Saturn In Scorpio: Take Responsibility For Your Pathology

Saturn is fixing to leave Libra for Scorpio, which will take whatever relationships survive to a deeper realm.  I’m often given a sign of what to expect when planets change signs.  Recently I worked with a client who got involved with a man who provided a crystalline example of someone whose way of relating to others is almost completely driven by pathology.  I am no man-basher. I also have Libra and can readily see both sides of a story, but this situation was remarkable; it’s inspired me to write this.

Typically a couple meets.  They get off on a decent foot and some time passes before their various pathologies come into play. Everything is great and then they start to trigger each other,  basically.

How the couple fares from this point on, depends on how psychologically sophisticated they are and how willing they are to take responsibility for their own problems.

You can see how Saturn in Libra (hopefully) taught boundaries and how Saturn in Scorpio will build on this and pressure people to go deeper.  This is the time to work (Saturn) with your subconscious (Scorpio), to pay dues for your own empowerment.

How pathologically driven are your relationships? 

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  1. I won’t deny that my relationships are pathologically driven. The proof is in the pudding. I will say that I am willing to examine my part in these relationships, intimate or otherwise. It’s amazing what one can find out about themselves reflected from another. My husband is by far my greatest teacher. My feelings toward him often cause me to have to take a deep look within myself. It’s always amazing what gets revealed. All of the drama that went down in my relationships during Saturn in Libra taught be a ton about boundaries and taking care of myself. It was tough, but I’m ready for whatever Saturn in Scorpio has to offer. I want to go deeper!

  2. How will new relationships be affected for those that start one during Saturn in Scorpio? Will the union be intense right off the bat or maybe burdened with some type of hardship or barrier? Maybe a barrier to merging on a deeper level seeing that they would be starting from ground zero during such an intense time? Thanks

  3. I identify myself with this 100%, saturn in libra definitely thought me about boundaries in relationships big time! and it shoved in my face exactly what I was doing to attract and feed negative relationships. It was a very painful and bitter process but I came through…I can still taste some of the bitterness but im thankful for the lesson, now just waiting for saturn to transit my natal scorpio saturn, a bit tired and praying that at least nothing comes “back” to teach me more of the same wonderful lessons…lol

  4. So timely–thank you! 🙂 I was literally just thinking about this a few minutes ago and wondering how a man who is pathologically manipulative and secretive (which frankly, only works when both parties “agree,” consciously or not) will fare as he moves into this transit. Whether it would be more pronounced or whether he would be called to something deeper within. Interesting!

  5. A couple have been pathological (not dangerous, just secretive, manipulative and deceptive). I have yet to figure out the pattern as to why I tried or wanted to have relationships with these people. I am hoping to find out when Saturn goes into Scorpio. I am sure I will be doing some self evaluation alone and with others. I have already learned a lot with Saturn in Libra, but not enough to make the changes in myself that would benefit me.

  6. The relationship I’ve had with my on and off lover of 23 years has been nothing if not pathological. He’s manipulative and secretive, diffcult, compulsive yet unfaithful, and can behave like a complete douche. He can also be utterly charming and charismatic, like most men with sociopathic tendencies. He has a four-planet Leo stellium of Sun/Uranus exact, Venus (conjunct) and Pluto – and I think it’s in H12.

    I last finished it (there have been several gaps, some long) 18 months ago. In the new year he started to contact me again and has kept doing so although I have only once, replied: to say ‘It’s over, it’s too late’.

    He tried again today. I am his Saturn figure: I have BML in Scorp and he has Saturn.
    I think most of my relationships with men have been Pluto-driven and some sense pathological: all the important ones anyway. There must be something in me which attracts this, and which gets something from it. Or did.

  7. Great post and timing!
    Saturn is still half way through my 8th house! i am in a progress of some serious self evaluation around relationships

  8. Oh absolutely! Saturn in Libra turned the light on that I need better boundaries in relationships. But its been almost 3 years since I’ve had a relationship so I don’t want to get overconfident that I’ve actually mastered this lesson.

  9. For the past couple of years I have been free of obsessiveness about men. I have been obsessive in relationships on and off (serially) since I was six.

    So, for me, it’s like I am finally getting some free agency, and it’s all about just living: making a living, doing what is important to me, keeping house, talking care of my children, studying what I want.

    The end of Saturn in Libra finds me alone, better, and thinking about the relationships that broke along the way. The man I love best contacted me recently, and it was a little sad, but sweet. We expressed our affection, and neither of us was stupid enough or brave enough to push for a reconnect.

    Saturn in Scorpio will be almost entirely in my first house, but will start off in the 12th. I’m going to look at that for the next couple of months, and try to understand it.

  10. I have a lot of Libra… There is good pathology too, right?
    I looked up the definition of pathological. Sounds like most relationships.
    The following is was what I found …


    1 relating to pathology: the interpretation of pathological studies

    2 involving or caused by a physical or mental disease: glands with a pathological abnormality

    3 informal compulsive; obsessive: a pathological gambler

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    Interesting. I began a relationship in February which ended early this month. It taught me that I have evolved to be patient, giving, open, and loving in a relationship (something that this Scorpio would not have dreamed of 5 years ago), but it also taught me that I don’t put up with being taken for granted(Moon in Libra).

    I believe we came into each others lives for a reason: his time to mature and take responsibility, my time to learn and love.

  12. Very interesting.
    I don’t get what you mean when you say pay your dues for your own empowerment?

    Do you mean more self-analysis and understanding the motivations (psychologically) behind your actions?

  13. Psycho, that might be part of someone’s process but this takes any number of forms. The idea is to contact your own power and work with it. This is a dynamic thing. Manage energy. Manage power. The alternative is to be managed.

  14. “Manage yourself or be managed!” Got a slogan for the next couple years. Thank you Elsa…right on the mark…as always.

  15. at the point where it crosses into scorpio it will also cross right from my 11th – 12th house as the signs land right on the house cusp. had the typical friend desert going on. not sure what to expect – a sex desert? or a desert of dreaming about sex? it’s going to land on my n.node and uranus conjunction too – should be fun. can’t wait.

    maybe i’ll be able to manifest some of the things i’ve dreamed and never quite got out there – creative projects and such like.

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