What You Want When You Hire An Astrologer

zodiacnecklace2I had a client get back to me to wrap up a consultation via email. She apologized for the delay in responding. She said she was thinking about what I’d written, deeply.

There was no need for her to apologize. I have consultations that stretch over weeks and even months at times.  But her comment encouraged me.

Some people wish to stay on the surface. I think this is fine. People live at different levels to begin with but beyond that, transits matter!  For example, a person with Jupiter transit is not likely to plumbing the depths. But this gal stated clearly, she’d made the effort to dive down.

I responded, “If you’re going to think deeply, let me give you some things to think deeply about…”

I went on to carefully lay out the seeds, that if properly planted and tended, will result in a total life change.

Astrology is amazing. Astrology + experience + courage is out of this world as far as effecting profound and permanent change in your life.

What do you want when you hire an astrologer?

10 thoughts on “What You Want When You Hire An Astrologer”

  1. Interesting subject. Speaking personally, I have realized what matters to me is exactly what YOU have said answering a very similar question to this one, Elsa, at a time I was asking this on the boards: perspective… something valuable that with my level of knowledge and experience, I couldn’t come up with.
    I notice that a lot of people are scared about the future. They want answers, they want to know if they did the right thing, if there’s potential to succeed what they’re doing, if they will ever find happiness, when will the bad times end…
    There’s also a large number of people who are unsure as for what to make of their talents and vocations.

  2. I have noticed that my consultations almost always stretch out over a week or more via email – my clients are the naturally deep type! GRIN. Clients also want book recommendations, and my opinion on authors. Recently, I started getting queries from Eastern Europe about what books to read, and I know these folks can’t afford to pay me what I need to earn for consulting, so I put up an astrology board on Pinterest (I’m still slowly working my way through it adding comments on books) for my not-quite-ready-to-be-client crowd. The thing is, I do think it’s appropriate to charge a little more to the paying folks if you anticipate spending a week with them, and I do think the follow-up is the most important part of the consult for a lot of folks. It also allows me to do freebies like my Pinterest board that everyone can learn from.

  3. I want to be impregnated. *laughs*
    Metaphorically not literally, obviously, but that is what I’m after, even when I schedule a consult in a crisis. And, to be perfectly honest, any astrologer worth their salt should know that from looking at my chart, even if they couldn’t tell from the way I write/frame my questions. ;D

  4. Sometimes I ask for a clarification of my choices, and an opinion about the timing of things. These help me affirm my thinking process. But if I’m weathering a harsh and long siege with no respite I would invest in the ‘impregnation’ (good one SaDiablo) because I’ve got one of those charts, too. Being given seeds laid out as you describe Elsa, would be such comfort. Knowing I would harvest abundance in my future. I’ll keep this in mind!

    1. Oh, it’s not mine, Mokihana… “Being pregnant” is something I stole from Elsa! *laughs*

      She’s said it before on the blog but I think it was in a newsletter this week, too. I know it’s on the top of my mind for some reason.

  5. I like for an astrologer to plant seeds to help me think deeply as well…to put out meaningful questions for me to ask myself. I also appreciate a boost…I have a lot of Pisces so I’m confused/indecisive and have problems going through with things. When someone tells me just to jump- that it’s the right decision…that’s all I need to hear sometimes.

  6. I recommended you to a friend who is perfect in every way yet can’t seem to find Mr Right. Hope she contacts you.

  7. I don’t want to be dazzled by technique – an astrology consultation is a luxury for me – I want to get as much from the time as possible. I spoke with one once who is world famous and his talent was amazing but I never got to fulfill the purpose of my consultation.

    I want to confirm my strengths and address some of my weaknesses. Most of all I want to feel connected to the astrologer – to feel as if they get me.

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