Voice Of Venus In Leo… Square Neptune: “I Was A Total STAR…”

elsahalloween.jpgYesterday the solider was still talking about the picture he came across in the garage 2 weeks ago…

“Oh, that picture?” I said. “Well I loved that dress. Oh man did I think I looked good. I didn’t see any possible way in the world anyone could look better than I did when I was wearing that dress.”

“Well you were right.”

“Yeah, I know. I thought I was good to go. I thought I could go anywhere in the world in that dress and be recognized as beautiful. I just didn’t think my beauty could be denied and I saw no need for shoes. Shoes? Who needs shoes?”

He laughed.

“Yeah, I was dying to be seen in that dress. It had rick rack you know.”

“Rick rack?”

“Never mind,” I said not wanting to explain. “Just figure it had puffed sleeves!” I said, referencing Anne of Green Gables. “Anyway, you could barely get me out of that thing. I wanted everyone to see me in it. It was from Goodwill of course. Where else? So I put it on every day and then went to the mailbox. You know the mailbox? That was the only place we had to go. It was like going somewhere because you had to walk through the desert to get there. You know, it was a ways away so that’s what I did. I would walk up just wishing I could see a boy on the way and have a boy see me, because if he did, he would be slayed for sure!”

He snorted. “Yep.”

“Yeah, I sure was happy. You just don’t get happier than I was in that dress because you know. I was just incredibly beautiful as far as I knew. I mean I thought this the most obvious thing in the world. You would just have to be blind not to see that I was total STAR in that dress – just freakishly attractive! Law, law, lawlessly good looking.”

He laughed.

“The rick rack was shiny,” that’s why. Anyway, this is what happens when you get the right dress. It’s what happens to me anyway, I may be weird.”

12 thoughts on “Voice Of Venus In Leo… Square Neptune: “I Was A Total STAR…””

  1. Oh no, oh yes…. Venus square Neptune always has a magical dress. I would have coveted yours, with shiny rick rack.

    Mine, I called “fluffy.” And it did indeed slay the boys.

  2. This reminds me of a shirt I had when I was about that age, Elsa. I called it the “angel shirt” and it has big bell sleeves and lots of lace . . . on day, sadly, it mysteriously disappeared and I thought about it for years. But I loved this post. I can totally relate!

  3. I thought about what I said. I don’t think I actually slayed the boys, I think I BELIEVED I was slaying the boys in that dress.

    And that’s the point you were making. 🙂

  4. uh, I had a striped boys tee shirt and blue trainers with three white stripes. I was coooooool, real cooool, like on Soul Train.

  5. they still call it rick rack too. people just don’t make their own clothes so much anymore and it went out of style after the late eighties.

    i’d like to feel that way in a dress again. i did as a kid. i would have liked that one 😉

    in fact, i still have one of my seven year old “princess” dresses. it’s an amazing trigger for remembering that state of mind. maybe i should try finding it again. they just don’t make dresses that fit me right. i think. i could be wrong.

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