Venus In Taurus Opposite Saturn In Scorpio: Love And Money In The Bank

Taurus bull vintage bankVenus opposes Saturn on Thursday, June 12th. I can’t possibly cover this in a blog post, but I can offer some key words and phrases that will give some idea what you’ll experience or witness this week:

  • Real love, built to last
  • Deprived of love and/or money
  • Relationship boundaries
  • Parent/child themes in relationships
  • Controlling love
  • Love as a burden
  • Financial support (or denial of same) to or from a parent
  • Defining your value (and theirs)…

In short, this is my kind of topic! So much so, I held an entire workshop on the topic.

While the workshop is done, there is a transcript available:  How To Find Your True Love & Soulmate With Venus Saturn Workshop.

It’s excellent! So if you find yourself feeling lonely and want to make a small investment that will bring a large return, I would consider checking that out.

If, instead, you just want some levity on this topic, I have that too.

How are you seeing this energy manifest in your life?

26 thoughts on “Venus In Taurus Opposite Saturn In Scorpio: Love And Money In The Bank”

  1. I have this opposition in natal chart. this transit falls on my AC /Dc axes, and also on my NN/SN axes (Saturn on AC and nn, Venus on DC and sn.) I was hoping for some love action, but seems like it’s not gonna happen.

  2. I gotta get past the venus pluto trine to my natal jupiter. And the moon mars conj squaring my natal moon. Whale of a weekend. What venus is opposing saturn now? I can’t keep up. Saturn is pretty much conj my asc at the moment. I think I was raised with sharks. I’ve come to the conclusion that just ain’t normal for me. But yet I was locked into that situation and learned to put up with it. For way too long. Leaving sharks is okay with me now. They are just too hungry. And darn uncomfortable to be around. So venus opp my asc. I think I shall let love flow in. ?????

  3. I laughed so much when I read your newsletter this morning! I spent the whole morning obsessing over my debts, including those I owe to my parents. I felt like I would be broke forever and have to move back in with my parents after the summer. But that’s silly and overdramatic 🙂 The debt I’m paying off is all from when Saturn was conjunct my natal Venus in early Scorpio.

  4. already feeling this one pretty strong… just kind of sitting here feeling: no love, no money, no direction, no inspiration……. even though I rationally know NONE OF THAT IS TRUE!!! well, mostly not true. I haven’t even been on a date in almost a year, but I’ve gotten plenty of good friends and family (none of whom are around right now mind you). I am eternally poor, yet somehow still manage to have all the things I really need, and keep my bills paid. I really have no clue where my life is going- this limboland is starting to put me on edge.. And, in the past few months I’ve had some really amazing and fresh inspirations for creative endeavours…. which, in the past three days seem to have just dissipated completely (which is normal for my creative process, it’s like a default anti-burnout mechanism).

    Yet, I’m not in a depressed mood.. more, blah than anything. Sticking my tongue out at the walls and flipping through internet dating sites, is about all I can muster right now.. and I’m oddly OK with that for the moment.

  5. My concern right now is more financial and less love-related. Feels like a nut I have yet to crack. But I won’t be able to have peace of mind until I crack it.

  6. Oh god. This week is going to be interesting. Every single one of those makes sense to me. Especially with my dad coming to visit this week …

  7. Feeling this effect as I try to make sense of my work, what I value and deserve from it. Have opportunity for job that would show “I made it,” but having second thoughts as it could deplete value in my “quality of life.” High stress, crazy schedule vs. continuing on freelance track that would allow me to have more control & partner closely w/significant other…

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    I see it. I asked my ex to try and pay some if the almost $20,000 back child support he owes.

    My dad had hip replacement yesterday. He lives in another state. I made reservations to go for 3 nights on the 26th. 2 hours after I made the reservations my mother messaged me asking me to take her for a heart procedure on the 25th. I feel guilty leaving the next day. Child parent theme hits too. As By leaving I am leaving my 3 adult kids to watch over 11 year old Scorpio boy and 15year old Taurus girl. It’s part of what Saturn in Scorpio has been making me work on.
    Natally I have Saturn at 0 Gemini in the 12th conj asc, opposite 29 Scorpio moon. Also messing with my 16 Taurus Mars in the 12th. It’s been difficult yet good to start to loose some of the guilt in loving both of my parents and realizing I am a grown up who doesn’t need to please both of them or anyone for that matter all the time. I’m just hoping I will still have both of my parents when Saturn leaves Scorpio and my 6th house.

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    My solar return has my Pisces sun in the 8th house. A lot if transformation going on this year. Saturns in my 4th repeating the parent child theme.

  10. I am liking this venus opposition to transiting saturn on natal asc. Have been thinking about something I read about how in old astrology venus and jupiter were about giving and now are viewed as receiving. Interesting. Giving and receiving.

    Also am more okay with my perception about people and things. I always felt guilty about judging. I mean I don’t have to judge anything or anyone as good or bad. But if I don’t give credit to my perception, how the heck can I make decisions. I do believe I am fast approaching acceptance. It’s okay to pay attention to my perceptions, it is as I presently understand it and of course, always open to change. And I don’t have to say it out loud.

  11. The Taurus-Scorpio opposition is exactly where my North-South Nodal Axis sits natally. It’s a powerful time for me as I grieve my brother’s death, write and record his eulogy, and experience what comes when one weighs up a lifetime of knowing,loving and losing. What counts? In the end … it is all about how well I have learned to love, and be loved.

  12. Oh boy. So Venus will conjunct my Jupiter in the 9th and oppose both Saturn and my natal Neptune in the 3rd. Confused already.

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    I have this natally — Venus in Taurus 4th house, Saturn in Scorpio 9th house. Elsa told me in recent phone reading to hang in there for the house I’ve been hunting for, with Jupiter transiting my 7th house. Lo and behold, I got one — a million thanks, Elsa! Today is the last day I could back out of the deal, so nervous about all the changes (moving back east, becoming a landlord, restoration and repairs, etc.). Am I on the right path?

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Yes, always fear when parting with money and taking on new responsibilities and workload. I’m forever torn between the “safe” status quo path (low profile, work hard, rent, save money, spend little, basically hibernate) and the giant leap to have more (historic house, income, retirement travel) which this could make possible. At age 60, it feels like now or never. Do others share this dilemma?

  15. I lost my paradise vacation. It’s the only time I get to relax, and my in-laws decided to follow. The two of them are prescription drug addled dolts. He’s a minister, and she is a home grown version of Nurse Ratchet.

    Taurus rising and moon in Scorpio . . .

    I always think of one of Elsa’s titles about a “cloying,’ clingy person encounter.

  16. This was fun to read.
    I had a massage today and made a delicious, hearty dinner

    Real love: I probed a coworker with questions about her relationship (they sound like real love!).

    Deprived of money or love: My manager offerred me a lot of July shifts two weeks ago but on the new schedule she emailed out, I am not working at all!

  17. Crazy. Yesterday (June 12) my parents were involved in a pretty serious car accident. Makes me think about being there for them and my responsibility to me them as we both grow older.

  18. I am a pauper and dependent on my parents for everything. I have dark perverted sexual fantasies and regret my behavior. I also consult a psychiatrist and am a schizophrenic and totally messed up. I am a no-brain with an IQ of 50 and my friends say even that is high.

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