Values and the Second House

Have you ever seen a little kid glom on to something? What do they say? They say “mine!”

That’s a little kid who has just graduated from 1st house “me” consciousness to the second house of “mine” consciousness.

He picks up something, something other than him, sees it as having value and then seeks to possess it, he seeks to identify with it for its value.

See this good thing..this good thing is mine and I am good for having it.

Planets in the second house show our attitudes about our stuff and in turn influence our attitudes about our currencies or how we get stuff. So its not just material goods represented but ideas about value.

And ultimately these values reflect our individual sense of self worth.

So, for example people with Mars in the 2ndΒ ostensibly value masculine things but also their sense of self worth is tied up in their ability to assert themselves.

Another example, someone like myself who has Saturn in the second house is likely to be tight with her money. But underneath there is someone who had to work hard for her self esteem.

What’s in your second house? What do you VALUE? What do your VALUES say about YOU?


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    curious wanderer

    Awesome video Nota. πŸ™‚

    I have Virgo on the cusp of the 2nd house, no matter what house system I use, and there is definitely a Virgo flavor. I like nice, practical things. Except for a few exceptions, all my things have a use, and I don’t go in for “conspicuous consumption.” I feel like I have to earn my self-worth by being industrious (though being loaded on Cap and Saturn might also have something to do with that).

    However, I also have Pluto in Libra here. In a Libra manner, I like to share and share alike. I get pissed if someone I share with won’t share back. I definitely go in for “if you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” exchanges – as long as they’re above board.

    I’m still learning what Pluto means here, but I’ve had an awareness my entire life of how material goods and various types of currencies can create a power differential. Because of that, I am very, very careful who I allow myself to become beholden to.

    I’d like to see more on how the 8th house relates to the 2nd house in this way. My sister has Cancer on the cusp of an empty 2nd, but a loaded Capricorn 8th. She’s the one that has the “omg I only have $41658463 dollars – I can’t spend a dime right now” mentality. Though to this date in her life, all of her resources have come from others.

  2. Great video Nota!! I don’t have any planets in my 2nd house and it’s ruled by Sagittarius. I’ve never been a materialistic person, so ‘stuff’ doesn’t hold a whole lot of value to me, but I definitely value my freedom, would rather spend my money on a trip than on a new car or something that others may think is more practical. I value learning new things, new ideas… sounds pretty Sagittarius to me!

  3. LOL! Very Cute Nota.

    I have Saturn in the Second house too, As well as my Sun and Uranus.(ALL squareing mars/jupiter/moon in the fifth)

    Working hard for my savings, and saying I’m broke when I have 4,000 in the bank, lol, that just happen in september, but hey I’ve got future plans for that money, so It’s already gone as far as I’m concerned.

    Low-Self Esteem, yup got that too! But lalely for the past couple of years I’ve had bouts of over confidence, maybe thats the Sun? LOL!

    Anywho, Not sure how the Sun and Uranus work, but the Sun might mean I gain more vality as I get more self esteeem and money, and that is true, when my bank account gets low, I get in the blues. Uranus rules my second house, so freedom and securty go hand and hand for me. Money gives me freedom in case I ever need to RUN….

    My Second house in Sagittarius (Which ruleing planet is Jupiter in the fifth, squaring my second house) But it’s another hit that I vaule freedom, and I vaule apprecitation. People don’t appreciate the resouces and things I have, and the freedom I give them with my money… well I gallop off to find someone who does like what I vaule! LOL!

  4. arrggh Nota, i know i am being obtuse, but i just don’t know how to read my empty second house taurus- only thing close to it is my venus/moon/chiron in aries 1st.

    instinctively i say i value kindess, spirituality and growth, but i don’t know how you could infer that from my chart.

    good video, Nota- love your style!

  5. hmm trying to dig deeper but i’m having a hard time putting my finger on what i value… maybe not to take things for granted and that the only thing constant in life is change.. What does that say about me? that maybe i can roll with the punches and that my time here is only temporary..

  6. okie doke..had to do some research. I have no planets in my 2nd and for a minute I thought..oh no..i have no value, possessions or self worth. LOL nah

    My 2nd is split perfectly between Aries and Pisces. My researching says Pisces = able to tap unusual resources (true) and Aries = assertive and competitive (true).

    All that makes sense as far as the financial part, but regarding self-worth idk why but i have real problems tying my self worth to money dealings (cuz money is dirty dirty I am assertive and competitive but more because my self worth lacks and i constantly feel i need to prove myself..mainly to myself.

