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  1. Pluto conjunct Sun and South Node. Square Mars.

    My depression makes me socially repulsive, and the weight I’ve gained makes me physically repulsive. It is a means of withdrawing from the world.

  2. Pluto in LIbra, 9th house. Guess I make people question if the good stuff they got is really good or a course in disguise.

  3. Pluto in Libra, conjunct Mars and Saturn, all in the 11th house. I tend to feel like a nuclear bomb 80% of the time, and have a preference for isolation. I wonder if that’s normal for someone with placements similar to mine?

  4. Libra 4th, opposite Moon/Aries/10th. Sometimes I repulse the people I live with and other times I repulse people in public with my temper?

  5. Pluto in 1st house Libra, square Sun, Moon, Mercury. I don’t know if I’m purposefully repulsive, but I’ve started to show my Pluto through my Ascendant and be okay with it. I guess I repulse people because of the sheer intensity which I project.

    I can only identify with those that share this “Hades Covenant” and not the surface dwellers that only drink beer, go parties and football games.

  6. Pluto in Virgo, 8th House, opp Chiron, trine Saturn, sextile Moon, Neptune, and Midheaven… So I know some people think I think too deeply about things (but are grateful when they need someone who can cope with the heavy stuff); some work colleagues resent that I work hard (when some of them just want to slack off); some people get slightly shaken when I intuitively sense things I have no way of knowing. Can’t help it. Other people seem to love (rather than hate) me for all the above qualities. I presume cos its trines and sextiles, if I’m using Chiron’s influence well?

  7. I will purposely repulse. Sometimes it’s purely for the shock value, sometimes it’s to get away from / keep away people I don’t agree with. I used to intentionally repulse as a protection strategy when I was in grade school and junior high; it worked pretty well. *half-smile*

    I have Pluto in Libra/4, hitting my angles and just about every other planet.

  8. Yeah, I have Pluto trine Ascendent too, and I relate to what Krydia1 said. The only time I think I’d be purposefully a bit repulsive would be if I was trying to put someone off getting attached to me romantically, or for a close friendship I didn’t want. If they weren’t getting the lack of interest as sufficient hint. Rather than reject them, make it seem like their idea to reject me, if possible.

  9. In certain situations, I will purposely repulse people by playing an exaggerated version of myself. Not the me I feel I am but the version they are seeking. People are attracted to what they think they see, I become repulsed by that fake-seeming attraction, and then push away in a number of ways. I’d call them repulsive for sure.

    I try to avoid this but sometimes this kind of thing is necessary.

    I have Sun square Pluto, almost exact, and a full 8th.

  10. Oh, definitely. When someone is too hung up on me and I feel like they need to move on- for their own good- I repulse the shit out of them and then they go talk shit to their friends about what a psycho I am, bwaha. But I’ve just done them a secret favor; being strung along by someone who doesn’t want you is the absolute worst. Go find someone who will give you reciprocity. Sun and moon sq pluto.

  11. I will purposely repulse. When I want someone to go away. I used to do it to test peoples fortitude until I realized thats not fair.

  12. Also if I feel someone is following me I will do this to release them so they can go live their own truth, and not mine.

    1. Four years later and this is still true for me. It’s not really the most authentic way to live though, truth be told. I’ve been looking for a better way for a long time. My question has been “how do I stay true to my own nature and still get rid of people who are parasitic?” Because Scorpio types do attract parasites, along with all kinds of other things and people. But the parasitic ones are the most offensive to me. I can say that one thing I’ve realized since my first post years ago, is that I was feeding off of them too in a way. I was getting my ego stroked and was receiving a payoff from them. So I think seeing my part in it is a positive thing. I don’t want to sacrifice my soul for a few morsels of flattery ever again.

      1. Libra noir, thank you for sharing – and thank you, Elsa, for asking the initial question. Sounds like a whole lot of transformation is going on. Libra noir, I had to read your posts a couple of times: insightful.

        My Scorpio Venus, Sun, Mercury in the 8th house are all within 4 degrees; Mercury is square my Leo Moon conjunct Pluto exact in the 6th. For years I purposely repulsed those who I did not want in my space because they drained me emotionally and psychically. My coworkers either loved or hated me. (It goes without saying that I used my emotional power – and sexuality – to both draw AND repel.) Years passed and I realized that the ones I repelled were thirsty souls drawn to my skills and energy. I’m still learning how to share my skills and power without needing first to be loved and adored.

  13. it’s on my MC. forms a grand trine along with pisces moon(2th) and cancer chiron(7th).
    i don’t know how it plays, but i think i’m repulsive from afar

  14. I have early Pluto in Virgo 2H square the anaretic 29th degree of Jupiter in Scorpio 4H. Pluto is also in a Grand Trine by earth sign and trines natal Saturn in Capricorn 6H, and that Saturn currently has transiting Pluto mounting it, but it’s the square that is the most prominent/powerful aspect in my chart.
    Mostly I keep people at a comfortable psychological distance via non disclosure, and I’ve actively chosen to be purposefully repulsive to achieve the same end.

