Planets At Zero Degrees

Vintage Neptune MugHi, Elsa

What is the effect or meaning of, having planet(s) at zero degrees in one’s chart? For example, having Neptune at 0 in Scorpio, etc. Is there any unusual significance to this?

I’ve heard it indicates:
(1) a peculiar strong energy
(2) a circle trying to complete itself
(3) a purity of that sign’s value.

What if you have several 0 degree placements in one chart?

Neptune in Scorpio

Hi Neptune.

I don’t know the answer to this question. I’ve read the same things you have, but feel the true effect of something like this is hard to quantify.

This doesn’t mean that someone out there doesn’t know more than I do.  That’s why I am posting this for you.  Someone may come along with excellent information.

I’ve been in astrology for forty years.  After observing so many people over do many years, I want to see a theory like this, proven, by my own experience. It’s not been proven, nor disproved so I just don’t know.

As for having a number or planets at zero degrees, I think concentrating on the number, rather than the aspect between the planets is probably a mistake.

In other words, a grand trine with the planets at zero degrees and a grand trine with the planets at sixteen degrees are very similar. If you focus on the number, it diverts your attention from the important synergy in your chart and your life,

I believe it was Liz Greene who wrote that a planet at zero degrees was very strong. She also wrote that she ignored cusps.  If I was going to sign onto anyone’s theories, it would be hers.  But let’s see what others have to say…

What do you know about planets at zero degrees?

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  1. I have wondered this about degrees (for me it’s more so the late degrees 28-29) myself; I am looking forward to hearing more from everyone

  2. I have a client with a 29 degree 59 Pisces sun. I told him – this life is like being a senior in highschool – can’t wait to get out of here. Pullease when is this going to be over? He keeps himself well medicated for the arduous journey.

  3. Great questions! My Aquarius sun is at zero degrees. I can’t say it is any stronger but I also have a Virgo stellium in my first house. I have seven planets in earth signs. I feel more earthy BUT underneath all that I am an Aquarius.

    I would love to hear from others, too!

  4. I have Neptune at 0 degrees in Capricorn. Very conjunct Jupiter, trine Moon, sextile Pluto.
    Here’s what I found:


    Classic critical degrees are 0, 13, and 26 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn); 8-9 and 21-22 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius); and 4 and 17 degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces). These are considered sensitive, and sometimes strengthening, points. If a natal planet is found in a critical degree, that planet is emphasized and assumes more power in the life of the native due to its placement.

    Many astrologers consider 0 and 29 degrees of any sign critical degrees as well. The 0 and 29 degrees are more crisis-oriented points, especially in predictive work. (Source:


    Taken from the Hindu concept of Vedic Astrology, it is believed that there are degrees of a sign at which it is most fortunate to have a planet positioned.

    Critical Degrees are derived mathematically by dividing the Zodiac by the Moon’s average daily motion. These positions within the Houses are known as the Lunar Mansions.

    The Cardinal Signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — can smile if there’s a planet in their birth chart positioned at 0, 13 or 26 degrees. The Fixed Signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius — will be happy to see a planet sitting at 9 or 21 degrees. The rest of the Signs are Mutable; Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are quite fortunate to find a planet in their natal chart hovering at 4 or 17 degrees. (Source:


    The 30 degrees alloted for each zodiac house can be divided into three groups of ten degrees each as 0 to 9 deg, 10 to 19 deg and 20 to 29 deg. These divisions are termed as Decanates. The first ten degrees are called as the First Decanate, the second ten as the second Decanate and the third ten degrees are the Third Decanate.

    The first decanate of any sign corresponds to to the sign being studied so that the first deanate of Aries will relate to Aries. The second Decanate of any sign takes on the characteristics of the next sign in the same element and hence the second decanate for Aries is Leo. The third decanate of any sign is the last sequential sign within the same element and so for Aries it would be Sagittarius.

