What Happens If Transiting Saturn Changes Signs But It’s Still In The Same House?

zodiac vintage posterHi Elsa,

I know Saturn is leaving Scorpio in a couple of weeks but what if Saturn will still be in the same house (12th) when it goes into Sagittarius? When Saturn or any other planet changes signs does the lesson continue?

I keep hearing the good news it is leaving Scorpio but is it good news if it is still in the same house?

Thanks from Long Island, New York

Hi, Long Island.

This is something that perplexes a lot of people. The answer is pretty simple.

The order of the zodiac is not random. Each sign continues the one that precedes it, in a logical way. A planet progresses through the signs. So when the planet changes signs, everyone moves ahead, ready or not!

A house represents an area of life.When the planet changes signs, you transition into a new phase of progress in the area of life that’s shown by the house.

Specific to your situation, Saturn in Scorpio transiting the 12th would make you aware of the collective unconscious, especially around fear of dying and fear in general.  You’d also see your defenses dissolve, etc. This is a HUGE transit.

When Saturn enters Sagittarius, the focus will turn to your beliefs. What do you believe about fear and death? What is your philosophy on these topics?  What is the meaning of the pain you have just endured?

You get the idea. There’s a definite shift…but you’re still dealing in the invisible world.

16 thoughts on “What Happens If Transiting Saturn Changes Signs But It’s Still In The Same House?”

  1. This actually helped a bit. Scorpio rules over my fourth house but only by the last few degrees of Scorpio. The rest of it is Sag. Thanks!

  2. The answer to this question is along the top few on my list. I have a Scorpio third house cusp with a sagitarius moon there. I have benefited from learning that I have depth perception and cutting to the root of communications and daily habits. With it trining my picses mars in the 7th I learned how words can motivate people to take action, to offer accurate information people can take action on and to screen information I am given so that I dont waste energy. As Saturn changes sign I will still have the 3rd house transit but it will be to my moon. I learned that I need clarity to feel secure. Not a need everyone else has. So I anticipate this transit will mature me on that issue.

  3. This is AWEsum been wondering about that since the signs that rule my houses are in their last degrees so it gets confusing.
    “A house represents an area of life.When the planet changes signs, you transition into a new phase of progress in the area of life that’s shown by the house.”
    Trying to figure it out with Pisces in last degrees Rising now

  4. When Saturn leaves Scorpio this month, it will be at the very end of my second house. The cusp of my third house is 4 degrees, so I still feel the heaviness of the second house burden. I can feel a shift though. I’m going to get some relief from a financial burden in January when Saturn migrates to my third house.

    I’m not sure what to expect then, but I feel beaten down after Saturn in Scorpio.

  5. Scorpio is my star sign (decanate, with Libra rising) and, much to my surprise, I found Saturn in Scorpio a great engine of positive change. I have, after 4 years, made headway on an important writing project, had incredible coincidences that aided my career and met incredible new friends. It was a great ride!

    I wonder if I am to expect a downturn now with the transit….

  6. Saturn is transiting for anyone’s 7th house?? What do you expect for 7th House Sag and Saturn transit?? My Sag is mainly 7th house, but 1st quarter of 7th house is last quarter of Scorpio. My marriage relationship is already in bad shape. I try to remain fair but doesn’t get fair treatment.

  7. Yes, that was explained greatly, Elsa. Thank you. I have the same thing with Saturn entering Sag which rules my 5th house but the cusp of my 5th isn’t until 10 degrees of sag.

  8. Saturn is about halfway now through my 2nd house. Funny I have great money blessings somedays or I’m using a credit card to make sure we have enough to eat for the week. I’m trying to learn but it’s hard. So it looks like I have another year of learning ahead for me. Which I could use, I still need to handle finances better. I finally have savings which I refuse to touch, but it’s pretty tempting.

  9. Wow! Now I get it! That’s for explaining it and turning on the light bulb! I have Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th with Sag rising.

  10. This was so timely. First, I was reading about Vedic astrology and in Vedic Astrology, Saturn will be going through my 12th this year, though Saturn in Western has it leaving! I was guttrd of course. Not only that. In my progressed chart. Saturn will just be rntering my 11th house and will either stay (not sure how long Saturn transits last in a progressed chart) and then going into my 12th at some point AGAIN!! Yikes. Will Saturn finally ever release me from this Isolation, incessant search for security and finally ground me with some strength and conviction? Only time will tell.

  11. saturn in twelfth house, then first saturn return, saturn is still in the 12th, then on to my ascendant…..i can`t even….

  12. Not to mention that saturn is natally in twelft house in Sagittarius and retrograde, and my ascendant is also in sagittarius. Neptune is also in 1st, so after all this 12th house stuff, I am dreading saturn in 1st

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