    More looking at the fiance’s chart his cap (Saturn) falls in his 2nd and has Jupiter is there too. So good luck comes along and drops money in his lap (seen it happen) then bad luck comes along and swipes it away (yep). Constant tease. His self worth goes like that too. A call him a bit bipolar, but that is like saying that razor that cut my finger off was a bit sharp. He spends lots of time building up his self worth only to feel defeated and insecure and has to start all over again. Like a see/saw..up down up down.

    shew..ok..that’s my learning for the day πŸ™‚

    Thanks Nota!

  7. Clear and concise- love it, Nota!!
    Libra Venus and Scorp Sun in the 2nd.
    I’m into my 2nd house right now ’cause I am still untethered since leaving a job that was great for so many reasons. Good salary, benefits and time off, refined atmosphere, prestigious in a way, finances made me feel like the captain of my own ship. Moved to get married and now starting over. I probably make it worse for myself because I hate having to redo this. I can be all sparkly about how this is an opportunity in disguise– barf– but I just want all those positive things back.
    Probably textbook that Saturn is transiting my 2nd and this is what I am doing.
    As far as values- I do value creativity and artistic talent above all else, like I really don’t care about the person who got rich with the paving business, but someone who has musical talent would have all my admiration. I detest grossness and stupidity.
    Whenever I look at a bridal magazine I think there is everything I like in a nutshell: jewelry, pretty colors, flowers, refinement, elegance, ladylike dresses, good food, party favors, menus and wine. Funny, I would not say “romance” because that is usually contrived and dull; a lot is not original. (Not creative, ha!!)But celebrations, yes!
    Sorry to ramble Nota, the way you explained it just clarified my thinking and off I went πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Mich,

    I googled “north node in aries in 2nd house” and found this

    2. North Node in Aries in the 2nd house
    This would of course mean a destiny of becoming self sufficient, of independently making a living, not tying it in with a partner. It is all about not being dependent on the resources of the partner, but making choices geared towards one’s one’s own resources. And maybe one should become more adventurous and courageous vis-a-vis one’s own resources with this North Node placement.

    From here:

  9. call me shallow, but the first thing I want to say is how fabulous your skin is, you look so pretty, Nota and you have a lovely voice. Also a great video very well designed to provoke lots of thought, even if folk don’t post. I’m Jupiter Moon in Aries in second(opposed by Saturn tho). I value family ties, good feelings, kindness and I am way too emotionally driven to splash cash, after which I worry… we did an astrodrama one time at the astrology group, where the guys picked my chart to act out and it had me crying with laughter. The guys playing Jupiter Moon were giggling and frittering money while the person playing Saturn was telling them off for spending so much.Hopefully this trait is better rounded now..but hey Christmas is coming..; )

  10. I love your voice Nota! So softspoken πŸ™‚ Is this your first video?

    I have Sag on the cusp of my 2nd, with Neptune there, and also Capricorn moon. I value security, comfortability, memories, etc…
    I think Neptune plays out in my ever-changing, flaky self-esteem (one day it’s good, the, and also my need to retreat frequently. My 2nd being on the cusp of Sag, I think, shows itself by my value of higher learning and foreign places πŸ™‚

  11. Honestly, I’ve been working on this one for a while and I still don’t have a handle on it. Ask me about the 8th house and I’m totally there, maaan, but the 2nd? Psshhht! *waves hand*

    I have my Leo sun and Merc in the 2nd, Saturn’s also there in Equal (I use Placidus).
    I value individuality and intelligence. A smart, strong person will always have my respect and is something I strive to be.
    I also value my “stuff” — sad but true. The things I own, especially my keepsakes from childhood (Cancer rising, stellium in 4), are very precious to me. When a lot of those things got ruined in a flood, it just about broke my heart! πŸ™

    I’ve been accused of being selfish so many times I couldn’t possibly begin to count ’em, mostly by my Gemini mom (who has no respect for “things”) and my Aries sister (who has her own brand of “MINE!”). As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve learned it’s mostly their projections; both realize that if they ask the first time, respect the condition of the item, and return it to where it goes, I have no problems sharing. πŸ™‚ I’m persnickity, man, not selfish! *lol* I’m rather free with money, too; I think that’s a Leo show-off thing. πŸ˜›

    This is the third video Nota’s made. There’s one for the first house, too, and one on how to read a chart to find out where your transits are.

  12. I have Saturn plus Sun/Uranus conj. in 2nd house. When I say I’m broke, most of the time I really am πŸ˜€ Like 70c in my bank account and nada in savings account. Like right now. But, I also do the “I can’t, I’m broke” when I’ve just gotten paid. It’s because I know I will be broke in a couple of weeks.. just like BelovedMoon said, I feel the money’s already gone.

