Saturn Turns Direct In Capricorn: September 28, 2020: Karma

mountain goatSaturn will turn direct around midnight on September 28th. At that point it will be leaving Capricorn for Aquarius. Saturn won’t return to Capricorn until 2047. Many have been waiting for this!

We’ve had Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct and retrograde for months. This is has delayed progress but it’s also allowed time for things to be sorted and/or healed and set straight. At this point, the turnaround is underway.

Jupiter turned direct mid-month. This would be Stage One. You’ve probably have a pretty good idea which future you want to head towards.

Saturn’s direct motion pressure you to commit to your vision. Stage Two. It’s one thing to choose a path. It’s another to take that first step.

Stage Three will occur when Pluto turns direct in early October. You may deepen your commitment, provided you made one.

Pluto operates outside our control. We may be able to channel the energy that flows into our life to a certain extent, but events are often drastic.

I’m talking about death. Or when the cops show up and arrest you for something – you know you’re guilty. Capricorn and karma. You can’t have one without the other.

This is why it’s always advisable to tread carefully. Just ask a mountain goat. Baby, it’s a long way down!

I’m not suggesting you be scared. I am suggesting this is serious. The concept of  “big girl panties” came about with this emphasis on Capricorn. I guess there are some who still resist this but  most see the reality of their situation.

There is no doubt this has been a very hard time for almost everyone.  Hopefully you’ll get a nice gift at the end of this journey; not lump of coal. In whatever case, we, as a collective are going to progress in ways that will be undeniable over this next month or so.

I also want to mention,  Mars will be squaring Saturn as the planet turns direct. The exact aspect is one day later, on September 29th. Harsh!

Are you excited about Saturn turning direct? Scared? What do you expect to see from this?

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  1. Cap rising @ 5° and yes I am excited to see these planets go direct and get out of my first house in the months to come. What I can say is that I have been taking steps for a couple of years now to establish a home that will transform the way I live, how I make money, help people, etc. I’m looking forward to that story advancing into my 2nd house!

  2. Excited!

    Just to keep things interesting, there maybe one last act; Moon-Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 29* Capricorn on 12/17…

  3. I am being harassed by my 2 bosses. I have been for the last year. Now things got worse, therefore I am suing for moral harassment, looking for justice in a court of law.
    No doubt there will be retalions.
    On 28th september we get a glimpse in whether there is a chance that these bosses disappear.
    I am exhausted, disappointed, scared, outraged because of this abuse of power. One of my bosses is an Aries with Capricorn moon. I really hope karma bites his ass.

    1. I wish you good luck and I hope you follow up with us …. this happened to me in 2019. I was able to win – I hope you win also.

    2. I’m an Aries sun, Capricorn moon. We’re not for everyone. A leader-Aries and disciplinarian-Capricorn I look at myself like a General. I am self employed but have not always been so I’ve seen some crappy inter-office politics myself. I have experienced that people who think we’re “mean” usually aren’t doing their jobs, and when it’s pointed out to them, then we’re “mean.” I had a former friend tell me that I’m “not chamomile tea.” Nope. Ironically she is a Capricorn sun, but a Leo moon and yes, very dramatic. I told her the truth she needed to hear about the guy she was obsessing over who was taking over her life. She didn’t like hearing the truth and we’re not friends anymore. Oh well!
      Clearly I don’t know you and you didn’t provide any background as to the nature of the situation and there’s two sides to every story. What’s your sun and moon, have you looked at how your chart works with theirs or what you know of theirs?

      1. Whoa, these are human beings we are talking about here. The important part of leadership is finding the ways to motivate people to do their work. They ain’t all virgos you know. It’s what makes a leader a leader and not a boss. It’s hard work I understand. And if you are consulting on personal issues, I have found that forcing does not work, being patient and helping the person find it themselves is much more effective.

        And yes, there are always 2 sides, but if you want to lead, you have work to do too. Just saying.

        1. Motivate people to do their work? If it’s in a job-work setting, your “motivation” is to keep your job and get paid. If it’s volunteer work, if you’re on some kind of volunteer board and you’re not doing whatever your “job” is within that organization, then you’re dead weight and also should get the boot.
          In many situations I think my Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon has served me well and I love it.

