Voice of Venus In Leo

I was on the road, meeting the soldier after a 7 hour drive. I was driving state highways through sparsely populated states with no cell phone coverage. I finally emerged from the blackout about 15 minutes from where we were going to meet an dialed him.

“I’m 15 minutes out. Sorry about that, no cell phone.”

“That’s okay, P. Glad you’re okay. Are you hungry? I’m hungry. I am waiting for you so we can eat dinner. I’m starving”

I looked down at the pajama pants I was wearing. “Dinner? Okay, but I am in my pajamas.”


“Yeah, pajamas. I decided to drive here in these because it’s cold. No skirt to drive in like normal. Pajamas!”

“Okay. Well then you’re going to want to…”

“No, I said. You’re starving. You don’t have to wait. I can go to dinner in my pajamas. I look good in these,” I said. “I look great, I look grand in pajamas, even coming off the road.”

He laughed.

“Yeah, don’t worry. My pajamas are red and it’s just the pants. I have a normal top so we can go straight to dinner. I’m going to look better than anyone else there anyway, pajamas or otherwise so don’t worry about it. You’re hungry? Then we’ll got straight to dinner and I’ll look terrific. Whet your appetite, I’ll be there in ten.” *click

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