Does Your Moon Sign Correlate With Attraction To A Certain Physical Type?

women.jpgA man writes:

I love women. I love all kinds of women. I’m not the type to limit myself to just blondes or chubby chicks or Latinas or women with great legs or big boobs or any one “type.” I feel a little sorry for guys who are limited that way. They don’t know what they’re missing.

But I’ve noticed that there are some types that automatically score bonus points with me. I have a particular fondness for women of East Indian descent. And lately I’ve come across several other people who have a particular fondness for sons and daughters of the Subcontinent… and we all seem to have Moon in Cancer.

Forget the obvious Venus and Mars stuff… has anyone else noticed a Moon Sign/physical “mate type” connection?

I have a definite preference to a certain physical type and think most people do. I have no idea how to tie it to the Moon sign though… anyone else?

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18 thoughts on “Does Your Moon Sign Correlate With Attraction To A Certain Physical Type?”

  1. I have Scorpio moon and am definitely drawn to power and confidence. There is a wide range of what appeals to me physically so I never rule anyone out based on appearance alone. Within reason of course – I have depth but I am human.

  2. Virgo moon, I’m drawn to big, substantial, guys. They also have to be very smart. I generally prefer dark hair. However I have dated all over the map. Smart is WAY more important than looks WAY WAY WAY WAY more important.

    I suppose the intelligence is a virgo thing, and being substantial is an earth thing.

  3. I also have Scorpio moon and am also drawn to power and confidence—and I might add it’s not unusual for me to stop feeling physically drawn when the object of my affection shows (glaring) signs of abuse of power. Anyway, as it relates to physical type? The only thing I can pin down is – penetrating eyes, swarthy, sturdy build, someone who uses their hands when they talk.

  4. Capricorn Moon here.
    No mamas’ boys, and you must have integrity. MUST. I mean, the ability to stand up and be counted in this life.
    No idea of the physical type…I just like men, period.

  5. I am a woman have a Cancer moon and I’m not drawn to roundish, emotional guys at all. I have a Capricorn Sun and Venus/Mars/Jupiter in Sagittarius. I like long, lean men who are good at sports and who are stoic. But most of the men I have hooked up with have a domestic side — they cook, they iron, they clean — and that speaks to the Cancer Moon. I think the Moon is how you want someone to nurture and take care of you. I like it when my husband brings me coffee while I’m sitting at my computer blogging. It really turns me on!

  6. Capricorn moon, and I like men who are strong, solid and competent looking. Doesn’t have to be tall, but must stand up straight and be able to look me in the eye. Strong handshake, calm, exhibits some self-control. Somebody who believes in himself, has worked his way up in life and can be counted on. No weak, slouchy, inept types.

  7. Pisces moon, and I like the protector types. I go for the ones who take control of situations, and who are definitely not wishy washy. Physically, I tend to realllly like dark hair and dark eyes, and someone with a good set of shoulders. No shoulders, no attraction. Upright too…posture goes with the shoulders.

  8. Venus in Scorp, Mars in Sagg, my preferences run to very TALL (my bf is 6’4 and so was my ex, I am very short) and I prefer dark, although that’s not always the case. I seem to attract Aquarius and Sag, I have Sag Moon, no aquarius but Uranus in Scorp in the 8th. I figure my Venus gives me the liking for the darker sort. Also, I used to be attracted to problem people who needed to be fixed. Now I’m the one that needs the fixing. Argh.

  9. Also, their suns are usually in Sag. The current is sag with aquarius rising. The last was Sag sun with Venus in Aquarius. Had I known then, I would have given up before I started. My Venus in Scorpio didn’t dig that too much.

  10. I don’t find that my Moon describes the physical type I’m attracted too, the qualities and personality maybe because it must be a subconscious need that we’re seeking.
    But I’ve rarely been attracted to Aries men, that’s my Moon.

  11. i have a cancer moon, and i can’t be with a cancer man. i was for 4 years, and after that, i thought to myself, never again! he’s nice, but too nice. and all cancer men i’ve met since then, no thanks. nice guys, but just can’t do it.

    that said, i still haven’t figured out my type.

  12. Moon in SAG and just like venusflytrap i also have a thing for foreigners. also i absolutely love aries men. I have a thing for virgo men and scorpio men as well.

  13. Moon in Leo. Not other Leos! only room enough for one! ha ha. Ah leos are fine, fine, fine really. Avoid Aquarious men.
    As to body types – slim is a good start but am pretty flexible. Like Foxxy said theyve gotta appeal to my mind!

  14. well, not physically, but psychologically. i’m definitely drawn to rebels and icononoclasts (aquarius moon.)

    my venus (aries) has a lot more to do with physical attraction. i’m definitely drawn to martian appearances (in which i’m including scorpio.)

  15. My moon and mars are both in the same sign, so it’s hard to tell. The sign is Sadge, though, and I absolutely like the charming, outgoing, life of the party. Gets me every time, to a point…

    Psychologically and for everything beneath surface personality, Scorp all the way.

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