Is Happiness Genetic & Shown In The Natal Chart?

Jupiter postcardHappiness Is In The Genes, Say Scottish Scientists

Jamie Beatson writes:

“Psychologists at Edinburgh University found that inherited genes control up to half of the personality traits that keep us happy.


The group were able to identify evidence of common genes that result in certain personality traits, which in turn predispose people to happiness…”

Astrology supports the idea that there is a genetic predisposition to happiness (or otherwise). As any astrologer can tell you signs, aspects, degrees etc. run in families.

For example my family is predisposed to happiness. In the fact virtually all of us have our Moons (feelings) tied up with Jupiter (happy) like this:

me: Moon Jupiter
sister: Moon in Sagittarius
other sister: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius
daughter: Moon in aspect to Jupiter
son: Moon in aspect to Jupiter
father: Moon conjunct Jupiter
cousiin: Moon conjunct Jupiter
other cousins (twins) :Moon in Sagittarius
grandfather: Moon in aspect to Jupiter
nephew: Moon conjunct Jupiter

You get the idea. And this is, never mind all the emphasis on the (Jupiter-ruled) 9th house. Say and think what you will. My family is pretty much unsinkable. We have the Mars Mercury signature just as prevalent. We’re a bunch of overly happy big mouths. So what about you?

What runs in your family?

16 thoughts on “Is Happiness Genetic & Shown In The Natal Chart?”

  1. Um. Strong Pluto signatures, and a healthy dose of Sagittarius…lots of Leo on my dad’s side and Aquarius on my mum’s.
    Of course, it’s difficult to know some details as time of birth keeping wasn’t done in Scotland (where my dad was born) or the Prairies (where my mum was) until more recent–but I guess this is many people’s problem.

  2. I couldn’t tell you what aspects run in my family, but I can definitely say happiness is not our strongest point.

    I’m not predisposed to be happy. I’ve got Moon square Jupiter, which gives me a boost from time to time, but I’ve also got Saturn in the 12th house and Sat conj Ascendant. My first focus will probably always be what’s wrong with me.

  3. Does Pluto rule genetics? (I’m having some genetic medical tests done in a couple weeks.)

    Capricorn and Virgo abound in my family with a lot of Uranus stuff. Both my siblings have some heavy duty Jupiter conjunctions.

  4. Kashmiri – I’m not sure why there is no time of birth for your father as birth times have been routinely recorded on Scottish birth certificates for a very long time. I actually have family birth certificates dating back to the 1800s which have the birth times recorded and this tradition continues to the present day. You should be able to apply to Register House in Edinburgh for a certified copy of your father’s birth certificate and it certainly should have a time of birth on it unless, for some unusual reason, the time was not able to be recorded. Hope this helps.

  5. venus-saturn contacts caught up with the moon.
    but my kids and I also have strong plutonian signatures– we shall overcome.

  6. Great question Elsa! I just glanced at the charts for my parents and two siblings – we all have Moon/Uranus and Moon/Mars contacts.

  7. Saturn and Neptune contacts and signatures all over the place. Passive-aggressive behavior and general feelings of fatalism abound.

  8. I grew up in a depressed household – all of us have Moon either conjunct Pluto or Chiron. My Moon is conjunct Pluto and I have Saturn on the Sun and was extremely depressed until I started working with affirmations and making the intention to spend time with people who were positive. Needless to say I spent very little time with my family for about 10 years and now my good influence seems to be rubbing off on them! My whole life changed, and I have found my inner Jupiter. 🙂

  9. I just had a look at my family unit’s charts and am not the least bit surprised to find that only my son has no Moon-Jupiter aspects. He just doesn’t seem happy (regardless of the fact that he’s been going through his Saturn opposition). It seems fitting, though, given his grand water trine that also goes into a kite formation.

  10. Jackie: thank you, I am sure you are right…however considering that my family were buried in unmarked graves (poverty) I’m not sure where we’d find the info. Any tips? I’m going back this summer.

  11. Let’s see. Sun/Pluto and Sun/Saturn; Mercury or Venus in Sag; Moon/Mars; Venus/Pluto and Mars/Pluto; and lots and LOTS of Leo (Sun, two Moons, two Rising). 😉

    We’re a bunch of freedom-loving control freaks with healthy egos and tempers! 😉

  12. I’m not sure about my family. I have Moon trine Jupiter. I tend to bounce back from certain disappointments like losing things (ipods, etc.) and couldn’t even remain upset for long when I lost the majority of my inbox after deleting my sent mail, which was my worst nightmare for a while. The idea that I have the attitude “everything will turn out all right no matter what I do”, and so become lazy and lackadaisical, is definitely true. My mom claims that she has an Epicurean attitude, believes in having fun in the moment. For this reason, my family doesn’t save for retirement that much, we prefer to travel and go to the theater and concerts. I think I’ve inherited that attitude though my mom thinks I can’t be satisfied in the moment and am moody.

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