    I really have to work hard for money, and whenever I get any it’s gone in a second.. Must be my Sun/Uranus in Sadge, I just can’t hold onto it.. πŸ˜€ Also, again like BelovedMoon, I feel money gives me freedom. Currently I feel very restricted and limited because of lack of funds.

    I value intelligence and hard work. Low self-esteem, yes me haz it. Occasionally I get the “I’m the shit! I’m on top of the world!” -feeling, but it goes out as fast as it came in. Just like money πŸ™‚

  13. yes, marge, and belovedmoon well put you two even if you don’t have Jupiter there..I have Saturn poking his nose in my 2nd by his gives me (Jupiter in 2nd)freedom, and self esteem comes from having the funds to up n go wherever ..thank you guys for reminding me of this. LIKE!

  14. saturn rules my empty 2nd house.

    i value discipline, work, aspiring to grow and learn and teach, my ancestors, the earth traditions that honour nature, people who are good at what they do.

    i value that i’m able to enjoy life in times of scarcity and times of prosperity alike.

  15. Marge, although I don’t have Saturn in the 2nd, I can certainly relate to “money today, and gone tomorrow.” Although, Uranus (2nd) trines Saturn in Sag (6th); and Uranus (2nd) is square to Neptune in Scorpio (5th). So, it’s been a bumpy ride!!!!!!!!

    You probably have undeveloped talents whereby you could make money in (Uranus) unusual ways.

    I have Uranus in Leo (2nd), and Leo cusp: I value freedom, change, mysteries of Universal principles, purpose of the soul, astrology, tarot, intelligence, education, books, libraries, music, films, art, myth, history, children, animals, environment, and ancient civilizations.

    I value the purpose of hard work toward the soul’s destiny (north node) — don’t like working for the sake of paying the bills!

    I’ve work as a legal secretary (temp) for more than 10 years because I like the “come and go” illusion of having some control over my life, although this unusual way of living leaves me in a “paycheck-to-paycheck” frenzy. Sometimes I wish I were different, but we can only play with the cards in hand.

    What I’ve discovered is that traditional work, or the corporate environment doesn’t work for me. Therefore, I have spent years seeking my soul’s destiny (North Node in Scorpio in the 5th trine MC in Pisces), so that I can get on with it!

    I’ve also had to seek and practice spiritual principles, so that I rely more on the Universe to support me, as I make an effort to seek my soul’s purpose, but there is certainly no guaranty that the road is easy.

    I’m a Gemini, did I leave anything out?

  16. Marge, you are wonderful, and interesting!

    You are an unusually talented super-hero with super powers; undeveloped talents to explore. Ask the Universe to help you uncover the mystery of the blueprint written upon your soul.

    Remember, the TV series, “The Greatest American Hero.” Well, the character, Ralph was given a special suit by an alien space ship, and he lost the instructions to the suit. Well, you can imagine the unusual ways in which he and his side-kick (Robert Culp) fought crime. It was sooooooooo Uranus.

    “Ralph even made a statement that he navigated through the Universe like a roach hit with a can of raid!” HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

    This is how I feel sometimes, but I land hard, and by the GRACES, I am amazed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where is your North Node (house and sign)? Become a seeker of the North Node.

    TRUST ME, it works!


  17. Aqua on the cusp, Pisces 2nd house, intercepted by some Aries as well…whew.

    I definitely value my freedom above all, and I like nice, and quality things. I tend to accumulate things easily, but purge pretty regularly. My gemini bff used to steal from stores like slippery little fishies in high school. We were sticking it big corporations and satisfying our personal needs and wants all at once! Yeah!…uh, no.

    However I’ve since given most of the stuff to good will. In fact a lot of my energy goes into helping the less fortunate now, like a weird delayed Robin Hood situation I guess hah. I also donate a lot of my own money since I’m lucky enough to come by it relatively easy, well y’know more easy than the homeless.

  18. Having Neptune in Libra in the early part of my 2nd House makes sense. At times I rejected materialism growing up, in the sense that I couldn’t be “bought”. I came to see growth and evolvement in others as their worth.

    Also have Mars in Scorpio at the end of the 2nd H squaring Venus. Despite the spiritual values above, I can be possessive about some of “my stuff”, and have earned my self-esteem by learning to navigate through conflicts.

    Thanks Nota, very insightful

  19. Wow! Great video! And working this through my chart was right on. I’m curious though – what is then the meaning of one person’s planets overlaying the 2nd house of another in synastry? Thanks!

  20. I have gemini on the cusp of my empty house. I value new ideas in rapid succession, the interestings, the intellect. I also have chiron here. hm.