    Each decanate in a sign gets the traits or qualities of the sign ruling it. The first decanate is tHE strongest and it corresponds to the double strength of the sign. A person born during the second and third decanate will be less typical of the sign udner consideration.

    The decanates are said to have psychological and physical significances and are related to the mind, body and soul.

    0 to 9 degrees- This decanate corresponds to the physical side and relates to the body. When a person has many planets in these degrees they would be practical, materialistic and sensible. These degrees are very powerful. The 0 deg represents the beginnings and the 9th degree represents the endings and the physical aspects.

    10 to 19 degrees- This decanate corresponds to the mental or the Mind side. Those with more planets in this decanate are said to be intelligent and concentrate more on mind activities. They are logical thinkers and are well-informed about the latest trends. Degree 10 represents new pursuits and degree 19 represents the peak of mental activity.

    20 to 29 degrees- This decanate corresponds to the spiritual aspects of a person. When many planets or in this decanate, the native would be spiritually inclined. Some might have problems like addiction and self-destruction. Degree 29 relates to the spritual peak. (Source:


    A critical degree is a degree in the horoscope that is felt to have significance. The concept of the critical degree is based on Hindu technique of Lunar Mansions, which subdivides the horoscope into 13 degree segments, which is the Moon’s average daily motion. When a planet or point falls on a critical degree it is often believed to be strengthened because it is on the cusp of the 13 degree house sub-division. The critical degrees are as follows:-

    * Aries – 0, 13, 26
    * Taurus – 9, 21
    * Gemini – 4, 17
    * Cancer – 0, 13, 26
    * Leo – 9, 21
    * Virgo – 4, 17
    * Libra – 0, 13, 26
    * Scorpio – 9, 21
    * Sagittarius – 4, 17
    * Capricorn – 0,13,26
    * Aquarius – 9, 21
    * Pisces – 4, 17

    1. Thank you. This is fascinating. I have six planets 0 to 9, and five within 10 to 19. Plus, planets at the classic points described.

  5. I have Saturn at 0 degrees Virgo, conjunctmercury at 2 degrees.I believe that Saturn makes me very responsible, very serious. This placement falls in my 12th house. what I’ve noticed that it does for me is regarding to children. I had two relationships,and two children came out of them.having the ruler of my fifth house in my 12th house I carry the “burden” (my children) by myself. being a Virgo ascendant, I am facing an opposition to Neptune, so I found another mate.I am hesitant to have another child.

  6. I have Uranus at 0 degrees Virgo. Looking back over the years at Uranus transits of natal planets and angles (I have had Uranus transit my MC, Asc., and it is currently 8 degrees from my IC and will cross in 2017) I have found that Uranus can be a wild card for me. It brings sudden change to me like it does everyone else but those changes have always been beneficial to me. Always.

    For example: Early 70’s (I was a still in grade school)my Mom and Dad both got really good paying jobs which effectively moved us out of poverty into lower middle-class and we moved into a house that was purchased instead of moving from rental properties in the middle of the night when rent was overdue.

    Late ’80’s it passed over my Asc. (and four personal planets) and I cut riff-raff (friends in low places) out of my life that had been dragging me down. I didn’t have anything shocking or any horrible losses during that time.

    Four of my five children have at least one planet at 0 degrees. Two of my daughters have Uranus at 0 degrees (Aquarius) also. My oldest daughter and youngest son have Jupiter at 0 Degree (Virgo and Scorpio respectively). My youngest daughter (listed above as Uranus at 0 AQU) has Pluto at 0 Sag. What does that all mean? I’m not sure, they are still young adults ( ages range from 34-18) and I really haven’t looked to see what energies those planets bring in transit.

  7. I thought having planets in the Cardinal signs at zero was an indicator of potential fame. Something about where it puts one in line with the World Axis.

  8. For me it’s related to past lives and the relationship over time (many life times) we have or haven’t had with that sign. So, if you have a planet at 0 degrees of sign you’re just starting to work with the energy of that archetype as opposed to having a planet at the last degree which indicates you’re close to finishing up learning about and consolidating the energies of that archetype.

