Voice Of Mars: Aries, Trucking And Raw Male Energy In Nature – It’s Out There And Ready To Rock

trucks parked rest areaFor all the Aries energy out there (and square Mars to boot) here come some MAN truck stories…

“Stopped at a rest area so I could work out and as always all the truckers got on the radio and started teasing me, talking about me.”

“Yeah? Like what?”

(swearing and other possibly offensive words people use when no one is looking below break)

“Oh, I look like a fag. Look at that faggot pussy out there doing his pussy workout, they say.”

“What did you do?”

“Oh, I got in my truck and got on the radio and talked to them. I said, yeah my workout is pussy. I know I look like a pussy out there doing my jumping jacks so why don’t two or three of you get out here and come after me so I can kick your asses and maybe get to work up a sweat?”

I laughed. ‘What did they say?”

“Nothing. So I said, yeah. Three of you come or if you like, every motherfucker in this place can come over and fight me and that’ll be fine to0 though I may have to use my right hand.”

::snicker:: “Then what?”

“Then nothing. No one got out of their truck. So then I got out of my truck and spent the next 15 minutes checking my load. I didn’t drive away, see. Any motherfucker who wants to fight has every chance in the world to come on. Get off his ass and come over and fight me.”

“But no one did?”

“No one did and it was a pity really. I really wouldn’t mind busting someone’s ass because it’s been awhile. I like to bust someone’s ass, P. I really like busting someone’s ass. God I wish one of those fuckers would have gotten out of his truck because it he’d have done it, I’d have had a field day.”

5 thoughts on “Voice Of Mars: Aries, Trucking And Raw Male Energy In Nature – It’s Out There And Ready To Rock”

  1. Jilly, he has not kicked an ass for 8 years, he would just like to. And if someone hits him first and he hits back that would constitute self defense.

    And if he did kick an ass, get arrested, etc. he would go to jail, pay his fine, do his sentence or whatever and no doubt say if was worth it and if he had it to over again he would have kicked the ass even harder because fact is he would not be hitting someone without cause. He would be hitting them with cause and justification, the thing that is different about the soldier is simply that he admits that he enjoys it. Which he obviously does as he and his best friend fought bare fisted back when we were kids and happily.

    The soldier is a very pure expression of Mars energy and fact is mars likes to fight just like Jupiter likes to preach! But he does not go around kicking asses by any stretch of the imagination. Nor does he go around killing people although he threatens to daily and surely would if provoked, for example best not hijack the plane he’s on or you will be killed without a doubt.

  2. “Still irks the fuck out of me that the worst way these guys can think of to insult a man is to call him a) a homosexual or b) feminine.”

    another reason to kick their ass
    “But all he was doing was jumping jacks.”

    That’s right. And he doesn’t like people who hide in their trucks behind cb radios because there are plenty of them. Witness the guy on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death who was driving down the road calling it “Cap a nigger day,” riling everyone up? Do you really mind if someone punches one of these people (trolls)?

  3. Taking Criminal Law this semester: if Soldier can kick ass without a) using a weapon or b) depriving someone of one of the use of their parts (loss of eyesight, hearing, fingers, etc.) then I believe most states still consider that simple battery. Makes the legal aftermath a lot easier.

    I just love learning about this stuff. 🙂

    Still irks the fuck out of me that the worst way these guys can think of to insult a man is to call him a) a homosexual or b) feminine. Buncha syphilitic pustules.

  4. i don’t know why they call them “gentlemen’s clubs” when the men hanging outside them are anything but.

    had an idiot follow me halfway down the block even though i waved him off. like one “no” isn’t enough, but an actual “F* off” is required? goodness. he didn’t stop until i stomped off across the street at a light. (but i had the stompy boots and i know what to do with them 😉

    granted, i’ve had a lot of practice doing that. still, it was extremely annoying. i keep thinking one of these days i’m going to be too old to get that kind of thing but i guess i just don’t know.

  5. Ohmigod-this story makes me laugh. A great improvement to my mood.

    I’ve been feeling so Aries/Mars like fighting and there is just no one to pick with. But I’m just a word slinger.

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