What Happened When Saturn Transited Pisces 1994-96?

twisty riverI’ve begun to consider Saturn in Pisces. The planet will ingress into the sign on March 7, 2023.  My first thought was that this is when the dam breaks or more succinctly, dissolves. Or when the blocks or the controls disappear. The veil lifts and reality appears?

I realize that is broad and undefined which is going to be the case with Saturn in Pisces. I thought it might be grounding to look at this on a personal level.  So assuming you were alive the last time Saturn transited Pisces, what happened?

The structure (Saturn) of my entire life dissolved at that time.  I had been chasing success and security. I’d achieved this; the tide turned and I wanted to be a mother!

My first child was born with Saturn in Pisces so on this level, I was successful but the path to this point was extremely convoluted. I quit my secure job, left my home state, became utterly lost for a period, married, divorced and had an ectopic pregnancy, all before the doctor handed me my daughter.

I also became an astrologer (for pay, as a business) while pregnant and I started writing about astrology at this time… prior to even being online.

If you think about it, I had to sacrifice (Pisces) my security and my status (Saturn) and swirl around in the unknown in order to grow and evolve and better align with my true calling which is a lot more nebulous that I would have ever imagined before I wound up here. Twisty river, right?

What happened to you when Saturn was in Pisces in the 90’s? What would you like to see happen this time?

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  1. I was a teenager, but I remember that was around the time that my mom discovered that my stepdad had been cheating on her. Shortly after, he tried lifting something too heavy at work and messed up his back. So he needed surgery, and slept on our couch while he recovered, and once he was healed enough to go, he was out. It was good in my book, as I only just tolerated him in the first place. What happened after that was rough though, as Mom left me in charge of my little sister and she spent her days at work and out wherever she was (probably a bar) after work and not coming home until after we were asleep. I guess the veil lifted for both of us.

    This time…I have no idea what to expect. I’d like it if we at least knew what is wrong with my husband. That has been a mystery for many years.

    1. It just hit me that another massive veil was lifted, sort of. My dad had promised me when I was 12 that I could come live with him when I was 16, and so the time came, and I asked him to follow through on that promise. Not only did he say no, but then he proceeded to tell me that I might not be his biological daughter. I took it as a copout, but in reality, it was a truth that many years later I discovered to be the case.

          1. A little peek at this transit for my husband…6th house… not at first, but it’s heading there at 5° Pisces. You almost couldn’t make this stuff up. I thought this was coming, pulled up his chart, and, well, It’s honestly overdue.

      1. 1994-1996: Got married, had a baby, divorced soon after, unemployment, then rebuilding my life as a single mother. My parents moved far away. 4th house Pisces. Pluto in Sag also crossed my ascendant for a double whammy.

  2. Hmmm. Let’s see… Had my then husband arrested for assault in March, met someone I wish I hadn’t met in June, my three-year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in December and began a 2.5 year course of chemo. That’s all 1994. Ninety-five was equally tumultuous. Etc. By the end of ’98, my Saturn return, I’d relocated myself and my children far away from all of that and we started new lives. It was certainly the best thing I could have done for my children.

    Interesting. I always attributed that shitshow to Pluto transiting my 4th. I guess I got all the bang for my buck.

  3. I got a better paying job and then lost it. Worked 2.5 years at part-time and sub jobs till I got another full-time job w/benefits in 1997. Yes, second house – my income took a BIG hit.

  4. I was at public school for elementary, and Saturn was transiting my 8th house. I remember participating in a competition called “Odyssey of the Mind.” This time, I’m in the market for some more mental breakthroughs, for sure. Yesterday was like a portal for me, so I’m really optimistic today.

  5. The last time around, when Tr Saturn first ingress into Pisces was June 1993. I had moved interstate only a half year prior, had no friends at my new school and was considered the class pariah. In a teacher-pleasing culture, I pleases no teachers.

    Then by the time Tr Saturn made its second ingress in Pisces, I landed in hospital with appendicitis. I had to have an emergency op; however the bit of appendix floating in a clear jar next to me looked completely normal. And my other gastro symptoms, apart from sharp lower abdominal pain, continued.