          1. You did read the article, right? Especially, “This is why it’s always advisable to tread carefully. Just ask a mountain goat. Baby, it’s a long way down!”

            I work in a very well run organisation, the work gets completed early and efficiently, and people are motivated. Why? Because of our compassionate, creative, and kindly PISCES manager.

            1. What a great example of water softening the edges. Brings to my mind and heart, my Ma (a Pisces) and a dear friend who is co-creating a future based on those compassionate, creative and kindly sensibilities. My Scorpio Capricorn Sun-Moon appreciates the additional water signs’ for their emotional flowing quality to karma.

      2. Okay, so I’m totally fascinated by the replies to Elisei…

        I’m in no way an astrologist. But I AM a massive pattern freak regarding all-things-human-behavior and there IS a correlation between behavior patterns and one’s astrological makeup. So you all are TOTALLY cracking me UP! And, you’re all acting SO true to the patterns I’ve found. I love it, lol.

        LA: Well, hello Mars Rx, Aries Sun!
        Aries Sun, Cappy Moon. Good Lord, Sister, lol. The reactions and facial expressions of the people you interact with would be SO very awesome to behold (and wildly entertaining–for me, at least). The “fluffy bunnies” of the world would benefit greatly if you tattooed “APPROACH WITH CAUTION! I EAT FLUFFY BUNNIES!” on your forehead. (teeheehee!!!)

        You said, “there are two sides to every story.”
        Nope. If only TWO people are involved, there are THREE sides to that story: Your story, theirs, & then Reality. Because reality is subjective based on personal perception.
        Like your perception is that other people should conform to who you are because you believe you are right (in all/most situations). In your mind, you’re being honest–like it or lump it. Many others do not perceive you as being honest. They’ll perceive you as being rude, confrontational, offensive, and arrogant. In some ways? You are. I personally dig people with your type of personality b/c I don’t do nuance/innuendo well. I prefer the “tell it like you see it, in your face”-type people b/c I find them easier to understand and interact with. I have a very strong personality and I have to constantly remind myself to “tone it down” for others (which is exhausting, yeah?).
        IE: “Not chamomile tea.” In my business, I forewarn people I am “not all milk and cream”, lolol. But I do TRY to be–for the people I deal with. Because I do not want to upset them or hurt their feelings. I just find it hard. And energy-draining…because I am constantly tuning into the other person, how THEY perceive me, and I try to speak “their language.” But again–exhausting.
        Going back to me being a pattern freak? An interesting pattern I’ve noticed is that an overwhelming majority of my long-term clients are fire signs with strong personalities who are not easily offended. ALL of the family & close friends I have are either Leo or Sag. and I totally did not plan that–it’s just how it is. Weird, huh?
        If your business is facts/figures rather than people-oriented, you’re probably wildly successful! (I’d be totally shocked if you told me you’re a counselor or psychologist, lol!)

        Notch is actually correct. Part of being fulfilled by your job and doing the best you’re able to do in that job is…happiness. If the world were merely black and white (Hello, Black-and-White Cappy!) with no grey area, then getting paid would be the only consideration one should need. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with humans who have emotional, mental, EGO needs that factor into job performance. All of the former factored into YOUR past & present job performance–albeit in a different manner than others–so why should it be less true for anyone else?
        The best managers use a management technique where they understand each person is made up differently. Each subordinate has different needs. In order to get the best from each individual, you treat them individually (in your speech, praise, instruction, critique, etc.) while expecting the same performance. THAT gets the best/most out of EVERY employee. And if a manage is not getting the best performance out of every employee? That’s not the employee’s failure–that’s the manager’s failure and that’s a shitty manager who needs to analyze themselves and get some people-training before they try to manage anyone else!
        Managers who blame the employees and co-workers rather than do some self-reflection are willfully blind and merely making excuses for their own inadequacies.

        Mermaid–I totally dig the mountain goat reference and I feel honor-bound to tell you ahead of time that I’m totally stealing that phrase! Teeheehee!!!

        Happy weekend to you all!