  9. I believe critical degrees is where you struggle with the most yet have the most potential in. I have Neptune Rx at 0 zero degrees Capricorn on the third.

    I’m very out of touch with the modern world as idealize almost everything. I get deeply disappointed in all facets of my life and get incredibly ill from those disappointments. My sense of reality is very watery and fluid. The best manifestation of my Neptune at 0 degrees is solidifying my dreams into reality. I love being able to create something tangible out of my dreams. The lack of boundaries in my mind make this possible. Much of my life goals and ambitions start with my Neptune at 0 degrees. I always start from scratch. I don’t manipulate, deceive or use people to get where I want to go. I don’t discard people when I feel their use is no longer beneficial. I believe people that DON’T have critical degrees, are the ones that freely roam the earth doing what they want, without worrying about consequences or caring how many people they hurt. They are freely do what they want to do in their life. The people with 0 degrees or other critical degrees are the ones that take more burden and have more struggle because they know there will be consequences if they misuse their energy.

    1. Cuspy, we must be astro twins to a small degree. Again, I echo everything you said.
      I know I am so different from many people in the world and my ideals separate us more so.

  10. Hi there, I have Saturn at 0 Leo square Uranus at 0 Scorpio… across my first and third houses. It feels quite heavy to me – an abrasion between my sense of responsibility and my need for spontaneous expression.

  11. I have Pluto at 0 Virgo (11th house) and Neptune at 0 Scorpio (2nd)…I would say I feel serious serious re the VIrgo placement, but there is a lot of Leo in the creative, expressive part of me. I tend to lead like a Leo at times (an evolution from being a shy little kid) and I can be protective of people. I’m a romantic too, and I think that may be supported by my Libra Venus (albeit leavened by some Virgo “logic” now and then). With regard to my 0 Scorpio placement, I wonder if the proximity to Libra helped pushed my career in fashion and design/beauty/harmony (though the logical side of me works on the research and business of that) as my grandmother did in Europe, and her mother before her. I read something online that noted that members of the British Royal Family tend to have 0 degrees in their charts, which was seen as both a powerful placement and one that suggested circles that were traveled and closed, by topic, generation to generation.

  12. I have my Sun at 0 Virgo in the eighth house and have not given it much import regarding that degree.

    However, having a planet at the AP (Aries Point…0 Aries, 0 Cancer, 0 Libra, 0 Capricorn ) and having a planet within 1 to 1.5 degrees at the AP seems to add strength to that planet.

    I have Saturn at 1 degree Libra and give that planet much more significance than my 0 degree Virgo Sun.

  13. A side note…planets conjunct on either side of the AP apply to added strength of that particular planet. I use an orb of 28.5 Mutable to 1.5 Cardinal.

  14. Hi!
    I am by not means an expert at all, but I do find it fascinating. I have always wondered about this! I have 0 degrees in Venus (Libra).
    Wow, how unlucky (lol), but reading through this….not so bad. I am older, and do have to say it hasn’t been so bad. 🙂

    Happy Holidays to all.

  15. I was born with my sun 0 degrees sagittarius on november 22- several hours after the sun moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius, and have come to the conclusion after many years that I am not a sagittarius. Never has it felt right, and it’s been difficult to relate to sagittarius for me, and I can only see it’s influence as a cusp sign.
    Relating to the decanates… all of it points me to Scorpio. I once read that in rare cases does someone with this degree intuitively decides which one is who they are, and I have to say, in my case, I must agree. I still look at my aspects as if there was no change because it does not change the aspects and degrees, however, I am not a Sagittarius, no matter how much I tried to apply it (for 11 years).
    So that’s been my experience with 0 degrees Sagittarius in my fifth house. Maybe it will help!

