I Hate When I Have To Find A New Quirk – Aquarians Can Relate

yellow purse“I want you to say goodbye to my yellow purse,” I told the soldier last time I saw him. “This is going. You won’t see it again.”

“Ah, P, do you have to?”

“I do. I am tired of this. I like a yellow purse but I am sick of it now.”

“I think you should have a yellow purse AND yellow pants.”

“Well you don’t get to think about this. I am sorry but I am not having this purse any more and I figure you liked it so I wanted to warn you…”

Today I went shopping and there are big yellow purses EVERYWHERE. I have had mine for 2 years – I hate when I have to find a new quirk and I know you Aquarians can relate. My mother (double Aquarius) used to be entirely frustrated when people started doing what she was doing but if you go far enough out there, then you can be safe for a good number of years.

As an example, there is the Aquarian in the gym who wears a dish towel on his head. So far that guy is safe. 😉

11 thoughts on “I Hate When I Have To Find A New Quirk – Aquarians Can Relate”

  1. I love Aquarius and I can relate. Uranus conjunct Sun…closest conjunction I have. My best friend is Aquarius and my oldest son is too. Hooray for Yellow purses and Quirkiness!!

  2. Lol! My Aquarius moon (tempered by Virgo rising and venus and Libra sun) finds this knowingly almost hysterical. I vote for the yellow pants and purse … if you hang onto it long enough, it will extend past trendiness and become avant guard again.

  3. Well, I had the yellow pants 30 years ago and I had the yellow pants episode 2, 1 year ago and my pal, Aquarius rising, Ben, also had yellow pants and what the hell. If you can do it then by God, rock on!

  4. Elsa, you need to take up dark coral. It will look GORGEOUS on you. And try coral jewelry from Naples.

    Bellissima! 🙂

  5. Throw it in the closet & forget about it. One day you may drag it out again and think “Yummmm yellow” or Mosta may!

  6. Ha ha — I laughed out loud at the dish towel guy comment — thanks for that!

    Yeah, I have an Aquarius moon and am similarly prickly about people catching on to quirky things I’ve been doing, and doing it themselves.

    One small example, that also happens to follow the yellow purse theme:
    Ever since high school (I’m 40 now), I’ve carried a purse and tied a scarf or some scarf-life bit of colorful fabric on it for flair. Each new purse meant a new scarf, depending on the color of the bag and the season (Spring colors, Fall colors, etc.).

    Nowadays it’s a total fashion staple; I even saw a flyer recently for a mail order clothing catalog where they offered a free handbag (with scarf accent!) with purchase.


  7. Ugh, what’s worst is when people are snotty about my quirks, and then next season they are copying them.

    I tell you, if I were rich, I could afford to have my clothing and shoes custom made just for me, I would be so cool. I’d be the best dressed person in town, because I’d design everything myself.

  8. i find really old stuff that people have forgotten about. it usually takes it awhile to come back into style. 😉 but my uranus is in aspect to saturn so i guess that might be part of it….

    1. I mos def relate to this. Moon/Mars/Chiron conj in Aq and Uranus in 10th house?
      Yeah this rings all kindsa bells.
      The frustration however comes n goes so quickly cause it seems so easy to jes step into another quirk.
      To me there’s thousands to choose from cause the average guy or gal don’t even think like this.
      I can almost always be assured I’ll be ‘out’ in some way. Easy peasy.

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