.

I have Mars in Cancer, 2nd house, one degree before the third house. It’s in opposition to my Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. Trine Pluto and N. Node.

Everywhere I move to there are problems with neighbors. I’ve moved ten times in eight years. I’m getting tired of moving. Is there anything I can do to remedy this?

BTW I have Uranus in the 4th house.

Pennsylvania School of Hard Knocks

Hi, Pennsylvania.

First, Mars does not rule neighbors but the third house is connected. It’s safe to say, your Mars is active in your third house.

That said, “Mars in the 3rd house” does not necessarily say your neighbors cause problems. It means there is action here and you could easily be the one causing the problems.

Matter of fact, it pretty well understood, when a pattern repeats in your life, odds are overwhelming you have some play here. You’re what is called, “the common denominator”.

Just think about it… you choose to move ten times in eight years, and the cause is due to X number of neighbors being bad people? It doesn’t add up.

If you want to get along with your neighbors, then strive (Mars) to do that, knowing what happens when you don’t. If you want to continue to fight with neighbors and move; then carry on.

Note that your Mars in Cancer, agitates the home and yes. Uranus in the 4th disrupts emotional connection and the home.

I’d say you’re the only one who can solve this. The key is to act (Mars) in a new way that brings new results.

Good luck!

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  1. I have a feeling this advice Might fall on deaf ears, add a few more years, a few more neighbours and it’s still going to be ‘them, not me’

    I mean that Mars in 2nd and Sun in Capricorn would make them quite stubborn, right? Fixed houses + earth

  2. Avatar

    Before jumping to simple conclusions, other things should be considered, such as I lived in the same house for 33 years before moving to several different apartments. Apartment living in the area I’m in now is no piece of cake. Other factors as reasons for moving played a hand (bugs, noise, smells, people too outside my frame of weirdness). Seems I attract eccentrics, outsiders and weirdos. I understand them in a way ‘normal’ folks don’t. I see I don’t do well in places, towns, with too many people in close proximity. Especially ‘normal’ ones. Anyway to me, normal is just a setting on the dryer. I did forget to mention that the Mars is also retrograde in the chart. So a better thought process to be helpful to a Capricorn is a good explanation of fiery Mars being in the sign of water and home, and an earth house. Is it possible in retrograde that Mars is retreating from the third house of Gemini? Constructive thoughts are welcome. I don’t need anyone beating me up more than I do. Peace out!

  3. Pennsylvania,

    For me what I wrote I think was constructive but I can see how you’d perceive it. There’s no judgement on moving again and again. The reason I gave that as example was to make a point that no matter how many times you move – the fault will always be with neighbours, not you. Until you figure out it’s you, not them. Eccentrics, outsiders, weirdos, not ‘normal’ – you are most likely describing yourself. It’s projection. You say you understand them when others don’t but at the same time you’re saying you don’t get along with them. Contradiction.

  4. When Uranus transited my fourth house and IC I moved more than 10 times (moved countries and then I also happened to be in apartments that ended up being sold or the building got sold after a year of living there.) It was external (owners selling, some weird events like when a neighbour’snake escaped, etc) but it was also internal (my need for change and eccentric choices; letting go of psychological patterns or experimenting with new ones.)

    So having natal Uranus in the 4th I’d say would link to possibly many changes around the individual and unusual parenting/family which meant many internal changes (even instability or insecurity at times for the person when growing up.) The patterns somehow can persist in adulthood, I’d wonder, with unusual neighbours/areas/occurrences in the house (bugs, etc) and a need for an interesting, changeable inner and also home life.

    Not easy to have disputes with neighbours when Mars is in Cancer (a sign where it is in its Fall) doesn’t necessarily want to war/argue/Mars but wants to fight in their way (or is driven/Mars) to make a home/domestic/family life.

    That Mars in Cancer, like Elsa proposes, can agitate the home, yes. Arguments/separations/severing ties (traditional Mars significations) linked to Cancer (home life/family.)

    I wonder how it is that for 33 years there were no moves and wonder what’s activated the moves in the last years. Prpgressions, transits (Pluto, Neptune?)

    If Uranus is in Virgo natally (not sure of course) transiting Neptune has had an impact dissolving things and patterns.

    Understandably, considering the idea of projections partly having some impact in the home situations and considering whether one is the common denominator in these situations: all this can be a very hard exercise to someone with high integrity such as a Capricorn and with a planet/planets in Water but with natal oppositions (Mars opposite those key Cap planets) I wouldn’t rule out at all some level of projections and/or something that the person does unknowingly…

    I have Sun (Pisces) square Mars (Gemini) and it was only in my 30s when I started to understand (and own more – still learning) that my way of expressing and asserting myself can be experienced as antagonistic or too assertive.

    And I get angry and agitated almost daily!

    I do hope the natal chart person gets a break from this cycle. Best of luck!

  5. Felt this post to my bones. I have Uranus in the 4th and Pluto in the 3rd. Constantly shifting home life, many strange or disturbing neighbors over the years, was incessantly bullied and had my life threatened in my neighborhood as a kid. Then had issues with them as an adult, being cruelly gossiped about or having neighbors trash my house or steal gardening supplies from my yard

    So apart from politely waving at them on occasion, I steer clear of neighbors these days and ultimately plan to move to a secluded farm. Because no thanks to the drama.

  6. Elsa, there was nothing wrong with your opinion. I felt Irena’s was a bit aggressive for not knowing all my placements and such and therefore was inappropriate. Words have power, seems people forget that on the internet. Amen to CrisLondon and Potato. Looks like the best insights come from those who have a similar placement, not guessers. And no I’m not eccentric, a weirdo or an outsider. A lone coyote maybe but I’m also a numerologist and understand the other factors at play. A friend read over this whole section of comments and said I should stop looking outside for answers and listen to my own inner authority. That authority is having me look over my locational astrology map again. My intuition tells me that I’m living in a place that is not favorable for my mission here. Thank you CrisLondon and thank you Potato. Over and out.

  7. Mars in cancer in 2nd here also. I get along well with all my neighbors except, except the very rundown rental we have to share a curb cut with them.

    The place is in bad condition and so rents cheap. Which means drugs (and narcan calls) and younger renters that do not know property law. Aka you park me in and block my driveway access i will have you towed.

    Now the twist, for fun, is i have saturn sitting on top of my mars. We have found the best solution to this problem is to explain that we have elderly family we care for so may have to leave at odd hours, late at night, early morning and so in a hurry we will call for a tow if we are blocked.

    We explain this to the landlord. The landlord turnover on a poor quality house has been frequent. The last two landlords we had this worked really pretty solid. Explain out need, not the law, and they then help their renters understand. Mostly it is college kids and so expecting kids to grasp property law (cannot park in curb cut, sidewalk or on someone elses property blocking their exit) is too much, explaining our need has worked better.

    But we do this as soon as we find out there is a new landlord. My family has been grateful as there have been a few emergencies at 5 am in the last year, a fall, an illness, etc.

    Being polite, clear, and covering need for functional things really made a difference for us. But also stating it up front helped. Hey, we had an issue with previous renters that let friends store cars here on out property/drive and blocked us in. Etc. Etc. We need to be able to get our car to the street at odd hours to take care of family. No rhyme or reason to the timing so please do not block our access to the street.

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