  16. In a book called a journey through the birth chart by joanne wickenburg. I have come across ideas of what degrees could mean with each planet…

  17. Intriguing how many times 0 degrees Virgo has come up in the comments. My moon is placed there and I often wondered if the 0 degree made it more potent. Particularly for me being cancerian, which is what I have generally attributed my acute sensitivity to. I notice everything before others around me do, smells, sounds, behaviour, body language, danger, changes to the environment and its inhabitants in general. My Virgo moon makes me particularly concerned about Cleanliness. I literally can NOt handle mess, I cannot function, it effects me in an intensely emotional way.

  18. I have 0 degree Jupiter in 2nd house Sagg. No idea what that could mean, but I certainly yearn to travel. I often feel frustrated because of my limited mobility.

  19. 0 degree with sun and moon in scorpio on the 9th house. From what i can recall i have brought a massive push for my parents to get it together and start anew. Them finishing college, followed by marrying, then to a stable life living abroad. I’ve always been into initiating groups, always finding myself offering fresh new perspectives to people without meaning to, making casual projects like a blog that turns out to be huge deal after a long run. After i finished hell in college, i discovered i was never going to fit into being a problem-solver. “To create is to live” is what i live by. I think having my luminaries in 0 degrees is a part of why i do that..

  20. I have Neptune at 0 Sagittarius 6th House. I was born on 11/11/1970 and along with my Sun in Scorpio I also have Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Vesta there, also all in my 6th. I chronically abused alcohol for over 30 years. I have won that battle now. I am not good at Astrology as I have memory problems and as you all I’m sure are aware of there is A LOT to remember in Astrology but I’m absolutely in love with it and believe it literally saved my life when I started learning about myself a few years ago through my natal chart and found self love for the first time in my life at 43 years old and I was able to stop the self destruction at that time. I’m 46 now and still have so, so, so much to learn but I’m very intrigued about my 0 Neptune because, if I remember correctly , Neptune has to do with drinking, addictions, self destruction etc. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    I also have my Moon in Taurus 12th H and what intrigues me the most about my chart is my Saturn is in Taurus 12th as well and it EXACTLY opposes my Natal Scorpio Sun at 0 degrees.
    My ascendant is Gemini. Yes sometimes I don’t know when to shut up as you can see here.
    Thank you ALL for information shared here and any feedback on my post would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
    Many Blessings ♡

  21. I have moon 0 in Aries 12th H close conjunct to Chiron at 3 deg. Let’s just say my emotions are a mystery to myself, lol I’m not very emotional but very in tuned to other peoples emotions or atmosphere. I have a large stellium in the 6th H in Libra (Urn,Vn,Mer,Jup & Sun 29) the only close opposition to moon is Uranus/Venus at 5 & 6 deg. I feel that moon in the 12th house at 0 degrees is enigma

  22. I have a zero degree Capricorn ascendant. Transits are powerful. When a planet changes signs it also changes houses.

  23. 0 degree Scorp sun, asc/house cusps at 13 and 4 other critical degrees in Scorp, Libra, Pisces. That’s a lot of critical degrees to untangle, so I’ll just say they’re all fine but nothing really stands out. 🙂

  24. I have 5 planets at critical degrees, including an unaspected cardinal sun at 0. My whole life has been a myriad of crises, luck in the nick of time, and overwhelming blessing. ??

    The *other* people I’ve observed with 0 degree planets/points, especially cardinal, tend to have extraordinary polarities in their lives. Lows and highs. Huge sacrifice and loss followed by tremendous gains. They tend to struggle with insecurity, but once they discover their own ability to adapt and reinvent themselves, they can do anything they put their mind to and achieve big.

    For instance, my oldest son has a 0 Cancer ascendant/0 Cap descendant… He’s been a powerhouse to watch. He’s always been lightyears ahead of his peers and because he projects his 7th house, like an adult in a tender-hearted kid’s body. He speaks with conviction and people of all ages just listen.

    And I don’t say this as just a biased mom because everybody, including his teachers and strangers who don’t know him, have been blown away by him. They ask what I do special as a parent? I laugh and say just feed him and clothe him? ?