        1. Haha, no that wasn’t my quote, that was in the article posted by Elsa 🙂 If only I could come up with quotes like that lol have a good weekend too!

      3. I’m a Capricorn Sun with an Aries moon! So I know a bit about the leader/disciplinarian combination but from the opposite side. It also doesn’t help that the relationship is a square, and this Aries moon squares all the other planets I have in Capricorn (Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and my Ascendant!) So there’s always been a bit of an extra internal struggle for me. I wish I were more of a General but I have felt this inner conflict hold me back from being effective in exerting my authority over others, even if its valid. Anyways, just thought I’d share.

        1. Hi Lor!
          I found your comment about internal struggle regarding leadership interesting.
          Do you actually have a DESIRE to be a leader? Or, do you like being led, per se?
          I ask because, I have no desire to lead others although I (somehow) always end up with people who want to follow my direction and follow what I do. I actually put a lot of effort into trying to NOT stand out or order others around, lol, (though it doesn’t often work unless I just hide out from people). I also just do not want the responsibility of leading others–that’s a lot of pressure and stress, man. No thank you!

          I’m not an astrologer but, I would think your Cappy sun that allows you to see the “bottom line” clearly, along with your Aries emotions of fighting for what’s Right and Just would really serve you well in leadership roles in certain industries, yeah? Like in social justice, reforms, and the legal field.
          But with both your communication style and the “first impression” others have of you being the *BAM!* in-your-face honesty of Capricorn’s? I bet you spend a lot of time either being silent in the name of political correctness or, explaining what you meant to the sensitive fluffy bunnies, lol. (too much work, IMHO).

          Having said all that, I wonder if the ineffectiveness in exerting your authority is more a question of learning a different communication style rather than an inability to communicate directions effectively?

      1. All of their selfish actions, power-mongering, and abuses are about to boomerang in their face. Hard.

        To quote Gerard Butler, “It’s going to be Biblical.”

  4. Excited. Excited to not be afraid all the time:) I love how you’ve laid out the stages with each planet’s forward movement. We are living with real goats now, we wake to them, they watch us and we watch them. I’m keenly observant of how they move, have they listen and how they love each other’s company. (Goats are herd loving). It’s magic really … to see Capricorn in real life PLUS there are nannies among them; milk and cheese by-product. There’s got to be a metaphor at work with that, too.

    1. I certainly hope it does. I think it is high time for folks to stop allowing fear to dictate their life.
      F false E evidence A appearing R real.

      Let us all find courage and sovereignty!

  5. This saturn in capricorn cycle has been my first saturn return and I am so proud of how much I have grown and learned in the past four years… but I am so SO ready to take a break from learning about saturn holy sh**. Good bye. Get away from my stellium, go to aquarius, good grief.

  6. I don’t mind Saturn in his home sign, but have not enjoyed this Cap pileup on my embattled Libra planets. Libras, we just gotta hang on till Aquarian season.??

  7. All the action is jam-packed in my 12th house.

    Get out of this sh*thole, you bloody bastard, Jesus F_ing Christ, and leave my bruised and battered Libra planets and natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra FFS! I am having enough to do with being reborn, now take a hint and get your butt cheeks OUT into the open, so I can SEE you, you big oaf(s)!

    That’s what I’d say if Saturn & Co. could hear me.
    Mars and Saturn square hit me as “cut deep and straight” to be honest….

  8. I am just ready for any change at all! I feel stuck on a ledge and have been for months. The traveling transit of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn have been going through my 2nd house and each went over my Venus. I took my health into my own hands and am improving (I have a Taurus 6th House). But I also am sitting on a ledge to figure out where I belong. When Saturn goes through my 3rd house, I am hoping to figure that out!

  9. Very sad time with a Solar Return Capricorn Stellium rising & squaring my natal planets in 4tn house Aries (Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Ceres) No sense of direction or support.