  21. I mean I have gem on the cusp of my 2nd house. not empty cause I have chiron there. and to make this a non-worthless (2nd house joke) comment, I will say I think chiron in the second means I value the ability to heal from one’s wounds

    and there’s one right out of the textbook. but more research, onward!

  22. Hello Nota,

    Love your video. -the development of Self through the houses. I can’t wait to see/hear more.

    It looks like I’m the first one to post Neptune in the second. I was hoping to cop onto someone else’s take on this placement, as my take is fugative at best!
    I have Libra rising, and the second being toned by venus, my values within partnerships have often been quite co-dependant: “I value what you do! My values are wrong?!-OK I’ll try yours.” So by now at 45 years, I’ve tried a wide range and have finally settled into what turns my crank most.

    I value my connection to spirit/body. Neptune opposite moon in the 8th and Pisces in the 6th.

    I also have merc in the 2nd, just peeking into the 3rd. I value my thoughts!

    Have a Great Day!

    1. I have Neptun in 2nd house too. Also going through a Neptun square Neptun tranzit.. Can’t write much about it as everything is so unclear and foggy. No job atm and depending on my partner is hard for my self-worth but somehow I just have to go with the flow, nothing else I can do it seems.Otherwise money somehow comes and goes (I have a Saturn in 10th house so I do work hard for every penny I earn) I am just not very attached to the whole concept. Ah,in one of the jobs I had – I took care of an elderly man and he and his family were organizing a meditation weekend so I was actually being paid for taking part in the meditation, I thought that was a pretty Neptunian spiritual 2nd house experience..

  23. Ha. I’m studying my Equal House chart at this point and this is a position I’m still getting used to.

    Capricorn rules my 2nd house (with Juno popping in). I can see how I both value my reputation and books (which, for some reason, I partly see as a pretty Capricorn thing). My books are mine mine mine, and don’t mess with my reputation… But I have a busy 10th house (with Pluto, Sun, N. Node and Mercury) so that might also influence.

    Need to think about it.

    Thank you for the “self worth” association too (I tend to think “money money money” when I think 2nd house). I can see how it’s tied to my reputation/name and roots in a strong way…

  24. @Sunkized.I concur.I LOVE my books.I shipped a very large parcel of books from California to my current locale,after my Mother passed away.One was an antique copy of “Paradise Lost”I had various other treasures.All of the boxes made it except that one.I cried for days!It makes me so sad to even think about it.Oh,and another was my Granmother’s hard cover copy of “The prophet” by Kahil Gibran.Moon in H2.Venus in Gemini.

  25. @Melody 1971: Sorry to hear about the loss of your books (((hugs))) I like to think that your mother took those books on her journey πŸ™‚ Imagine, going somewhere without books or with books you might not enjoy…

  26. Hi Nota,

    Great Video, Ok my second house

    If using equal houses then all I have is my North Node in Pisces, but if using pladicus I have Aries Mars+Chiron as well as my Saturn rx in Taurus.

    What do you VALUE?

    I value my relationships, my family, my freinds, my memories, my time, my opinions, my dignity, my area and my reputation. I’m relatively disconnected to material things, but my house allows me stability in my sphere.

    What do your VALUES say about YOU?

    I hope they say I’m better than I think. I do believe in the golden rule {do unto others}, I care for my family, and put others before myself. I believe there is always a road to forgiveness however long that journey might be, and karma. I’m not so good at talking about how good I might be, I’m cursed with an overabundance of humility, which is probably why I hate interviews and the fact I’m still alone and single.

  27. @sunkized.Thank you,and what a nice slant.Yeah,I was in a place once,with very limited reading material(If you’ve read many of my comments,you could probably take a wild guess at the kind of place I’m talking about)!Well anyway,I’ve NEVER been into romance novels.But when your 2 options are stare at the wall or read what ever you can get your hands on,most people would opt for the latter.The title is etched in my memory.The book was called The Big Buck by the popular romance novelist Barbara Cartland :(/:)!

  28. That’s why they call it the 2nd house. In the Terrible Twos, the favorite word is “mine.” Sometimes, astrology reflects child development pretty well. I think the third house is accurate as well, I think 3 years old is a very creative period, the kid is a scientist learning about the world on their own and is ironing out learning how to talk, but hasn’t figured out other kids yet. I don’t know about the 4th house, but the 5th house I definitely agree with. I think 5 year olds have the social world hugely together, much more than three year olds, rather than playing by themselves, but side by side, 5 year olds form the complicated friend groups, and it’s also a really creative time.

  29. Defining what I value is very important. It is different from my values, or my sense of my own value, or “self esteem,” though. I think it will be a very good thing to take a close look at H2 like that. I’m thinking more like “herein lies my treasure.” Thanks, Nota.

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