Why is Uranus the Higher Octave of Mercury?

Mercury UranusTo finish up the trilogy of higher octave planets, I wanted to discuss why Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. As the higher octave, Uranus takes the principles of Mercury and gives them a broader, more universal expression.

On the surface, this connection seems less intuitive. Uranus is associated with Aquarius, while Mercury has no connection with the sign. Uranus is about big changes while Mercury is thoroughly personal. But when you look beneath the surface, the connection becomes clear.

· They break the rules. In traditional astrology, Mercury is an outlier. It is the only planet that isn’t assigned a gender. It’s the only planet that doesn’t prefer day or night. And it’s the only planet that exalts in the sign it also rules (Virgo). Mercury just can’t be put into a box, no matter how hard we try. And Uranus is much the same. Uranus is here to rebel. Uranus comes roaring into whatever situation he touches with a baseball bat, smashing windows and flipping tables. Just like Mercury, Uranus can’t be bothered with the rules.

· They’re brilliant. Mercury rules the mind. Having a well-placed Mercury proffers intelligence and thoughtfulness. It gives us the ability to connect the dots and make inferences. And Uranus takes this to a whole new level. With Uranus, we find sudden flashes of genius. There are no simple dots to connect – instead the whole world is connected. Uranus takes Mercury’s role as a student and expands it to a cosmic level. Uranus is the holy fool, the divine madman. Uranus is a brilliance that can’t be contained.

· They connect the world. Mercury rules speech and communication. Mercury is how we make connections with other people, especially one-on-one. But Uranus is how we connect as a species. If Mercury is a book, Uranus is the printing press. If Mercury is a small-time zine, Uranus is the internet. Mercury connects people, but Uranus connects us as a whole people. Uranus strives to connect every citizen of the planet, consequences be damned. Mercury widens the channels of communication, while Uranus blasts them open with a nuke.

Uranus takes everything that Mercury is and makes it bigger, bolder, and weirder. It is through Uranus’s insanity that we find Mercury’s greatest virtues and most tragic flaws. It connects the world whether or not humanity is ready (and looking at the influence the internet has had on the world, there’s an argument to be made that we’re not). It brings inventive genius and terrible, earth-shaking changes. Uranus takes Mercury to the extreme.

What do you think of Uranus’s influence? Is it genius or madness? Where are Mercury and Uranus in your chart?

26 thoughts on “Why is Uranus the Higher Octave of Mercury?”

  1. Good topic. I have Uranus conjunct Mercury in Leo in my Natal chart. 2 degrees of separation, but Uranus is in the 11th and Mercury in the 12th house. It is all hidden and I am very reticent!!

  2. Mercury is in my Scorpio 10th House and squares Pluto in Leo in the 7th House. That Pluto in Leo conjuncts (wide) with a tight Mars-Saturn conjunction in the 8th House also Leo. Uranus is sextile that Mars-Saturn conjunction from the 6th House. My Spider twitching Mercury feels out a collective sense, “knowing things” yet in square to dramatic Mars-Saturn Leo being of practical and ‘easy’ usefulness in the public is not … not easy. Uranus has always been a lightning bolt of change to what I’m doing (Mars-Saturn). It’s I wonder how I connect without exploding.
    My Capricorn Moon — the dark and secret cave that my Zorro spirit retreats to decompress.

    1. Moki, this is a sample from what I recognize (I wrote to you earlier about this): “Uranus has always been a lightning bolt of change to what I’m doing (Mars-Saturn).
      I am a double Virgo, Aquarius is on the cusp of house 6, Uranus is in Cancer in house 11 and my Mars is in house 4 in Capricorn.
      Mercurius is in Virgo in house 12, that brings me sometimes “flashes of knowing” but also “not find the words to speak”!

      Midara: thank you for writing this.

  3. I have big 3 exact aspects – moon conj neptune, mercury trine uranus and mercury square saturn. Mercury trine uranus perhaps it’s one aspect that makes me understand some ideas without studying them. It has happened in school and in talking with people more knowledgeable and more experienced. But due to the grace of Saturn meddling, those instances have been quite rare, nonetheless worthy to remember. To give a minor and ancient example, for 2 years I was close to bad at physics, mediocre tops and I put all my effort but I just didn’t understand anything, it was painful. One day, all of a sudden, I started to talk and solve 3 physics issues on the board, like it was nothing, my brain was trying to catch up with my mouth. It was a new lesson but also based on some previous learned info and the teacher mostly wanted to see our thinking skills. I remember his eyes bulging out and throughout 2 years from then, I was a top student in that course. I just understood the new coming concepts without any effort. That thing was so sudden, it was quite a day.

  4. I don’t know if Uranus’s influence is genius or madness, it sounds extreme to me. Is Uranus always expressed in a dramatic way? Can there be a positive influence without explosion?
    Well, looks like I’m trying to answer a question with more questions… Guess I don’t know enough about that dynamic planet.
    I have Virgo Mercury sextile Uranus. Stuff pops up unexpected. The Uranus input seems to work by itself on another level.

