Warning For Gemini & Virgo – Week Ahead

mercury godI just sent this to my newsletter peeps. It’s important so I am reposting here…

Gemini is considered somewhat of a lightweight sign. They’re just not seen as dangerous or threatening, regardless of whether this is true or not.

Virgos are also seen as punks to a certain extent. The main threat is they criticize you to death?

But this week, these two signs are highly stressed and energized. They can and will cut you. Ruler Mercury is in Aries, applying in hard aspect to Uranus and Pluto. The mind and mouth are razor sharp; they are in no mood to compromise.

If there is a Gemini or a Virgo in your life, you can figure out how you’re going to deal with this.

If you’re the Gemini or the Virgo, be aware the power you have at this time. Use it wisely, because when you cut people they tend to cut back.

This energy won’t be long-lasting, but it’s not exactly fleeting, either.

Watch your short trips in cars as well. All Mercury-ruled stuff is taut and ready to blow at this time.

13 thoughts on “Warning For Gemini & Virgo – Week Ahead”

  1. Oy vey! filled to the brim with Virgo and Gemini me and my daughters plus I am Aries rising. Gonna dodge my meetings this week and lay low?….but I do kinda like Mercury….

    1. …me too, and me too. Virgo sun/stellium with Gemini….but am home sick with a vicious head cold/fever feeling flattened. So am feeling it related to something specific but totally lack the the energy to do more than lay low. Maybe this is good! 🙂 Let it pass, eh? Will be careful driving. A neighbor was relentlessly power-washing a 6×4 tiny section of his patio over and over for 5 hours this afternoon and I was close to opening a window and saying something about the noise, but didn’t. It seemed too weird.

      A Gem I know who is notoriously mean/nice/mean/nice to people threw some knives this weekend, and I ignored them, a few of us just shook our heads and laughed.

  2. What if someone has Mercury in Virgo or Gemini? Will the temptation to cut someone verbally be there as well?
    I have Mercury in Virgo, ST has it in Gemini. We both have the ability to say rather harsh things at times.

  3. Oh….yes this is alive and kicking right now. I felt the knife of a Gemini Stellium this weekend….and I didn’t bite but …I wont soon forget it.

    Don’t cut the hand that feeds you! You may find the person you wish to bleed will cut back with an invisible knife….and it could be long lasting and maybe….forever.

  4. we got back from our gemini step mother’s /father in law’s home, and there’s a couple of virgo suns there too. (not to mention my husband who is dominant virgo) lol No one was cutting anyone so that’s good. 😀 all polite and sweet and lots of good food and cheer.

  5. My quite possibly quadruple Virgo (Sun, Venus and Mars for sure, and, depending on time of birth that I don’t have, Moon too, although I’m inclined to think I had two Libra Moon grandmother) maternal grandmother died today. Mars/Moon was squaring her Sun. She was 88-years-old, stopped eating some time ago, and had been clinically depressed for almost 20 years. Still, this is the lady who farmed all her life, and still found time to read “Old Man And The Sea”, among other things, to me, when I was 6 or 7. And just covered me with hugs when I was a child – it’s not like I never was, by other family members, but somehow, hers are the ones I remember the best.

    Our close relationship was undermined by a feud towards me carried by her Virgo Husband and Gemini Daughter of which she was a collateral damage of when I was in my early 20’s. And I’m afraid she died without knowing how much I loved her and how much she’d meant for me.

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