  15. Pluto in scorp widely conj(9 degrees)libra moon in the 1st. I used to be purposely repulsive through my appearance. It was a way to keep people at a distance.

    Lots of black clothing, face piercings, dark makeup, my grrr face constantly on.I was protecting (moon) myself (1st) through my nasty visual appearance( scorp pluto in the 1st)!

    I thought everyone was out to get me, so this was also a way of testing people. Anyone willing to make the commitment to go deeper, look beyond 1st impressions with a nonjudgemental attitude became “worthy”, eligible to enter the circle of trust haha
    I relate this to mercury square my moonpluto conjunction: mindgames, testing, paranoia. >:)

    Saturn is finishing his stay in my 1st so i learned a lot about how these behaviors are related to fear and how (ironic as it may sound) self preservation isn’t always in my best interest lol(?)

    PS a jolly Hello! to everybody on here (^_^)

  16. I don’t know! I don’t think so. I’ll have to think about it. I am inclined to think that I am most repulsive when I’m acting obliviously, kinda like walking around with dog crap on my shoe. Yes, I stepped in it and can’t blame anyone else for it, as well I’m making a mess but also not paying attention where I could/should.

  17. I do it when people are draining my energy and just won’t quit. the pseudo-shock value can usually last for a long enough time for me to re-energize. Pluto in the 4th, don’t know how this applies.

  18. I make repulsive art. I was fascinated by the morbid since I was young. In hindsight I see that I was looking for signs that I was not alone in feeling alienated. I think for everyone person you repel, there is someone else you connect with. And that happens because you’re operating beneath the surface level. It’s like sex – what gets one person off may not work for another, and you can’t decide this ahead of time, you have to be receptive to the under currents.

    Pluto in Libra in the 11th house.

  19. pluto in libra.
    find myself periodically being “anti-girlie”
    not quite as badly as when i was younger
    i tried to be unattractive to men. it didn’t quite work out that way, but i thought rebelling against stereotype would get the assholes to leave me alone
    no, i didn’t have any bras to burn (didn’t wear them, didn’t need to) but i was pretty out there in that regard.

    but i still have to decide whether or not i want to shave my armpits this week, every week ;P

    er, yeh, i have aries, too.

  20. Yes. It is so much easier some times to get someone out of your life if they think it’s their idea, not your’s. So, you give them what they need to make that decision. Pluto conjunct Sun

  21. I am a Scorpio and my Pluto is conjunct Jupiter at 28 degrees of Leo in the 7th which is square Saturn at 21 degrees and Venus at 22 degrees of Scorpio in the 10th house natally. I have lots of Squares in my natal chart.

    My husbands who is an Aries has Pluo in the 1st his first house at 28 degrees and it is square his natal Mars that is 9 degrees of Gemini in the 10th house. He most assuredly can pull the trigger.

  22. thanks for the welcome! @elsa i’ve been reading this blog for a long time, learning a lot about astrology, life in general, and myself 🙂 great community to be a part of <3

  23. I probably repulse the old people and the country people with my loud head bangin muzac here.And I love it 🙂 I don’t have a problem talking about bodily functions at the dinner table much to super Virgo hubby’s disgust.Libra Pluto sextile ascendant and conjunct my midheaven. I most likely am just repulsive period, but hey *shrugs*.

  24. Yes! To balance the people I effortlessly attract with Venus in 7H, I hand the ones I want to go away a few grenades – baked with the TLC (Truth, Lies and Conviction) of 8H Sun in Cancer square 10H Pluto in Libra.

  25. I have been purposely repulsive 1) To push people away, create space, or distance/protect myself, 2) To see if they will go away after the attempt to push them away or if they’ll hang in there.

    Pluto in the 11th

  26. Sometimes I LEAN into the repulsiveness that always exists.

    Most of the time, only my most intimate of acquaintances get to see my repulsiveness. Most of the time I try to keep it under lock and key… b/c it just doesn’t fit with my Virgo Sun/Mercury/Mars and my Leo ASC/VENUS. I wish I had the courage to be repulsive.

    I’m always trying to be so bright, sunny and perfect. It’s annoying.

    Scorpio in the 4th with Pluto, Saturn and Moon.

    Probably the most constant repulsive thing I often do is… not shave my legs in a country where everyone is expected to be waxed.

  27. Avatar

    I delight in doing if I sense I’m dealing with a prissy full of shit person who is looking down on me. The type who judges when they’ve done much worse. Disturbs AND gets rid of them- the ultimate twofer.