    At the start of this year, I decided that I was going to be an “arts student” – meaning I was going to learn things like Econs, Accounting etc. I made F9, for Accounting. My other grades were nothing to write home about. However, since I had shown my ability to act (as in on stage) at the end of the previous year, I was now popular in school and adored by teachers. Even the bullies from the previous year had a new-found begrudging respect for me.

    I always attributed this phase to my P Sun going over my MC, but now I can see Tr Saturn moving into my 5th, in Pisces, also helped.

    I met my second teenage crush (mine usually last a few years) and that F9 (a fail grade btw) became an A1 the following term. I was suddenly in the top 10. To be sure, I worked much harder than before. I was second in my year when I graduated, and I was offered a scholarship; the person at the start of this transit would never have thought this possible at all!

    Throughout Tr Saturn in Pisces, I “materialised” (Saturn) my goals – at the point I had them they were more like “dreams”, because they were so far off being possible. I guess that’s what the transit is about. Materialising your dreams! ?

    This time around, I have P Sun approaching N Saturn in my 10th. So again I have significant progressions. Although I have been applying myself as hard as I ever have (thank you Tr Saturn in 4th opposite stellium), I foresee that when Tr Saturn goes into Pisces, I will still be working hard, just on doing something I never saw myself as doing. Neptune is the dream after all. ?

  6. This is my sixth house. I was in elementary school. I got into an accident at school and went to get stitches.

    After the doctor visit, my dad whose is a Pisces sun was waiting on the dark when my mom and I got home, with a knife threatening to kill me. I was 6 years old. To this day I don’t remember anything else past the threat.

    I also have a Virgo moon in the 12th so it was probably opposing it at some point.

  7. Those years were wonderful for me. Everything was so dreamy. Pisces supports my Cancer planets. Saturn went through my 11th. I fell in love for the first time (with a Scorpio) and it was incredible. I had trouble making friends for a little while but when I finally did it was a wonderful circle of friends I developed, we all loved listening to music together, with poetic pretty lyrics with deep meaning. We had so many deep talks. I still listen to those songs and think about those times…

    When Saturn went into Aries and my 12th was when things fell completely apart for me. If I had to go back in time, 1994-96 would be a time I’d choose.

  8. In my first house Saturn in Pisces back then led to self employment that took off like a rocket. More money and hours, responsibility and a new self respect after doing the whole corporate/government accounting thing and hitting a ceiling for promotion (way too many baby boomers! haha)

    1. I have 1st house Pisces too and I found incredible focus and grit to knuckle down and work hard towards my GCSEs. I think Saturn was conjunct my natal Mercury in Pisces at the time of my exams! Haven’t felt anything like that since so really looking forward to similar gains this time round!

    2. When saturn transited my 8th and was exact conjunct I was working at bmy first job Burger King at 15, a co worker was sexually harassing me, I got my license that exact day of the conjunction and backed up and hit a car the next day in the parking lot at work, other than that I don’t remember anything major

  9. 1994 I met a guy. I didn’t want anything to do with him. I tried setting him up with friends. He was a nice guy, a very nice guy, just not for me. He was relentless and wore me down. I caved. We got Married in 1996. He gave me a safe place to explore who I am and to grow as a person. My family loved him. Elsa, you know the rest of the story. 24 years later, I asked for a divorce in Dec 2020. Thanks Pluto in Cap and Saturn? I had to face that he wasn’t my guy!! We are friends and I am grateful that we made it through without tearing up a solid friendship.

    1. That’s typical of a Karmic marriage — he wanted you to restart the Past Life marriage you had had in the point it had been interrupted. ?$ATUrn? Karma. ????Pisces? Multidimensional reality / Past-Parallel Lives

      1. That never occurred to me. Thank you! What would be the odds that you end a karmic marriage and enter right into another karmic relationship?

