Oppositions: How Projection Sets You Up To Be Victimized

Do you have an opposition in your chart? Planets in Libra or a heavily tenanted 7th houses?  If so, you’re going to be inclined to project various things onto others.

Here’s a good reason to curb your propensity: It makes you predator bait!

68 thoughts on “Oppositions: How Projection Sets You Up To Be Victimized”

  1. Man, I needed this video when it was first posted in ’09 but never watched it until today! Coulda saved myself some drama / heartache. *nods and smiles*

  2. this video is fantastic! there are entire movements of men utilizing these sociopathic tendencies to seduce women. Mele “players” often employ these tactics w great success. The best way to weed out these types is wait and watch. Actions speak louder than words, make sure the actions a man has backs him up before heading for intimacy.

  3. No, Thank You. Your intuitive insights and down-to-earth advice is greatly appreciated! I only wish I found this video (and this site) a long time ago.

  4. Thank you so much for the warning Elsa, I’m learning so much about the need to refrain from projecting thanks to you. My Virgo Sun is in the 7th house, my Virgo BML is in the 7th house, my Virgo Vertex is in the 7th house, my Libra Vesta is in the 7th house and my Mercury is in Libra (in the 8th house). I have definitely projected my ego, my shadow, my healing capabilities, and my thinking processes onto other people, and ended up with disappointment in my daily interactions a few years ago (especially when Saturn transited my 7th house in Virgo). Learning to own my ego, my thinking processes, my healing capabilities, and my shadow is improving the quality of my daily interactions.

  5. I went through this in 2002-2003. Looking back it almost as if I had lost my mind. He was Gem Sun Scorp Moon, I’m Scorp Sun,merc,venus,saturn and Gem Moon. I was so drawn to him without knowing why. The guy totally used me. When I finally came back to reality I amputated and glad I did.

  6. Just a short quick question. Am I likely to have this projection issue with Libra Asc (Libra-Aries 1-7 axis basically, no oppositions there, nothing in my 7H)? Thank you

    1. Well, I have my 7th house Cusp in Scorpio…, Pluto, Jupiter and NN. I guess I do project some scorpionic qualities onto others, especially the ones that I don’t like. I have Saturn opposition Chiron with a 3 degree orb (I think too highly of my father?). And Venus in Libra (what Elsa said about desirability).

  7. Love this
    post! I have Neptune ruling my 7 house – when Neptune entered pisces a few years back, more specifically when it was exactly hitting my 7 house cusp – I had MANY dealings and meetings with guys who were ALL con artists (looking back on it) – at the time, I thought they were wonderful. Now I can look forward to Saturn entering Pisces next year which will bring me “normal” affiliations or at least stable and secure 🙂

    Elsa, you are the BEST!!

  8. Elsa, what you described is called a person with “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”. I was involved with one several years ago but there are varying degrees with someone like this as there are “covert” Narcissists who are not as obvious.

  9. My first Husband was a narcissist. he trapped me and would not let me go, I have a mars and neptune in libra. I was young and stupid. He used my fear of death to control me.

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