  28. I shoot my mouth off sometimes with politically incorrect things if I think people are being stupid.

    Pluto in the first, conjunct moon and Uranus, trine Jupiter, opposite Chiron. (Uranus trines Mercury).

  29. I knew a repulsive Scorpio whose Pluto is in the 2nd, conjunct their Moon and BML. That conjunction fell on my IC. They’d always say the wrong things at the wrong time (my most sensitive) and although they claimed otherwise, I really believe they did it deliberately. Because how can you lack the intuition? Moon-IC contacts are always psychic. Anyways, it led to the breakdown of our friendship. Never want to see that mofo again. Adios Felicia! ??????

  30. My 7H Virgo Pluto squares my 4H Gemini Mars and this Pluto makes a wide opposition to my 1H Pisces Moon. There were lots of contentious, mindgame fights in my home. My 7H Virgo Pluto sextiles my 9H Scorpio Jupiter/Neptune/asteroid “ex-husband’s first name” conjunction. My marriage was full of deceptions and gaslighting; I’ll assume some responsibility for wearing my “rose-colored glasses” for as long as I did. Now I’m happily divorced and have no (Pluto) regrets.

  31. Pluto in third house here. Yes I’ve said repulsive stuff to people. Cringed in shame years later when I recalled that. Growing up, I learnt that a lot of stuff sounds really cool on television or books or whatever, but when repeated in real life, it is extremely inconsiderate of people’s feelings. I’ve learned to hold my tongue since then.

    1. Yes! I have Pluto in the 3rd as well. I cringe when I remember some of the things I’ve said over the years, too ?

  32. My Pluto is 25 degrees Leo in house 12, conjunct my sun in Virgo 0.31. Trine my Mars in house 4, on 0.13 Capricorn. This looks complicated maybe, but for me it is not. I always
    experiences this Pluto als my strength in hard times. I don’t think I am more or less repulsive than any other person: I think anyone can be repulsive (or not).

  33. Yes I realized I don’t wash my hair on that third day for years like I did 20years ago… ha. My rising is too close to Scorpio 12house my saturn is Scorpio. It help’s get rid of a bad relationship but I go to far and leave careers,he was in the same job. Less in common showing I disengaged in the junk for 2 1/2years. Not very organized huh?

  34. I repulse people on purpose and with a few, it didn’t work at all. I have Pluto conjunct my Sun in the 8th house. It didn’t work with my husband, because he saw straight through me. That is why he is my husband now. But I don’t like people getting too close to me. I think that is Uranus, my chart ruler sitting on the other side of my Sun that causes that.
    But I can trace some of it back to being shoved away by family members when I was very young.

  35. sometimes i like to act like a loser just to see who my real friends are and to disengage from archetypes – uranus pluto mars conj in virgo third house sextile moon square mercury seventh – works a little too well! anyone who hangs around is the real deal then usually which are few people. transiting saturn squaring pluto and coming up to conj mercury and sun i would rather test my real limits and achieve smaller and more solid than live in a neptunian fools paradise.

  36. I have Pluto in the 7th house in LIbra trining my natal Sun, Mercury and Mars. If I repulse people, I’m not aware of it nor would I know how to do it purposely.

  37. I felt repulsive as hell yesterday. Pissed off in the post office. Clerk asked me to count the envelopes for her then put WEDDING CAKE stamps on my damn Christmas card envelopes. I deactivated Facebook for the gajillionth time then Tweeted some weird shit. Got Pluto at three degrees Libra in the second squaring Mars in Capricorn tight. Scorpio IC squares Aquarius sun to the degree. I’m the shadow of my family. Began in childhood because my Libra grandmother and Gemini mom were stuck in denial mode. Stuff skeletons in closets. Bake cakes for assholes. December brings out the worst in me. I’m Bad Santa, but sober.

  38. I don’t have to go out of my way to be repulsive. I no longer care to make the effort not to be repulsive. Life is much easier that way. Progressed sun in scorpio. Whatever. If someone wants a reason to express being repulsed, they will find a target, is my experience.

  39. I FEEL repulsive but I never do it on purpose. In fact I try really hard not to be repulsive. I have Pluto in Scorpio, 7th House (Square Sun, Sextile Uranus and Neptune).

  40. I am enjoying all the responses here.
    Personalty, I think someone will always be repulsed by someone on both a conscious and unconscious level, regardless of their signs, but if Pluto is the “nailed it factor”, it makes sense. I have Pluto conj. Moon on my MC or in my 10th and I am sure people at work think I’m not worthy and get upset when I do rise and show them otherwise. That can repulse some folks. In High School, I wore outrageous rock clothes and tons of make up to scare away and keep away people. Only those of my ilk wanted to come near. But I attest this to my Chiron in Aquarius opp my Uranus in Leo more than Pluto.

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