    But he has always struggled with his own sense of self-worth, so seeing him grow up and into his full power is amazing because we’ve just barely seen it. He’s one of those people who can do anything he wants to do when he gets older.

  25. Hi everyone 🙂 I have 0 degree Venus in Cancer in the 11th H, which is also unaspected (unless you count a minor biquintile aspect with Saturn, & quintile aspect with my MC).

    I would echo some of the other sentiments here, that the 0th degree denotes the beginning of a planet’s energy/influence on a person’s birth chart. I’ve dealt with self-esteem/confidence issues my whole life and would say in many ways I am beginning to open up to the beauty and love of myself, not just in physical form but on a more holistic/intrinsic level as well. I was born with congenital anopthalmia which has played a huge role in my feelings of attractiveness and self-worth. It’s been a long journey so far, but really it’s just begun. In terms of relationships, I also feel as though I can never give or be “enough”, so to speak. Maybe that is also a byproduct of the 0 degree, being unsure how to channel Venusian energy (or whichever planet is in question) constructively/positively.

  26. I’m a little late coming in here 4 years after the fact but I’ve been studying the 29th and 0th degree in the charts of visible people and have found it uncanny. Every single fashion model who does well, every single “Instagram Famous” person who is adored by their virtual following and several of the meatier star-studded professions like acting and music, all feature people whose charts have at least one 29 and/or at least one zero. Those with 29 have a fated, luckier, more fairy-tale like ascent to fame and those with 0 struggle harder and longer to get to the top but ultimately represent something powerfully futuristic and so their reign tends to last longer and have a deeper effect on collective trends, longings and ideas. Athletes and politicians have a little less of the 29s and 0s in their charts on a whole but the ones who do are much more popular with the masses, tend to earn more money and become celebrities beyond their professional sphere (Barack Obama, Jupiter 0 Aquarius; JFK, Fortuna 29 Cap and Serena Williams, Mercury 29 Libra & Lilith 29 Scorpio & NNode 29 Cancer the Millionaire Degree). I’m not as sure about how these degrees effect those who don’t pursue a life in the limelight, I imagine that they are also lucky in some ways and stand out in some ways, perhaps as leaders in their families, schools, workplaces or social groups. These forums rarely focus on the positive things…we allll suffer from insecurities, esteem issues, etc – I would not assign that to the 0th degree uniquely. Sometimes we don’t notice how lucky we are. We happen to land that rare position in a job or have a healthy body that ages gracefully or lots of friends who care and those things seem normal so we don’t consider them as markers of a life that is a little special. Social media has made it much more obvious that we are collectively energetically attracted to those who have the 29th and 0th degrees in their charts, irregardless of the other placements and the relationships that the chart makes on grander scales. It helps to have Sun conjunct Venus or Jupiter waxing conjunct to the MC for a shine factor but without a 0 or a 29, this is not enough, at least not now in the age of public voting for our stars via digital platforms – to propel a person into popular public life in a lasting way. I would disagree that a grand trine (or the more productive T-Square) between zeros is the same as a grand trine between 14 degrees and hope we can revive this forum to hear some more inspiring stories about these exciting degrees!

    1. Hi Catbird, your interesting post piques my curiosity… I have a T-square of 0° Mercury/Aquarius; 29° Uranus/Cancer; and w/a focal planet of 0° Neptune/Scorpio. Could you elaborate on your findings as regards that aspect? Thanks!

      1. Hi John. This is a really strong gift for inventive communication and the communication of inventions. Do you get visions of new ways of doing things and new ideas? Do you have outlets for writing or talking about these? I bet you could be really charismatic about delivering messages about the future even if they are sometimes in conflict with your emotions. You also have Uranus on the millionaire degree, I hope you’re making lots of money. If you’re not, how can u up your game?