        1. Almost 100% because basically marrying and living with Twin Soul and Twin Flames is all but forbidden, it raises such ?Hell? that it has been virtually impossible. Therefore, only Karmic relations i.e. those of Past Life Soulmates remain as attempts to try make up for Karmic debt, for example when you wronged them in the past as your child or something.

          But since 2012 the Karma Healing rules have changed and people can now Heal everything with much less suffering and not having to go through years and years of endless torturing delusion and utter suffering, painfully carrying the cross.

  10. Wonderful for me too. My son was born in 1994, and my best job began May 1995. Looking back I would say this Saturn transit brought me more benefit than any Jupiter one. Oddly, though I had not to now considered Saturn’s trip here through the 9th house, Chiron is natally the only planet there. I have Uranus 8 degrees Virgo, Pluto 13 and Moon at 23 Virgo and Saturn would have transited those as well of course through this period.

  11. I like to say that in 1994 my childhood officially ended. It was in my 4th house and until that time I had a beautiful childhood. My dad got sick, had heart surgery and he was never the same again. Over the night I had to grow up and my mom wanted me to care about him, not completely, but I had to know what pills to give him, how to measure his blood pressure, who to call if he would get ill, that’s how it started. Years later I would become his real caregiver. Besides that, in that period the war was still actual and it ended, but I found myself in the middle of it, it was my aunt’s and mom’s fault, bad judgment. It took me years to recover from the shock I’ve been through. During that transit, I finally understood that my mom had drinking issues and that all of our family is aware of it, but I didn’t have anyone to share it with, I was scared to ask for help or advice. About 5 years later, my dad started talking with me about it…

  12. 1994-1996 was not great for me. I was doing well in college, then I lost all motivation and dropped out. I mentally drifted for several years after that. It was a lonely time. I did learn to play guitar. I guess it was essential for my growth, but I’d rather not repeat it. In my life, I’m sort of in a permanent state of mental drift, but that was the driftiest drift I’ve ever been on. Lots of untreated depression, too. I did start recovering until 1998 and finally got treatment in 2004 (Saturn return in Cancer).

  13. My oldest son began high school and he
    Was playing hockey since 5 and was only boy cut off team ,lost his mates,painful
    His father had taken a hockey stick
    To coach under chin lifted him against the boards we were all thrown out?
    I got CDL license and began contracting
    Installing septics,my two sons without me
    More; today have grandson, oldest son of
    Oldest similar loss of mates, adulthood
    Knocking? I have decided to apply for
    Position as health agent 3x the pay ;It’s a crap shoot
    As my snow globe is being shaken
    I want to assure myself how safe I am lucky , how I’m gonna slay it! whatevever it is, I think it’s batter up looking at the first ready to steal second !!’
    Gonna print on my T-shirts” wear a mask or not we don’t talk about it“ for my summer markets

  14. I was scared to look, bc Pisces contains my Jupiter Venus, but when I looked back, it was this beautiful time of world travel through service to others. It actually began in 1993, when Saturn dipped its toes into Pisces. Russia twice teaching English, Africa doing medical work, then Europe to explore. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to. My exact Jupiter return was a few weeks ago, with a Venus return coming, and honestly, after all my spiritual work, I’ve been feeling like I’m going backwards. Maybe I’ve just been preparing! 🙂

  15. I was single, going to grad school at night, had a decent day job and wound up preggers and unmarried. I had a beautiful daughter on 4/22/95. The best two decisions I have made in my life were to have Sarah and to NOT marry her father.

    Yes, I completed my masters, and a year later and I carried Sarah with me when a walked to get my diploma.

    So, I would be overjoyed if I became a grandmother this go round. No, Sarah is not married….but, I learned that’s ok…..

  16. Pisces is my 6th house (whole sign houses) or 5/6 (nearly half/half) in the other house system but I prefer whole sign houses. No planets there except Black Moon Lilith but all transiting planets aspect trine my Scorpio stellium of Neptune, Moon, Mars and TN.