    Thank you for you trilogy on higher octaves!

    1. I am a libra mercury sextile leo uranus. With leo, I could be dramatic. I think I was when I was younger. I even dabbled with thespianism. Those stage lights hit me and I was wired. Pure energy flowing out of me. I studied dance but my lazer brain just could not follow choreography. My body wanted to communicate what it wanted. And I get those questions. I blew out my brain thinking so I try not to do it so much. Mercury in libra is displaced by Venus in Cancer displaced by moon in Cancer. Best to go with the intuition instead of moving on the pop ups. Uranus in Leo is displaced by Sun in Virgo displaced by Mercury in Libra. So I am most helpful to others when I come up with clever solutions to their dilemmas. Criminals see the value of that too, so I don’t offer them that service. Intuit it and quick exit on those. Without pissing them off, that is. Employ that nicey nice libra mercury to get out of jams.

  5. Oops, forgot to add that the Uranus sextile is the only aspect to Mercury in my chart, if that means anything.
    At least he’s got a buddy.

  6. Mercury in my first house (five degrees Sagittarius) trines Uranus in Leo (9 degrees in my 9th House). I’d have to look in my chart for more aspects, but interestingly enough, we moved to my dad’s homeland (Switzerland-home of the United Nations) and I went to an international school exposing me to children from many countries and cultures by 11yrs. I loved it! I still felt the odd girl out-as I have Chiron in Aquarius in my Third house, but I made lots of friends regardless. The experience alone was enough education for a lifetime! After coming back to the US, I was placed a year ahead in High School-and was the odd girl out again!

  7. My 8H Virgo Mercury makes no aspect to my 7H Leo Uranus. However, both planets strongly influence my chart. I am an Aquarius Rising; Mars in Gemini; Pluto, Venus, Pallas Athene, Ceres in Virgo; Vesta in the 6H; Saturn in the 11H.

    I am a fast thinker and problem solver.

  8. I love this transit and aspect. I’m Uranus ruled. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Only mars, moon, or Venus aspecting Uranus is a pain in the ass to me. I have enough trouble doing anything as it is. Doing it in bursts doesn’t help.

  9. Also in this world, being commitment shy and wanting love as people do is a tough racket. I’m not a fan of mars or Venus touching Uranus heh or Neptune. Because I really have enough trouble with it and don’t find it easy to turn it into a positive. But mercury, sun, or ascendant touching Uranus or any of the outer planets is very cool!

    With a pretty close mercury Neptune opposition, a 12th house mars and Neptune and one or two quincunxes, I don’t think I’m very Neptunian. Or maybe I don’t notice it 😀 these days I’m a different kind of spacy, it’s affecting my music taste and behavior.. I hate my Neptune transit so far. Sometimes I don’t sometimes I do.

    Mercury Uranus aspects feel like intuition and bring clarity to me sometimes.. but also like.. they should do cooler stuff than that

  10. I really enjoyed reading this, and the other articles.

    So, I hope you will follow-up with more on the roles of Jupiter and Saturn as the bridge(s) that unite the lower-higher octaves. A rather timely discussion as we head to Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December …

      1. I think so too!

        Jupiter without Saturn can be a foolhardy fool. While…

        Saturn without Jupiter looks a lot like the Grinch.

        1. I have someone’s Saturn on my Mars and he’s cheap and steals my toilet paper even though he makes more money and never brings enough of anything if I convince him to do his share.. I have a couple aspects to Jupiter in the 2nd and I hate stinginess in people

    1. I had written a one page unnecessary but heartfelt apology letter to my unrequited love interest that I had contemplated giving her along with one pound of the above mentioned magic Amazonian tea that cures everything from Candida to Cancer. She worries about a family history of breast cancer. Unfortunately, it’s to risky for me to go anywhere near her. Elsa agrees… It’s such a shame.

  11. I have Merc in Aqu and Uranus in Virgo – in other words a mutual reception (a quasi conjunction).

    I find people to be so frustrating that they need to go through everything before getting to point that I have seen 5 minutes ago – its almost that they need to go through all the steps just to remind themselves, or teach themselves – and they find me rude, wont allow them to finish their thought process – can you blame me?

    1. I’m a mercury uranus sextile. I don’t blame you. I have learned to keep it tucked in. Especially when I know what a person is going to say next. They don’t like getting my response before they are done wording theirs.

  12. Oh god, this is not the reason for it at all. Why are you disinformating people? The part about Mercury being the only planet with ambiguous gender is also false – Pluto has strong feminine connotations, for example. Please, try to research the origins of the constructs and terms you wish to post about before teaching them to others.

  13. I would question saying that “we’re not” ready for it . . . the internet has allowed for the democratization of information and consciousness and allows people to no longer be enslaved to the industrial fascists. Uranus is about what goes before and busts status quo and breaks out of Saturn molds . . .we are never ready for Saturn realities to break down, typically but only when they do are we free

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