  27. I have a question regarding the degrees of my planets. My chart is highly unusual. I have my Sun Conjunct Pluto at 0 degrees. Plus, my Sun,Moon, Neptune and Pluto are all at 9 degrees! What are the odds of that? Plus my birth time was at 9:37 P.M. or the Ninth hour! Also, it is strange that Pluto is 9th planet. Another coincidence? A lot of people, including prophets I was gifted with wisdom and apparently 9 represents wisdom in numerology. I’m most concerned with my Sun Conjunct Sun at 0 degrees. It seems to have caused me paranoia and I’ve experienced a lot of betrayals. So trust issues are apparently connected with Pluto. Another thing I’ve discovered that I can transform an area by presence and time there. I seem to have this pull on people that they take notice of me. They either love or hate me. I’ve had issues with authority figures throughout my life. Recently I’ve been researching my natal chart and it seems this 0 degrees Conjunct between Sun and Pluto at times seems to eclipse my Sun sign which is Libra. Sometimes I feel like a Scorpio than a Libra cause of this conjunction. I have a penetrating gaze and often know secrets of people’s lives. I have a hypothesis that an exact conjunction between the Sun and a planet could be as powerful as one’s sun sign. It’s like Pluto is bullying my sun sign Libra and dominating lol Any feedback from an experienced astrologer would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Shawn. You should look up the Sabian Symbol for the 9th degree of the signs where these planets are placed. Sun conjunct Pluto is intense. Is your sun at 9 degrees though? Or is it at 0 degrees with your Pluto? If your sun is at 9 that’s a wide conjunction which is still intense but not as crazy intense as if the two planets were right on top of each other. Having them in Libra also mellows this dynamic. You didn’t say house this is in. Your 0 degree Pluto probably understands deeper laws about life, which is why you are able to transform the energy of a space and have such a strong effect on people. Even if you don’t say much, you probably hold power in your body, mind and spirit that is commanding because it ‘just knows’ ancient invisible, unspoken truths about existence. Don’t let this make you arrogant though because you have a lot to learn about how to wield your power. I would commit to some form of physical/spiritual practice like paleo eating or aikido martial arts and really seek out masters who can teach you self-control, focus and responsibility – because until you nail these, you won’t unlock your great potential.

      1. Thank you for replying Catfire. To clarify what I was saying my Sun is Conjunct with Pluto 0 degrees, and 5-6 minutes whatever.. The Sun is 9 degrees in Libra. My Moon is 9 degrees in Virgo. My Neptune is 9 degrees in Saggitarius and my Pluto is 9 degrees in Libra. My Sun is in the 5th house along with Pluto. My Moon is in the 4th house its native house and also my Mars is in the 1st House its native home. My Saturn is in Leo. My Jupiter is in Aries. My Venus is in Leo. My Mars is in Gemini. Its interesting you mentioned not being arrogant because humility is something I’m constantly learning. I feel Pluto has been a harsh teach along with Saturn. My childhold was very difficult and pretty much lost. I had few friends or dating. I’m decent looking, but at times it seems the whole world was against me. I now realize this was meant to teach me independence or for me to be a strong individual. I bought a book called, “The Book of Pluto”. Apparently abandonment from fathers is common for those with a strong Pluto or those born under the sign of Scorpio. I also understand that fear or paranoia is often connected with Pluto. I’m fascinated by Pluto and I believe all my hardships were meant to make me strong. Apparently Scorpios or Plutonians can be very determined people. I believe this is necessary because of the brutal discipline Pluto dishes out in order for transformation to take place. I’m 42 now and believe things are finally slowly turning positive. I believe the issues of my depression and fear will slowly diminish and I will finally be exalted after years of humiliation. I now understand by looking at my chart that I’m meant to be a teacher with great influence. A prophet once told me I would be teaching the masses. I believe the magnetism of my Pluto will play a great role. What do u think of what I’ve said in light of the new information I have provided you?

  28. Neptune 0 degrees Capricorn as well (2nd house though). Relate to what cuspy says! However, I don’t have that power yet to create reality out of my dreams. I think because my Neptune squares Pluto (0 degrees Scorpio). Could that be possible?

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