Voice Of Venus Neptune – You Mean There Were Details?

courting.jpg“Yeah, HQ said very early on that he thought I’d be happy with you. We had quite a few  problems at the time so it was enormously supportive to have a vote of confidence. It was  quite a statement at the time, I think you will be happy with him.”

“He said that?”

“Yeah. He figured you liked to talk and tell stories and I can’t remember things so you could remind me and then I’d forget again and you could remind me and we’d both be happy like this,” I said, smiling.

“Are you happy?”

“Hell yes.”

“Me too. Why can’t you remember, P?”

“I can remember, I just remember differently.  I don’t remember specifics the way you do. We went skinny dipping. We went riding those slow horses. I have a mole on body. I don’t think of any of that stuff. What I remember is more like a painting with broad strokes.  I remember the emotion, vividly.”

He didn’t say anything.

“When  I thought of you over the years, I just had this thing like a painting and the painting was pure sizzle and passion. In my memory you were Latin, that’s how I saw you. Very hot and hot blooded.  Pure spice and I also saw you as a rugby player,” I said waving my hand sitting in the bath tub.

comet.jpg“Well I did play rugby.”

“Right. And I thought it was exotic. That was an exotic game to someone from the desert, all those filthy songs you guys would sing and it went along with the feelings that I had. It was like a painting of emotion with no hard edges. There are no actual facts that matter. What matters is the energy which I could always recall. You know when you look at a painting you not seeing anything exact. It is a rendering of something and this is how I remember love.   Broad dramatic strokes on a canvas with no edges anywhere. It’s a streak in the sky like a comet. Where is the edge of a comet? I had no memory whatsoever of drinking a nickel beer. Why would I? I remember my feelings, they are really all that matter to me. I felt something and in this case it was thrill and love and heat.”

7 thoughts on “Voice Of Venus Neptune – You Mean There Were Details?”

  1. Yes, that last part especially was beautiful!

    I read the follow-up blog before I realized you were pegging this to Venus Neptune … and had thought how funny it was I operate the same way! Can’t remember books I read either, only the way I felt when I was reading them.

  2. Love that – forget and he reminds you and you forget again and he reminds you again and it’s all happy. Wonderful! Gotto keep that headspace clear and uncluttered….especially when others are so good with memory.

  3. Elsa that is ,simply put, gorgeous.It is even more vivid to me because I relate so well.I have Venus(10th house) sq. Neptune(rising), so I tend to live in the realm of intangibles.I also have moon in Cancer, so I never remember details unless they are linked to a FEELING.(Then I remember EXACTLY what you said to me 12 years ago that made me withdraw from you).To make it worse, my Neptune is in Sag, so the big picture,philosophy…those things register.Minute details do not.

    One thing I notice is that I tend to remember people as “experiences” as well. For that reason I am uncannily good at pointing out Sun and other prominent placements in someone’s chart simply because I have a sensory data bank of what it looks, smells, talks like.It can be the smallest thing,like the twinkle in the eyes of the Aries…I catch that..I don’t know if anyone else feels the same.Anyhoo, those words of yours are magic.

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