    In 94 my 18 year old marriage had just survived it’s most difficult phase of near divorce and a very tough and adventurous motorcycle trip through Russia (of all places). After that we decided to leave Europe for good, in 95 we went to New Zealand and South Afrika and in 96 moved to South Afrika for good. I’m still here, I won’t go back to Europe. I had to think a lot on my late husband’s experience on our trip through Russia waking up one morning and telling me there will be war again in Europe and Russia will be the agressor.
    I never argued with him about his epiphanies, they often made sense, if only in hindsight. He was an Aries who seemed to live in the future.
    I was happy to relocate to Africa, I felt at home there right from the first visit. But the thing about another war in Europe I never believed. Until today.

  17. Graduated and met a guy from another country in 1994. Moved abroad to be with him, I was 20 ys old. My grandmother died 1994 and my dad died from a stroke in 1995. I had to grow up real fast from then on. Just realized recently how these events have shaped my life in a major way. I lost my childhood security in many ways and had to survive without it. Went to college from 1996.

  18. I had my daughter under Saturn in Pisces 8/1995). It was a tough after I had her as the Doctor left the placenta in me. Thankfully after 3 D&Cs, the hemorrhaging was over and I survived. I had and still have a beautiful Leo sun, Capricorn rising, moon and Saturn in Pisces daughter.

  19. I started swimming year round in the fall of ’93 and by ’96 was practicing 6 days a week. I was 12 in ’96 and small for my age, swimming against a bunch of people who were big for their age, and desperately trying to keep up (I have Mars/Saturn in the 12th). Years later I can see that I overtrained, but it was so frustrating to taper and not improve at all that season of ’96. Pisces in the 4th. Felt like I lived at the pool. I started running later that fall and ended up running on a scholarship in college. At least all of that swimming developed my endurance and I learned to fail repeatedly and keep trying. Seems like a pretty literal interpretation of Saturn in Pisces!

  20. Avatar
    Bob (in Australia)

    Hi Elsa,
    Thanks for all your great work!
    We all need to focus on our soul growth during these troubling times, this is what I believe Saturn in Pisces will encourage us to do and is well indicated by the painful experiences outlined by your readers from the last pass of Saturn through Pisces (including my own) which were of a similar nature. This opportunity is now being offered to us again.
    It is said there is tremendous competition for souls to incarnate on this planet and you would surely wonder why, given all the angst we seem to suffer?
    My guess is that our planet is probably one of a only a few in the whole universe where, when embodied, we can cry, laugh, dance, sing, love, learn, in fact experience any emotion you can think off!
    Saturn is a hard task master though, shaking us to the very core to enlighten us.
    Don’t miss the opportunity! There are huge rewards to be had!

  21. In January 1994 we experienced a large earthquake in the very early pre-dawn morning which destroyed our home. My daughter was little so I had strapped heavy furniture to the walls and we were not hurt physically. The remaining 2 years were a struggle.

  22. My corporate job started to dry up, and disappeared in ’96…Also, built new house and started to get sick in ’96…Lots of action…

    1. Oh wow. I was in my first professor position then after being a student all my life, but more notably came out as a lesbian at age 32 (that would have been summer 1995). Two old identities dissolved, two new ones born. Those things were linked in ways — I remember realizing that I couldn’t look to external authorities to direct me any more, I had to choose for myself.

  23. The World Wide Web started to be used at this time… it was the beginning of the internet as we know it, although the internet did exist prior to this it wasn’t really accessible to anyone other than complete computer nerds.

    I was not one of those nerds, but I still remember there were some websites still available that you could view as a black screen with green letter text on them… very basic. lol.

    In terms of Saturn building things that stick, Saturn in Pisces sure created an internet that seems to be here to stay and permeate mass consciousness (Pisces) as well as to create a permanent (Saturn) altered version of reality (Pisces).

    Now we’re about to have Jupiter/Neptune conjunct in Pisces, which seems to correlate with the rise of the metaverse. I suppose Saturn’s transit through Pisces will further solidify the extreme non-reality that we’re stepping into.

