What Happened When Jupiter Was In Gemini (Mid 2000 – Mid 2001)?

Jupiter GodIf you want insight into how Jupiter in Gemini will affect you, look back 12 years at what happened last time. This will give you a general flavor of the transit but there is a lot more that you can glean.

Seeds are planted during Jupiter transits. Twelve years later you can see how those seeds developed, if they developed. Jupiter rules journeys and this is another way to look at this. What journey did you begin in the latter part of 2000 through mid 2001?

Twelve years ago, I started writing (Gemini) and more specifically, storytelling (Jupiter) during this transit. I started on a message board (how Gemini) at the end of 2000. I started publishing (Jupiter) to a blog in 2001. The transit took place in my 5th house (creativity) so this was textbook for the transit.

We took some of those stories and made them into a book, when Saturn came along. I wonder if at the end of this 12 year cycle, those stories get published.

What happened in your life, the last time Jupiter was in Gemini?

55 thoughts on “What Happened When Jupiter Was In Gemini (Mid 2000 – Mid 2001)?”

  1. This is eye opening. Without knowing why in an astrological sense, i’ve been very aware of a culmination of my efforts finally progressing. I got the 9 year cycle ending in view but wondered about the 12. It’s been 12 years since my life completely changed – this month exactly, 12 years.

    Similar to what Carrie described above in my life but based on career, health, life & death of family in my case.

    What I really feel now is “ok, did that, it worked, now what’s next?” I feel i’m ending this phase and ready for something new which feeds ME instead of takes from me. Fingers crossed.

  2. Was a good and bad time…met my actual husband and moved together fast leaving my parents home…mom was not so happy about it…for me it was good i was in love happy but then few bad things happen…got pregnent and lost it and never had kids, mom got diagnosed with breast cancer and she survived it, my aunt had health problems too…that was time to remember…

  3. When I was 24yrs old I graduated from college. Now I’m 36 1/2 yrs old and nothing has changed yet. I’ve been at the same job for 4yrs, been living in the same state for 7yrs now, have been single for almost 10yrs. Jupiter has been transiting my 7th house in gemini. Is it possible to have no change during a jupiter transit?

  4. I have Gemini 6th house. Natal Jupiter in late Taurus, so this journey begins shortly after Jupiter returns. The last time it was in Jupiter I decided to finally pursue a nursing education. I began nursing school as it crossed my early Cancer Dsc. I literally graduated as Jupiter crossed my Libra MC-NN opposition Venus-Chiron. As Jupiter returned this time around I began studying for my holistic RN cert and working further on an holistic care org. this time it stationed in exact opposition to natal 12th Neptune and formed trines natal libra Pluto trine Aquarius Moon. I should be ready to put it out there around the time Jupiter crosses my dsc

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