  10. It’s all at the end of my 9th, headed towards my 10th (29 Cap). Slightly nervous about how public I am becoming. I took on a leadership role in a group and I’m not normally very open and out there. But I have to do it! Something’s calling and compelling me. So I’m excited too. But also nervous 🙂

  11. My Natal Mars Is 23 degrees in my 3rd house of Capricorn. Mars is exalted in Capricorn (maybe this protected me from REAL serious danger given Pluto Saturn and Jupiter were hovering around my Mars for many months jerking me around). But, like for many, Overall this has been a very hard year that lead to putting almost everything on hold and just being PATIENT. Can’t wait for these planets to move away from my Mars!!!

  12. I am a capricorn sun & mercury … Universe has been beating my ass since 2018 and i ma still bleeding. I never had experienced this much of misfortune in my entire life. Everything i touch has been falling apart. my life is just stuck since Jan 2018 & i get knocked down in everything i keep trying. i wake up and feel like i am living the same day since. the worst 3 yrs of my entire life.

  13. I’m cautiously optimistic (I AM Virgo sun, after all).

    I have a question, if someone can help?
    I was born when Saturn was Rx (09 degrees Aries, 9th house which trines my Asc & Mars in Sag in the 4th). So, I would have thought the transiting Rx would be a good time for me, yeah? Reality has proven my logic is flawed…lol.
    So my question is, shouldn’t my logic be correct? Why isn’t it?
    Also, my NN & SN are Rx in my natal (NN is 29 Aries Rx in 9th). Is that a normal occurrence?
    Any clarity would be appreciated!

    PS: Elsa? Here’s something to make you chuckle: that pic in your newsletter today? When I first looked at it, it looked like it was a snake in a toilet. My first thought “yup! that pretty much sums of my life right now! Sit down without looking beforehand and get bit in the ass by a snake!” hahaha!!!

    1. Wycked, if you post your chart in the forum along with your question and someone will help. 🙂

      On the pic – that’s disgusting, according to Libra. But so is the urine stream.

      Frankly, I will see that every time I see someone win and hold their trophy up, the way they do. Urine stream. Ugh.

      1. Hey Elsa! Happy Wednesday to you! (Or is it Thursday morning for you now?)
        Anyhoo, I have a question that I don’t know if you can answer here or if you want me to post it in the forum.
        My baby brother is a “triple sag.” His Sun, Moon, & Ascendant are all in Sagittarius in his 11th & 12th houses.
        Have you ever run across a triple sag. before? Is it a normal occurrence and I just haven’t run across it?

          1. Thanks for clarifying. 🙂

            If you have (roughly) a 1/12 chance of having sun in Sadge.
            If you have your sun in Sadge, you have (roughly) 1/12 change of having the moon or rising in the sign.
            If you have the sun and moon in Sadge, you have (roughly) 1/12 change of having the your rising in the sign.

            As for odds of having all three, this, someone come up with the equation and solve! 🙂

  14. “I’m thinking the Mars square to Saturn will give a person the courage to face their fears.”
    Oh Elsa! I so hope that his applies to me, too! I need to be more goat-like.
    Thank you (as always) for the uplifting words.

  15. Yes, as a Cancer sun sign, I’m soooo glad Saturn will be turning direct and leaving Capricorn! Lawd A-mighty, it’s been a wild ride indeed since Saturn went into Capricorn. I considered it an achievement to make it through each day and welcomed night time so I could sleep just to get away from it all for a few hours. However, the transit made me grow in necessary ways and made me stronger than I already was.

    Good luck to you Elisei and your quest for justice with the meanie bosses at work. I went thru this for a good number of years. Truth tellers don’t usually fare well. have to live with yourself at the end of the day. I was warned not to speak about certain matters and did it anyway because I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t. Not sorry I did it. Paid a high price, but again, I had to live with me. Stay strong! Document, document, document! Keep to the facts, try not to get emotional. If you’ve tried everything and it doesn’t work, leave if you can afford to do that. If not, plan on how you can leave at some point. Your mental well being is worth it! Like John Lewis often said: fight the good fight. However, it’s also important to know when to cut your losses and move on. Praying for your strength thru this ordeal.