    1. “The World Wide Web started to be used at this time… it was the beginning of the internet as we know it, although the internet did exist prior to this it wasn’t really accessible to anyone other than complete computer nerds.

      I was not one of those nerds, but I still remember there were some websites still available that you could view as a black screen with green letter text on them…”

      Thanks for pointing this out! I remember bbs as well. It seems AOL is what make the internet accessible to the masses. I would have never dreamed (Neptune), I would be working (Saturn) on the internet.

    2. Avatar
      Miguel Melchizedek

      Oh wow, what a brilliant hindsight generating such great insights Gabby! Thank you!

      Indeed the internet is Saturn🪐 / structure in 💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦 / immaterial. It’s like digital (Saturn🪐 also rules ⚡️Aquarius♒️) heaven, where anything seems to be possible or at least where there’s the illusion (💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦) of.

      More insights come from this: the internet is basically the use of computing devices and electronic now known as digital structure created to potentially connect all Humans through another dimension. It may be construed as a global 🧠brain, where all of Humanity’s thoughts may be found and accessed. Like a gigantic brainstorm, adding up and crossing all of Humanity’s thinking, knowledge and yes creativity.

      But isn’t there such a structure already in place, something like a Collective Conscience or Collective Unconscious Carl Jung found, accessible through 🧘🏼‍♀️Meditation🧘🏼‍♂️ for some, naturally for others?

      In that sense, is the internet really liberating Humanity or otherwise creating the illusion (💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦) thereof really aiming at imprisoning (Saturn🪐) Humanity, like a giant Device, a mind control helmet placed on Humanity’s 🧠brain?

      I just read about the eventual launch of Apple’s new 👓goggles (reminds me of google) device this spring, spectacles with screens for lenses… but isn’t that already a reality turning Humans into Cyborgs with smartphones as extension of the Human body, with people looking at the internet screen 12-13h of the 16h people are awake every day?

      No wonder the internet expanded with 👹Saturn🪐 in 💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦 or jail in illusion, with the promise of heaven on 🌍Earth.

      So, is Humanity, instead of naturally opening up to other Dimensions and becoming naturally telepathic, intuitive, progressively accessing Source and All Knowingness in more and more effortless natural ways, being hijacked and herded to collective mind control, living a collective dream?

      One of the latest trend seems to be sexy women using Face App to doctor their 📸photos to become amazing (maze confusion 💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦) real life teenagers, creating avatars of themselves, raking in $100.000s selling sexy 📸photos online through sites like OnlyFans. One has to see it to believe it — case in point Olivia Casta 19yo version of 40yo Maria Tretjakova and Coconutkitty143 the teen version of Diana Deets — look them up, jaws will drop. How clever then the coincidence of 2+billion user Facebook now launching a Tinder like dating App on its site. It’s easy to imagine the online fakery fever that is preparing to start, I wouldn’t be surprised that even the most otherwise honest and genuine people will start posting rejuvenated 📸photos, so many already post young women photos rather than themselves as their FB ID picture. It’s just for fun they’ll say.

      It reminds me of the Bruce Willis movie Surrogates where people don’t get out of the house anymore, are old and fat, and have a an avatar robot that is mind controlled via goggles/helmet Device running around on the streets doing their work and living their life as their surrogates/substitutes. I guess this movie is but a vision of the future the controllers have planned for Humanity… maybe these real looking robots will be ready for next Saturn🪐 in 💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦 28 years from now? I mean, it’s not so hard to see how the technologies of already existing factories of realistic looking male and female sex dolls and still ugly but otherwise really perfect mechanical robots will merge…

      Seen from the Astrology perspective, all of these efforts seem to be perfectly coordinated…

  24. Wow, I always wondered what the heck happened then! I remember the giant 1994 Eathquake in Los Angeles that we felt in San Diego, 100 miles away. But the biggest life-changing thing for me, Pisces, was a huge awakening, one day, when suddenly the veils lifted for me and I became super super psychic! I suddenly couldn’t relate to my abusive husband, and that began the dissolution of my marriage, when I couldn’t see a way out. Some guiding hand showed me the way. The super psychic senses subsided somewhat after 1996..and my life had completely changed. New city, new life. New higher trajectory. What was Uranus doing? Or was that just Saturn?

