A Man’s Mars & A Woman’s Venus In Synastry

Venus Mars paintingDear Elsa,

In your view, how important is it for a man’s Mars and a woman’s Venus to be compatible in order to have a strong & healthy relationship? Do you often notice good relationships that lack this particular aspect?


This is an interesting question. People are varied as to their wants and needs, I don’t think there is a simple answer here.  I’d not not get fixated on a single aspect.

I think this would be a nice aspect to have but it’s not necessary. As an example, my husband’s Mars does not aspect my Venus at all. However, my Mars trines his Venus. This is not equivalent but it’s sufficient!

To answer your second question, I do see good relationships that lack this aspect. But realize a person or a couple may define “strong & healthy relationship” in ways you’d never dream of.

Take this on a case by case basis. If it’s important to you that his thrust (Mars) tweaks her Venus, then you’d want to see this in the synastry. But people are stimulated in a variety of ways. Mentally, for example. And some prefer very little stimulation! They want space more than anything else!

Is there a Venus/Mars aspect in your relationship? How does it play?

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  1. I have written about my relationship with the Scorpio artist which began last August and ended for good last week. His Mars at 13 degrees Aquarius is on my Venus at 16. That obviously wasn’t enough to keep us together. He never brought me roses, never once told me he loved me. It was just sex for him. His Taurus moon made a wide trine to my Virgo moon and my sun is in his seventh house. Wasn’t enough. My two ex-husbands have Mars that aspect my Venus. I still think it’s an important aspect, one I hope to find in my ideal man. But…also ideally…I need and want a man whose moon tightly aspects mine. I have a fuckton of baggage. I need to be understood, felt, soothed.

  2. It’s good for gettin busy. It really helps if that sort of thing is important to you that moon or Venus contact Mars.
    I’ve noticed it’s easier for us to communicate sexually when that’s there and the guy just gets me.
    It really takes a load off me trying to explain or legitimize what I like or to have the uncomfortable occurrence of the guy not liking it with me

    I had an experience when that was most of what was good about it and I left when he said is sex a sin right after we were done. And he didn’t cuddle me. Deal breaker

  3. In the past I would have said a compatible Moon is important.
    I also don’t like Venus stress aspects. It’s too hard to measure up to someone’s tastes you find uncomfortable. And it will be an issue sooner or later.
    I like sun Venus aspects cause then they think all the shit you say is gold hehe

  4. It’s not really a great thing that I’ve been dating for 8 years but one thing is for sure, it has been a great lesson in synastry. I must say I’ve dated multiple men with their Venus conjunct my Mars in Cancer and I’m flatlined. They clearly aren’t. The money aspect for me is a Gemini Mars trine my Venus in Aquarius. Can’t say no to that one and never been wrong. Currently I’m dating a Mars in Aries sextile my Venus in Aquarius and his Mars also opposes my moon in Libra. The sex just doesn’t stop when we are together. However we do live 2000 miles away. We shall see if it keeps us together. There are lots of other beautiful aspects, my Venus conjuncts his ascendant in Aquarius and his Venus conjunct my sagittarius sun as well as his sag moon 9 degrees from my sun. His mercury in Aquarius conjuncts my Aquarius ascendant. To top it all off our midheaven is at the exact same degree. His Jupiter and Uranus are 10 degrees from my Mars in Cancer. It’s a hot one for sure. We shall see if it lasts . I was married for 23 yrs with a double whammy with both suns conjunct the others Saturn. Whew – glad I got out of that one. Still will be my life long friend I’m sure.

    1. Can you feel his venus on your sun
      What does it feel like for you
      I have my venus conjucting someones sun and i think he’s amazing but idno if he feels it the same cause hes shy ? Thanks

    2. ‘I was married for 23 yrs with a double whammy with both suns conjunct the others Saturn.’
      I’m never going to understand that. Why people marry people, from whom they want to escape.

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