  16. I don’t get why people dislike Saturn in Capricorn. It’s a great time to move forward in your life, if you put the effort into it. The earthliness of Sat/Cap is anchoring Nep/Pisc and making the realisation of your goals possible. Perhaps people don’t like to take responsibility? I wonder what the same people will be moaning about when Sat enters Pisces in a few years…

    Anyhow the shift from capricorn to aquarius can, in the most positive manifestation, lead a person to build their life a new. Sat/Cap teaches success through diligence and in boundaries. In Aquarius you can take what you’ve learned and form your life how you want it. Or you won’t have learned anything, enjoy your freedom and do nothing with your life, til Sat hits Neptune and then moan about disillusionment, when it was your lack of responsibility that led to this.

    – Saturn speaking

  17. Dear Saturn, I am happy that you are getting off a lot of peoples’ cases, however please be kind to my sun, (1′ Aquarius) Venus (12′ and retrograde Aq), Moon (25′ Aq) My Neptune 7th house, square sun and Venus, wants some sympathy.

  18. For ten years I’ve had to watch and wait for karma to visit the man who vowed to “destroy” me. It looks possible the youngest 2 of my children are finally getting their voice heard.
    His family disregard the accusations of women and children. I see Uranus is creeping up on his Taurus moon. I pray that he relocates back to Hades, I will bid him a cheery goodbye but he crossed the line with the children and if he should disappear in a puff of smoke it won’t be a second too soon.

  19. September 29 is also the first of the presidential debates. Saturn stationing and square to Mars.
    Oh, and throw in Eris, asteroid of chaos conjunct Mars and it kinda sounds …like a rock and a hard place, with a tantrum thrown in.

  20. Nice gift yes. And it won’t dissolve when saturn squares my natal neptune? Promise? I think I have incorporated what I’ve learned so I might be okay on that. I guess that would be my only fear. Crap, I am going to have to develop some kind of practice as a backup to maintain. Or not, with the squares to natal neptune, who knows.

  21. Sept 29 being the presidential debate, and Oct 1 being the full moon in Aries, I expect one candidate to catch fire while Sunset Blvd explodes in Beverly Hills from methane gas buildup.

  22. I’ve been through the wringer recently. I could use some forward motion. Feeling static, need to gather and collect myself.

  23. Except for January this year, 2020, this has been one of the best years Ive had in a long time. I have felt very fortunate. Have a feeling that Saturn in Aquarius will turn me upside down. This year I settled into a smooth slide of alone time which has been rejuvenating and welcome. Lib sun, Cap Mars, water dominates in my chart.

  24. Ou, tell me about it!
    Capricorn stellium (5 planets + DSC (conj Saturn)) in 7th house – gosh, I have been dragged through hell. ;D
    So happy I will finally be able to breath. That even would be a gift enough. 😀
    Only Moon+Mercury conjunction left at 25degrees Cap.

  25. Avatar
    Hypnotist Collector

    Saturn is stationing direct EXACTLY on my midheaven, and Pluto close behind is exactly squaring my natal mars. I’m feeling the intensity. My job came to an end in late July, so I’m really, really hoping these planets moving forward will open new doors — the work I’m meant to do.

  26. I can already feel this energy – the shift. I really enjoy your column and appreciate the analogies you use to help put things into perspective!

  27. Super interesting convo. I am a Aries Sun leo moon with a Virgo sun boss who is driving me nuts! Micro managing me, mean and sacrastic. Everyone hates him. But he does push me to “do better”. But I will leave. No positive feed back. Make good bread. But you can’t live on bread alone!

    1. Hiya Jessie!
      Weird–I’m Virgo sun but I don’t do the whole micro-managing thing. Like, at ALL. In both personal and professional life, I give someone a task and then leave them to it. The only variation being if there’s a deadline that the task has to be completed. Then I make a reminder note to follow up w/the person x-days before the deadline.
      I don’t do mean unless it’s in response to meanness toward myself or in defense of another.
      I can say my sarcasm meter is extremely over-developed but, it’s in line with my over-developed sense of humor so my sarcasm tends to be funny rather than cutting. Unless someone is being cruel or mean. THEN my sarcasm cuts like a ginsu knife because that’s Justice, IMHO.
      So maybe the Virgo sun boss is an ass because of his ascendant or moon? Or another planetary alignment?

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