  25. I’m Pisces sun in 12th, Pisces rising and Aquarius moon. In 1994 at 19 I was pregnant alone in Seattle. Came from trauma, being a survivor. Staying at the Green Tortoise hostel on Queen Anne hill. I found my son a good family to go to, professors in the midwest.
    Then they found my body was fighting him like a virus. His stomach wall never closed. He had little chance of living. I was guilted into keeping him. It was a long hard journey cause he’s autistic, had epilepsy, and I was bound to an abusive Leo.

    Recently after 27 years of parenting him Aquarius and sister Aries (mental health & abusive) primarily alone I got breast cancer and heart problems.
    So now I’m in Mexico in a spiritual community! And I’m torn where to go from here. Cause it was supposed to be just alittle while but I don’t know if I want to go back. Even with the heartbreaking chance of losing my sweetie.
    Guess this is another choice point…

  26. Wow, your comment Elsa on today’s post 8-17 about saturn in Pisces brought me here. My daughter was born in August 1995. I remember telling my mom I wanted either another baby, had 3 already, Or a puppy. She said be very careful what you wish for. Lol. The baby was the best decision. I told my family she as my last baby and I was going to spoil her. We all did. But she is a wonderful woman now .I’m too old for babies this time around with saturn I Pisces.No more pets either.

  27. My first child was born with Saturn in Pisces (1993-09-02) It was war, I was chasing safety. I moved to EU May 1998 and my lucky days started by then I my daughter who was born with Pitt-Hopkins syndrom gets the help she need. I started a new life, the second daughter was born, learned two new languages, studied at university, got job and have a beautiful life today.

  28. Met and married my now ex husband. Neptune was transiting my Sun and Jupiter transiting my 7th house. 2nd Saturn return brought the divorce in 2021.

  29. Same here Elsa, my entire life dissolved too. I lost my house, my husband(now ex) left me and my children. It was a very difficult time. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Whole experience made me a stronger person. I worked sometimes 17 hours a day, my children finish their higher education with honors degrees. My son is a junior high math teacher and my daughter is vice president of a well known company. I am very proud of my children.

  30. 1993 segment: Psychic abilities went through the roof. Amazing dreams with such detail that I could even write the facts regarding my boyfriend cheating.

    1994 segment: Still riding the psychic tidal wave, ditched the cheater, we moved and I started making all sorts of new friends – unusual for me as I am quite the loner.

    1995 segment: Still making new, unusual friends; left the country to visit family overseas.

    1996 segment: Making lots of friends overseas, and living a rather dreamy existence…going with the flow, house-sitting in exchange for room and board; having lots of fun after some really hard times while the taskmaster was in my Natal 10th.

    This 2023-2026 transit has already begun for me as I find the psychic dreams and abilities ramping up once more, the influence of trying to find my niche began to grow strongly in January, and the possibility of relocation looms on the horizon. Back then I dated a Virgo male who I discovered recently died unexpectedly. Now this influence is coming around again with a different Virgo male. Perhaps with Virgo on my Natal 5th the activity in my 11th (Pisces) is throwing light into the opposite house.

  31. I was born with Saturn in Pisces in my 1st house. Last time in 1994 I was 29. Met my 2nd husband. In 1995 moved out of state, new job, got married, moved again in 96 and another new job. He was a jerk. Lol

    PS – is there a way to be notified of new blog post?

  32. I was 18 ys in 1993 when my parents had a economic meltdown and it affected my dad really badly. He felt a lot of guilt and died from a stroke in 1995. I had just fallen in love with someone I had met and had moved to his country at the time when it happened. This period changed my life entirely and my sense of security. I think about it a lot these days with Saturn back in pisces. My dad was a pisces sun. I learned how to establish security away from home in that period. And to search out good help and support. But it was a rocky ride!

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